Advancing Relationship Based Culture welcome page

Love. Compassion. Courage. Integrity.

At UC Davis Health, we value extraordinary Love, Compassion, Courage and Integrity in every situation. These core values are the foundation of our mission to improve lives and transform healthcare. One way we cultivate these core values is by promoting a relationship-based culture.

Relationship-Based Culture (RBC) is the key for improving quality and safety, the patient experience, employee satisfaction, and financial performance. RBC focuses on three key relationships: relationship with self, with colleagues, and with patients and families. It prioritizes caring for ones-self as it is crucial and necessary in order to effectively care for others. Healthy team relationships are built on trust, respect, open communication and consistent support. When trust, respect, and communication are strong, we create cultures in which it is clear to everyone that we are all in this together on behalf of our patients. RBC at UC Davis is designed to support every team member's ability to provide attuned, compassionate, high-quality care.

In an RBC culture everyone regardless of their discipline is connected with the purpose and meaning of their work. From the Environmental Services Team who keep the environment clean to the Executive Directors that oversee the daily operations. Each individual is important when it comes to providing excellent care. All employees are encouraged to take ownership for providing the best possible care and service. All members of the organization are valued for their contributions and are supported in continuous learning to reach their full potential. RBC provides basic concepts to transform the care delivery system into one that is patient and family centered. It is through the art of relational and clinical competence that advances relationship-based healing.

Relational mastery is a lifelong quest. Continuous learning and improving are at the core of RBC. When we are open, attuned, and compassionate to ourselves and each other, relationships are formed contributing to the healing and wellbeing of all involved. UC Davis Health is proud to offer all three relationship-based workshops by Creative Health Care Management; Re-Igniting the Spirit of Caring (RSC), See Me as a Person (SMAAP) and Leading an Empowered Organization (LEO). These relational experiences are offered for both clinical and non-clinical staff. We aim to integrate relational competencies and training for all staff across UC Davis Health as we improve lives and transform healthcare.


Theresa Pak, RN, M.S., N.E.A.-B.C.
Relationship-Based Culture and Wellness Strategist
Nurse Manager T7 MSICU Gold 
UC Davis Health
Email: tjpak@UCDAVIS.EDU

Jessica Micheletti, M.P.H.
Relationship-Based Culture and Wellness Manager
UC Davis Health