Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Grand Rounds

12 - 1 p.m.
Monday, September 28, 2020

R. Lor Randall, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Professor and Chair
The David Linn Endowed Chair in Orthopaedic Surgery Sarcoma Services
UC Davis Health

"Sarcomatology: A Transdisciplinary Approach."


1. Learn about the multiple integrated disciplines needed for comprehensive sarcoma care.

2. Understand some of the challenges inherent to sarcoma programs.

3. Appreciate some of the areas of investigation in sarcoma research.

For questions, please contact Alexandria Anderson at 916-734-0694 or via email at

Date  Topic Speaker
September 28, 2020

"Sarcomatology: A Transdisciplinary Approach."

R. Lor Randall, M.D., F.A.C.S.
October 5, 2020


Richard Levenson, M.D.
October 19, 2020


Karen Matsukuma, M.D., Ph.D.
November 2, 2020


Miao Tian, M.D., Ph.D.
November 16, 2020


Ying Liu, M.D.
December 7, 2020


Maxwell Fun, M.D.
December 21, 2020


Raymond Gong, M.D.
Date  Topic Speaker
August 17, 2020 "Vaping Associated Lung Injury (VALI)." Elham Kamangar, M.D.
August 3, 2020 "Modern Lymphoid Immunohistochemistry." Larry Weiss, M.D.
July 20, 2020

"Exploring Pharmacogenomics to Better Understand Fentanyl Variability in Pediatric Patients.”

Kristin Grimsrud, D.V.M., Ph.D.
June 17, 2020 "Epidemiology and Public Health in the Era of the COVID-19 Pandemic." Bradley H. Pollock, M.P.H., Ph.D.
June 1, 2020 "Epidemiology of Dementia and Brain Health: Leveraging Population Science." Rachel Whitmer, Ph.D.
May 18, 2020

 "Next Generation Tools in Transplant Pathology."

Kuang-Yu Jen, M.D.,

May 4, 2020

“It's TEA time.” and “Primary intraocular lymphoma - cytology.”

Alejandro Mendoza, M.D. and Sara Kwong, M.D.

