UC Davis Medical Center Residents and Clinical Fellows have counseling services available through the Academic and Staff Assistance Program (ASAP). The Residents and Clinical Fellows program is led by Dr. Margaret Rea. The program provides services that are designed specifically to support the unique needs of individuals in residency.  Counseling services can help identify and resolve problems whether the problem is work related, personal, career or relationship focused. Services include individual counseling, couples/family sessions, as well as sessions with spouse/partners alone. The services are confidential and at no fee and can assist in improved coping in such areas as:

  • Concerns about work performance
  • Coaching on communication and interpersonal skills
  • Family difficulties and tensions
  • Financial concerns
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Career decisions
  • How to address and prevent burnout

Referrals: The ASAP Psychologist can also assist Residents/Clinical Fellows and their families locate resources through their medical insurance plan or self-pay providers.

Program Directors might consider utilizing the ASAP Psychologist to facilitate group meetings for Residents/Clinical Fellows. Examples of types of groups include:  an opportunity to process the experiences of training to facilitate well-being; a confidential arena for residents to give feedback to the program; a setting in which to debrief on particularly challenging instances during training.

Residents, Clinical Fellows, and Program Directors can also contact the Medical Staff Well- Being Committee which administers a monitoring program for Medical Staff members who are suffering from substance abuse or dependence, or physical or mental health issues that impair their ability to work and function at their best. The Committee provides advice, recommendations, and assistance to individual physicians and to groups or committees who request assistance or recommendations. The committee can also be of assistance in helping residents/fellows navigate issues with the medical board in instances such as a DUI and the possible repercussions from the medical board. The committee can be reached through its chair, Dr. Peter Yellowlees, or through Dr. Margaret Rea, the ASAP Psychologist specializing in topics related to residency.

In addition, the ASAP Psychologist is available to facilitate meetings with groups of Residents/Clinical Fellows.  The ASAP Psychologist can facilitate more process oriented groups that provide an arena for Residents and Clinical Fellows to debrief on the training process in a supportive and confidential setting.

ASAP Psychologist Margaret Rea, Ph.D. can be reached at (916) 734-0676 or at mrea@ucdavis.edu.