October 2017 - Presented by Dr. Nima Amini (Mentored by Dr. John Paul Graff)

Clinical History

The patient is a 76-year-old male with a history of diabetes mellitus and bullous pemphigoid.  He presented with diffused erythema, edema and slight fissuring in both palms without active blisters.  CBC analysis revealed a marked lymphocytosis with predominantly mature lymphocytes (WBC: 37.8 K/MM3 , Lymphocytes: 31.8 K/MM3).
Flow cytometry  of the peripheral blood was performed and showed markedly elevated CD4:8 ratio (32:1).   This CD4+ population was negative for CD25-, CD26-, CD30-, and showed  aberrant T-cell antigen drop out (subset CD7-).  There was no evidence of monotypic B-cell population and no blasts.

Pathologic Findings

Sections of the punch biopsy taken from the right palm are shown below.

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Figure 1
Right palm (biopsy site shown as A) with diffused erythema, edema and slight fissuring


Figure 2
Right palm. Dermal lymphoid infiltrate with epidermotropism. H&E 40x


Figure 3
Right palm. A closer view at the atypical lympoid infiltrate with epidermotropism. H&E 200x

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