April 20, 2020 "Distributed and Scalable Machine Learning." Samer Albahra, M.D.
April 6, 2020 "Providing Effective Feedback in Teaching.” Mark Servis, M.D.
February 3, 2020 "CAR-T cell therapy: A Beaconof Hope in the Fight Against Hematologic Malignancies and Beyond" and "Feeding Cancer: The Impact of Dieton our Most Deadly Diseases" Ananya Datta Mitra, M.D., Hematopathology Fellow and Trevor Starnes, M.D., Surgical Pathology Fellow
January 6, 2020 "A Trip from Kidney Injury to Biomarkers" Georgo Gao, M.D., PGY-4
December 2, 2019 "Healthy Aging and Family Caregiving Research in the School of Nursing." Janice Bell, Ph.D., M.P.H., M.N., F.A.A.N.
November 4, 2019 "Cellular Therapy for Hematological and Solid Tumor Malignancies." Medrdad Abedi, M.D.
October 21, 2019 "Frozen Sections." John Bishop, M.D.
October 7, 2019 "Fragile X Tremor Ataxia Syndrome (FXTAS)." Veronica Martinez-Cerdeno, Ph.D.
September 23, 2019 "Learning Preferences Across Generations." Elham Vali Betts, M.D.
September 9, 2019 "Modernization of the Medical School Curriculum: National Trends and the UC Davis Experience.” Kristin Olson, M.D.
August 19, 2019 "Frozen Section Evaluation of Bone Lesions." Morgan Darrow, M.D.
August 5, 2019 "Folic Acid and Neurodevelopmental Risk” Konstantinos Zarbalis, M.D.
July 15, 2019 "The U.S. Congress, The Administration and Precision Medicine" Hannah Murphy
July 1, 2019 "Value Based Reimbursement in Anatomic Pathology" John Bishop, M.D.
June 17, 2019 "CoagID: Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
Measurement of Blood Coagulation"; "miNIRS: A Minimally Invasive Near-infrared Spectroscopy Device for Awake and Active Mice”; "PERL: Multi-Filter Device for Removal
of Lipids in Blood Samples”; "3D Body Mapping”
Dr. Nam Tran and Biomedical Engineering Students
June 3, 2019 "The many faces of dementia and why they matter." Brittany Dugger, M.D.
May 20, 2019 "Optimal Stain for ROSE: The Search is on" and “Pathologic Evaluation for Pediatric Tonsillectomy Specimens, a Quality Improvement Project.” Alejandro Saropdas Mendoza, M.D., Cytopathology Fellow; Mohamed Osman, M.D., HemePath Fellow
May 6, 2019 “2018 Estrogen Receptor and Human Epidermal Growth Receptor-2 Assays’ Results Annual Report; A Quality Assurance Study and Comparison with Published Data” and “Pathologic Assessment of Gastrointestinal Tract and Pancreatic Carcinoma after Neoadjuvant Therapy.” Elham Kamangar, M.D., Surgical Pathology Fellow; Alae A. Yaseen, M.D., Surgical Pathology Fellow
April 15, 2019 "An Overview of the Clinical Implications of BRAF Mutations." Trevor Starnes, M.D., PGY-4
April 1, 2019 "Professionalism in Residency Training" and "Practical Approach to Cystic
Lesions of Pancreas”
Ananya Datta-Mitra, M.D.; Dongguang Wei, M.D., Ph.D.
March 18, 2019 "Learning to See: Visual Cognition in Organic & Artificial Intelligence" Andrew Jones, M.D., M.A.
March 4, 2019 "How Quantum Computing and Machine Learning Could Transform the Art of Surgical Pathology." Michael Hogarth, M.D.
February 4, 2019 "Health Care Serial Murder – the Patient Safety Problem No One Wants to Talk About." Kenneth W. Kizer, M.D., M.P.H.
January 7, 2019

Initial results from EXPLORER, the world’s first total-body PET scanner for humans

Ramsay Badawi, M.D.
December 17, 2018

"Global Point of Care: Around the World at the Point of Need!"

Gerald Kost, M.D., Ph.D.
November 19, 2018

"Pathology Informatics at UC Davis."

John Paul Graff, D.O.
November 5, 2018

"Patient Blood Management at UCDMC: Our Past Success and Future Potential"

Sarah Barnahrd, M.D.
October 15, 2018

"Blood and Guts: Exploring connections between disorders of the gastrointestinal tract and the hematopoietic system"

Ralph Green, M.D., Ph.D.
October 1, 2018

"Building Neural Circuitry in Developing and Aging Brain"

Hwai-Jong Cheng, M.D., Ph.D.
September 19, 2018

“Our Institution's Experience with Atypia of Undetermined Significance in Thyroid Fine Needle Aspirates.”

Sasha Raymond, M.D.
September 17, 2018

"Clinical Implementation of High Sensitivity Cardiac Troponin: A Learning Health System Model?"

Nam Tran, M.D.
September 5, 2018

"Genomics: The New Diagnostics for Cancer Patients"

Jeffrey Gregg, M.D.
August 20, 2018

"Seeing more with less: Histology 2.0?"

Richard Levenson, M.D.
August 6, 2018

"Teaching and Mentoring the Next Generation of Diverse Physicians"

Hendry Ton, M.D., M.S.
July 26, 2018

"Is the Human Body Capable of Traveling to Mars? Bones in Space"

Dariusz Borys, M.D.
July 16, 2018

"Molecular Profiling in the Diagnosis and Management of Patients with Cancer"

Maher Albitar, M.D.
July 2, 2018

“The Papanicolaou Address: Why the Younger Generation Should Take This Journey and Overcome Constraint”

Lydia P. Howell, M.D.
June 18, 2018

"CardioVision: Non-Contact Heart Rate Monitoring of Burn Patients"
"NMR Relaxometry as a Tool for Measuring Plasma Water Content in the Clinical Laboratory"

