At UC Davis Health we are passionate about the topic of clinician wellbeing, and the programs that are described here, while being initially introduced for physicians, apply to all healthcare clinicians, and to many other staff. The health of physicians, the most influential group of healers in our worldwide health systems, can no longer be ignored.

Anyone who wishes to become a professional athlete knows that they will need to take great care of both their body and their mind if they are to succeed at the highest level. They need to train and rest regularly, eat and sleep well, have continuous coaching, both for physical and psychological needs. They also need the support of trainers, family, friends, other athletes and team members as well as fans in order to regularly perform at their best, and at the highest level. And when they have an injury, or are not performing well, they need extra help and support, and possibly time off to recover. Clinicians are the same as athletes except that they have to perform at the highest level continuously and for years. They need all the same services that athletes require to provide top quality patient care, so our aim is to change the culture of the healthcare system and professions, and eventually have all clinicians treated in the same way as top quality athletes.

What is the current status of physician health? Overall from a physical perspective physicians look after themselves well and live on average two years longer than non-physicians in the general population. This is because, on the whole we apply the advice we give our patients to ourselves when it comes to the behavioral causes of medical illnesses. We tend not to smoke. We tend to eat reasonably and exercise regularly. As a result we tend not to be obese. The consequence is that we tend to have less chronic cardiovascular and respiratory illnesses than the general population, which leads to our relative longevity, despite the fact that we frequently treat ourselves and many do not regularly see a primary care practitioner.

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