Nam Tran, Ph.D. and Biomedical Engineering Students
June 4, 2018

“Integration of technology tools in medical education”

Hooman Rashidi, M.D.
May 21, 2018

"Tuberculosis Translational Research: Integrative Approach in Nonhuman Primates and TB Patients"

Imran Khan, Ph.D.
May 7, 2018

“Ovarian Surface Epithelial Neoplasia.” by Dr. Dolderer

“Intestinal T Cell Lymphoma.” by Dr. Xu

Daniel Dolderer, M.D. and Jianmin Xu, M.D., Ph.D.
April 16, 2018

"Thymoma to Thymic Carcinoma, A Spectrum Of Disease; A Diagnostic Discussion" by Dr. Amini

“Liver Biopsy in the Assessment of Medical Liver Disease.” by Dr. Matin

Nima Amini, M.D. and Mahan Matin, M.D.
April 11, 2018

“Muse Microscopy and Its Application in Surgical Pathology” by Dr. Ghorbani

“Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma: Staging Up-Date and Review of Pre-Malignant Lesions” by Dr. Rogers

Jessica Rogers, M.D. and Amir Ghorbani, M.D.
April 2, 2018

"Interations Among Mechaosensory Hair Cells and Support Cells of the Zebrafish Lateral Line During Development, Death, and Regeneration" by Dr. Coley

"Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cells and Allogeneic Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation” by Dr. Su

Nicholas Coley, M.D., Ph.D. and Jeanna Su, M.D.
March 5, 2018 "Novel Photonic Technologies for Diagnosis" Sebastian Wachsmann-Hogiu, Ph.D.
February 5, 2018 "The RASopathies: An Overview" Katherine Rauen, M.D., Ph.D.
January 22, 2018 "Altered Prenatal Neurogenesis at the Root of Autism Spectrum Disorders" Konstantinos Zarbalis, Ph.D.
January 8, 2018

"Optics and Microscopy Tools in Pathology: Pathology at the Crossroads"

Farzad Fereidouni, Ph.D.
December 18, 2017

"Myxoid Tumor of Soft Tissue"

Tao Wang, M.D., Ph.D.
December 4, 2017

"The Wedge: A Simple Metaphor for Improving Your Relationships at Work (and Beyond)"

Gerry Preciado, J.D., B.A
November 6, 2017

"Pushing the Envelope in Deceased Donor Kidney Utilization”

Kuang-Yu Jen, M.D., Ph.D.
October 16, 2017

“Post-mortem Autopsy-Confirmation of Ante-mortem [F-18]FDDNP-PET Scans in Football Players with Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy”

Bennet Omalu, M.D.
October 2, 2017

"Advancing and Securing the Future of Pathology"

Richard Friedberg, M.D., Ph.D.
September 13, 2017

"Management of the Patient with Hirschsprung Disease: Partnership between Surgeon and Pathologist"

Raj Kapur, M.D., Ph.D.
August 21, 2017

"Creating an Academic Culture for Success: Findings from a Four-Year NIH Funded Career Flexibility Study"

Lydia Howell, M.D.
August 7, 2017

"Liver Carcinogenesis Modulated by Bile Acids and Gut Microbiota"

Yu-Jui Yvonne Wan, Ph.D.
July 17, 2017

"Augmented Radiology - Informatics Tools to Improve Diagnostics"

Thomas Loehfelm, M.D., Ph.D.
June 19, 2017

Special Presentations by Biomedical Engineering Design Students

Nam Tran, Ph.D. and BioMedical Engineering Students
May 15, 2017

"A Quick Overview of Cancer Protocols and Upcoming Changes in Tumor Staging" by Julie Ann Walby, M.D.

"MUSE and Confocal Laser Endomicroscopy" by Luis Brandi, M.D.

Julie Ann Walby, M.D. and Luis Brandi, M.D.
May 1, 2017 "Thyroid Fine Needle Aspiration and Risk of Malignancy at UC Davis Medical Center” Nicholas Lau, M.D.
April 17, 2017 "The Clinicopathologic Spectrum of Pediatric Syndromic and Nonsyndromic Upper Gastrointestinal Polyposes" Florette K. Gray Hazard, M.D.
April 3, 2017  "Professionalism in Residency: What is it and why should we care?" Ronald E. Domen, M.D., FACP, FCAP
March 20, 2017 "Pitfalls and More Pitfalls: Atypical Melanocytic Lesions on Sun Damaged Skin" Scott Binder, M.D.
March 6, 2017 "Lymph Nodes and Associated Infectious Disease" Saba Ali, M.D. and John Paul Graff, D.O.
February 27, 2017 "Precision Medicine: Will it Deliver on its Promises?" Fred Meyers, M.D., M.A.C.P.
February 15, 2017 "Thinking Outside the Box: Using Patient Outcomes to Direct Laboratory Testing" Christopher Polage, M.D.
February 6, 2017 Eye Pathology Esther Kim, M.D.
January 23, 2017 "Using the Nonhuman Primate Model of CMV to Inform Clinical Prevention and Therapeutic Interventions Against Human CMV" Peter Barry, Ph.D.
January 9, 2017 "An Unexpected Rise in Unsatisfactory Thin Prep Pap Tests" and "Impact of a Community Education Program in Pap Test Screening Amoung Asian-American Women" Alicia Calderon Bhambra, D.O. and UCD Medical Students Kristine Miller and Diana Ha
December 19, 2016 "Microscopy with UV Surface Excitation (MUSE): Pathology in a Hurry and on a Budget" Richard Levenson, M.D.
December 5, 2016 "MACRA, MIPS, APMs and the Evolution of US Healthcare Toward Value Based Reimbursement" Michael Hogarth, M.D., FACMI, FACP
November 21, 2016 "Sudden Unexpected Death in Infancy/Childhood" Jason Tovar, M.D.
November 7, 2016 "Breast Cancer Risk, Screening, Evidence-Based Stratification and Targeting Mechanisms of Progression" Alexander Borowsky, M.D.
October 17, 2016 "Vitamin B12 and the Brain: Implications in Health and Disease" Ralph Green, M.D., Ph.D.
October 3, 2016 "The NF1 Gene in Inherited Neoplasia and Beyond" Maija Kiuru, M.D., Ph.D.
September 19, 2016 "Updated ASCCP Consensus Management Guidelines for Cervical Squamous Abnormalities and the Utility of Biomarkers in the Screening Process" Eric Huang, M.D., Ph.D.
August 15, 2016 "A Model for the Detection of Tuberculosis (TB) Based on Disease Biomarkers" Imran Khan, Ph.D., MBA
August 1, 2016 "Patient Blood Management: Expanding the Institution's Frontier" Sarah Barnhard, M.D., FCAP, FASCP
July 18, 2016 "Point of Care Bioimpedimetric Thromboelastography" & "Vexima: Blood Collection Sampling System" Nam Tran, Ph.D. & BioMedical Engineering Senior Student Design Group
June 6, 2016 "Diagnosis of Congenital Anomalies in Fragmented Fetal Specimens" Walter Finkbeiner, M.D., Ph.D.
May 16, 2016 "Blood and Pathogen Reduction: Are We There Yet" and "Noninvasive Follicular Thyroid Neoplasm with Papillary-like Nuclear Features" Grace Monis, M.D., Ph.D., and Rena Yu, M.D.
May 11, 2016 "The Role of the Pathologist in Personalized Medicine" George Lundberg, M.D.
May 2, 2016 "New Updates of Mature B-Lymphoid Neoplasms" & "Cysts and Tumors of the Jaw" Elham Vali Betts, M.D. & Morgan Darrow, M.D.
April 18, 2016 "Pathology and Public Health: Inseparable or Never the Twain Will Meet?" Brad Pollock, M.P.H., Ph.D.
April 4,2016 "Relationship Between Strategic Planning, Deviation Management and Daily Management in Driving Results in a Lean Business System." Richard Zarbo, MD, DMD
March 21, 2016 ""Are you Professional?" by Mahan Matin, M.D., Cytopathology Fellow & Molecular Pathogenesis of Myeloproliferative Neoplasms" by Adam Stelling, M.D., Chief Resident, PGY 4 Mahan Matin, M.D. & Adam Stelling, M.D.
March 7, 2016 "A Career in Academic Pathology: The Ups and Downs of a Physician-Scientist" Mary Lipscomb Lyons, M.D.
February 11, 2016 "Computational Pathology in the Era of Data Science and Precision Medicine" Michael Becich, M.D., Ph.D.
February 8, 2016 "The Sunshine Act: Transparency Gone Too Far... or Not" Daniel Siegel, M.D., M.A., FAAAD, FACMS
February 1, 2016 "What a Pathologist Can Learn from Hollywood: Dr. Omalu's Experience." Bennet Omalu, M.D., M.B.A., M.P.H.
January 25, 2016 "Myxoid Soft Tissue Neoplasms: A Systematic Approach to Common Diagnostic Differentials." Vadim Khachaturov, M.D.
January 14, 2016 "Leading Organizational Change, Three Case Studies" Kandice Marchant, M.D., Ph.D.
December 21, 2015 "Renal Allograft Antibody Mediated Rejection - A Banff Update." Danniele G. Holanda, M.D.
December 7, 2015 "The Patient-Centered Practice" David Kaminsky, M.D., FIAC
November 23, 2015 "Exosomal microRNAs as Biomarkers for Bipolar Disorder and Schizophrenia" Ivana Dellale, M.D., Ph.D.
November 4, 2015 "Malignant Gastrointestinal Neuroectodermal Tumor (GNET): A Paradigm of Oncogenic Molecular Promiscuity" Eduardo Zambrano, M.D., M.S.
October 19, 2015 "A Discussion on Mentoring Resilency in Academic Medicine" Julie Schweitzer, Ph.D.
September 21, 2015 "Cascading Chaos: New Insights into the Pathophysiology and Complications of Sickle Cell Disease" Theodore Wun, M.D.
September 16, 2015 "Building Excellent Service Together (BEST)" Stephen Meth, J.D., M.S.
August 17, 2015 "Coronary Artery Assessment from the Inside Out" John Bishop, M.D. & Laura Marcu, Ph.D.
August 3, 2015 "Diagnostic Algorithm for Myelodysplastic Syndrome" Jimmy Chen, M.D.
July 20, 2015 "BIM 189C Clinical Applications for Biomedical Device Design - Student Capstone Projects" Nam Tran, Ph.D.
July 6, 2015 "Processing and Preservation of Cord Blood Stem Cells -- What Matters (Cell Therapy/Regenerative Medicine) Paul Holland, M.D.
June 10, 2015 "Promoting the Value of Clinical Laboratory Tests to the Public" Alan Wu, Ph.D.
May 18, 2015 "Strategies for Damage Control Resuscitation" Joseph Galante, M.D.
May 4, 2015 “Detecting Anti-D Due to RhoGAM: A Laboratory Enigma with Clinical Complications”

“Clinical Integration of Next Generation Sequencing in Hematopathology"

Rebecca Sonu, M.D. & Sarah Barnhard, M.D.
April 20, 2015 "Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Prometheus Labs Unbound" Aram Millstein, M.D.
April 15, 2015 Life Elevated: Raising the Pathologist's Profile Michael Cohen, M.D.
April 6, 2015 Molecular Pathways in Encephalopathy of Prematurity Mirna Lechpammer, M.D.
March 16, 2015 "What's New in Residency Accreditation and American Board of Pathology Maintenance of Certification: How Can Your Programs be Successful and Provide Good Outcomes? " Diane D. Davey, M.D.
March 11, 2015 "Errors in Surgical Pathology" Christina DiLoreto, M.D. & Elham Vali Khojeini, M.D.
February 2, 2015 "Early Detection of Ovarian Cancer"  Gary Leiserowitz, M.D.
January 14, 2015 “Clinical Applications of Next Generation Sequencing to Identify Actionable Genomic Changes in Solid Tumors and Hematologic Malignancies” Jeffrey Ross, M.D.
December 15, 2014 "PDX– A Developing Clinical Assay” Regina Gandour-Edwards, M.D.
December 1, 2014 "Bā€Vitamin Deficiencies and Neurodegenerative Diseases: Is There a Role for Supplementation in Prevention? – Food for Thought" Ralph Green, M.D.
November 17, 2014 Labor-Free Optical Methods of Cellular Imaging James Chan, Ph.D.
November 3, 2014 An Integrated Approach to Education: Teaching Pathology at Stanford University School of Medicine Darren Salmi, M.D.
October 15, 2014 Imaging and Digital Tools in Pathology Richard Levenson, M.D.
October 6, 2014 Could a bovine virus play a role in human breast cancer? Gertrude Case Buehring, M.D.
September 15, 2014 Triple Negative Breast Cancer Yanhong Zhang, M.D.
August 18, 2014 Using a Non-Human Primate Model to Study and Treat Latent HIV Infection Paul Luciw, Ph.D.
August 4, 2014 Surviving Disruption in Cytopathology: Creativity, Quality and Core Service Lydia Howell, M.D.
July 21, 2014 Liver and Colon Cancer: Carcinogenesis and Potential Treatment Yu-Jui Yvonne Wan, Ph.D.
July 7, 2014 Pathology Informatics: Past, Present & Future Michael Hogarth, M.D.
June 16, 2014 Feedback: Aspiring for More than the Sandwich Lavjay Butani, M.D., MACM
June 2, 2014 Changing the Face of Clinical Microbiology at UC Davis: New Approaches to Laboratory Diagnosis of Infectious Diseases Anna Romanelli, Ph.D.
May 19, 2014 Choosing Wisely: Facilitating Wise Diagnostic Testing in Primary Care Joshua Fenton, M.D., M.P.H.
April 21, 2014

Alphabet Soup: Rapidly Changing Differential Diagnoses in Diagnostic Hematopathology"

Afirma Thyroid FNA Analysis, Like It or Not, It is Here

Christopher Ake, M.D. & Aram Millstein, M.D.

April 16, 2014 Effusions: Past, Present & Future Alaa Afify, M.D.
April 7, 2014 One Health: Lessons from Veterinary Cytopathology to
Enhance Human Diagnostic Cytopathology

William Vernau, BSc, BVMS, DVSc, Ph.D.;
Mary Tomic, M.D. & Lydia Howell, M.D.

March 17, 2014 The Complexities of Renal Transplantation in Pathology Rebecca Sonu, M.D. & Mahan Matin, M.D.
March 3, 2014 Multidimensional Visualization of the Tumore Microenvironment Kevin Elicieri
February 12, 2014

The Significance & Biology of Prostatic Atypical Small Acinar Proliferation (Van Ness)

The Intriguing Costs of Prostate Cancer Screeing (Barnhard)

Laboratory Diagnosis of Pheochromocytoma (Lamb)

Michael Van Ness, M.D.
Sarah Barnhard, M.D.
Randy Lamb, M.D.
February 3, 2014 CT Use Following Head Trauma in Children: A model for developing an evidenced-based utilitzation model for diagnostic services Nathan Kuppermann, M.D., M.P.H.
December 16, 2013 Pattern Recognition in Dermatopathology: Dermatitis with Interface Changes Thomas Konia, M.D.
December 2, 2013 Emerging In Vivo Diagnosis of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) Bennet Omalu, M.D., M.B.A.
November 18, 2013 Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing
Education and Research: Getting to know the new kid on the block
Deborah Ward, Ph.D., R.N., R.A.A.N., & Jill Joseph, M.D., Ph.D., M.P.H.
November 4, 2013 The Art and Science of Teaching Surgical Pathology Kristin Olson, M.D.
October 21, 2013 Promoting a Positive Learning Environment Jorge Garcia, M.D.
October 16, 2013 2012 updated ASCCP consensus management guidelines for women with abnormal cervical cancer screening tests Eric Huang, M.D., Ph.D.
October 7, 2013 Improving Physicians' Effectiveness at Using Diagnostic Tests Brian Jackson, M.D., M.S.
September 16, 2013 Effects of Environmental Stresses on Point-of-Care Testing: Implications for Emergency and Disaster Response Richard Louie, Ph.D.
September 11, 2013 Cellular Smartphones: Secreted Vesicles and Disease Johnathon Anderson, Ph.D. &
Matt Mellema, Ph.D., D.V.M.
August 19, 2013 Blood Banking at UCDMC: A 40-Year Experience Hanne Jensen, M.D.
August 5, 2013 Maternal autoantibodies in prenatal development of autism Verónica Martínez-Cerdeño, Ph.D.
July 15, 2013 The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, Frozen Section in GI

Ramez Saroufeem, M.B., B.Ch., M.S., FRCS

July 1, 2013 Optical Biosensing and Diagnostics Sebastian Wachsmann, Ph.D.
June 17, 2013 Neurglia Pathology in Rett Syndrome, An Autism Spectrum Lee-Way Jin, M.D. Ph.D.

June 3, 2013

(1) Rapid Detection of E. coli for the Early Diagnosis of Urinary Tract Infections

(2) Optimizing Frozen Sample Processing

(3) Bacterial Detection for Blood Culture Bottles

BME Students

May 20, 2013

Breast Cancer Pathology: The State of the Art, Model Systems, and an Eye Toward the Future.

Alexander Borowsky, M.D.

May 8, 2013

The NIH-funded EngageUC grant: Creating Harmonized UC Practices for Biorepository Operations and Informed Consent Procedures

Sarah Dry, M.D. (Special Lecture)

May 7, 2013

Advances in Cancer Genomics Through Bio-banking

Thomas Giordano, M.D., Ph.D.
(Stowell Lecture - Not Grand Rounds)

May 6, 2013

Towards a New Level of Surgical Pathology Practice

John Bishop, M.D.

April 15, 2013

Topics in GYN Pathology & Gastrointestinal Neuroendocrine Tumors: an Overview and Terminology Update Nicole Pele, D.O. & Amy Fayling, M.D.
April 1, 2013 Retinal disease as a window to neurodegeneration

Ari Green, M.D.
Medical Director Mission Bay MS Center
Director Neurodiagnostics Center
Department of Neurology
Department of Ophthalmology

March 13, 2013 C. difficile Testing Version 2.0: Going Beyond Detection to Define Disease and Predict Outcome Christopher R. Polage, MD

March 4, 2013

Autophagy deregulation in neuronal migration disorders Konstantinos Zarbalis, Ph.D.
February 27, 2013

Battlefield Blood Banking: The Walking Blood Bank and Use of Fresh Whole Blood in Military Operations


Health Informations: Way Cooler Than You Might Think (A Fellow's Perspective) 

Brian Gorospe, M.D. and Melissa Rodgers-Ohlau, M.D.

January 7, 2013

Lectin-like Oxidized Low-density Lipoprotein Receptor-1 (LOX-1): a Novel Predictive Biomarker for Sickle Cell Disease Vasculopathy Mingyi Chen, M.D., Ph.D.

December 17, 2012

Plasma: Panacea, Poison and Policy Carol Marshall, M.D.

December 6, 2012

Metagenome analysis of Francisella tularensis subspecies Steven Hinrichs, M.D.

November 5, 2012

Changing the Paradigm for Prevention and Therapeutic Strategies against Cytomegalovirus: A >200M Year Journey Peter Barry, Ph.D.

October 15, 2012

Trustworthy Biomedical Research Mark Yarborough, Ph.D.

October 1, 2012

Medical Informatics and Molecular Pathogen Detection Denis Dwyre, M.D.

September 17, 2012

Burn Critical Care in the 21st Century: Point-of-Care Testing, Medical Informatics, and Molecular Pathogen Nam Tran, Ph.D.

September 10, 2012

Generational and Gender Perspectives on Career Flexibility:  Progress on an NIH-funded Study of Medical School Lydia Howell, M.D.

August 20, 2012

Can we predict adjuvant therapy response in patients with osteosarcoma?

Darius Borys, M.D.

August 6, 2012

The Brain to Brain Loop in Laboratory Testing, 2012 Style George Lundberg, M.D.

July 16, 2012

Using multicolor flow cytometry immunophenotyping to detect minimal residual myeloma and related plasma cell Pei Lin, M.D.

July 2, 2012

Directing mesenchymal stem cells to bone for bone regeneration Wei Yao, M.D.

June 18, 2012

Point of Care hCG assays should not be used to rule out pregnancy Dina Greene, PHD, DABCC, CCS, ASCP-C

June 4, 2012

Presenting and publishing results of your quality improvement project Ulfat Shaikh, M.D., Ph.D., MS

May 21, 2012

Differential Diagnosis of Increased Myeloblast With Dysplasia

Jimmy Chen, M.D.

May 14, 2012

Utility of Sysmex HPC count in predicting hematopoietic stem cell collection yield

Amardeep Aulakh, D.O. & Joyce Kovar, M.D.

May 7, 2012

Disease Biomarkers

Imran Khan, Ph.D.

April 23, 2012

"Cervical Cancer Screening: The Pap Smear versus HPV Testing" & "Malaria" Heidi Jess, M.D. & Diane Sanders, M.D.

April 16, 2012

Cerebral Amyloid Imaging: An In Vivo Window Into AD Pathology

Charles DeCarli, M.D.
UC Davis Medical Center, Department of Neurology

April 9, 2012

Endocrine Axes Mediated by FGFs and Klothos

Makoto Kuro-o, M.D., Ph.D.
Associate Professor Kern and Marnie Wildenthal President’s Research Councol Professorship in Medical Science Department of Pathology

April 2, 2012

Diabetes is a Proinflammatory State

Ishwaral Jialal, M.D., Ph.D.

March 19, 2012

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, Gastrointestinal Frozen Section Diagnsosis

Ramez Saroufeem, M.D.

February 27, 2012

High Grade Endometrioid versus Serous Endometrial Carcinoma: What's the Difference? & Time For a Change: The State of Medicolegal Death Investigation in America

Meighan Tomic, M.D. & Melissa Rodgers-Ohlau, M.D.

February 6, 2012

Biomarker Discovery by studying Host-Pathogen Interaction

Brett Chromy, Ph.D.

December 19, 2011

Optical technologies in pathology

Sebastian Wachsmann-Hogiu, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
NSF Center for Biophotonics Science and Technology (CBST)
Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
UC Davis Medical Center 

December 9, 2011

Gene Regulation in Bacteria through RNA Polymerase Modification

Lars Westblade, Ph.D.

December 5, 2011

Panniculitis: an algorithmic method for histopathologic diagnosis

Thomas Konia, M.D.

December 1, 2011

Mycoplasma pneumoniae - An Elusive Pathogen

Omai Garner, Ph.D.
(Candidate for Clinical Microbiologist)
Postdoctoral Fellow
CPEP Fellowship Program in Medical and Public Health Microbiology

November 29, 2011

Development and Implementation of a Molecular Diagnostic Assay for the Identification of Human Fungal Pathogens

Anna Maria Romanelli, Ph.D.
(Clinical Microbiologist Candidate)
Clinical Microbiology Fellow
University of Pennsylvania

November 22, 2011

Immunotherapy in Cancer

William Murphy, Ph.D.
Professor and Vice Chair of Research
Departments of Dermatology and Internal Medicine
UC Davis School of Medicine
UC Davis Cancer Center

November 21, 2011

QA Adventures: Fixing Problems by Tweaking the System

Jeremy Parsons, M.D.
(Apheresis candidate)
Fellow - Blood Bank/Transfusion Medicine
University of New Mexico, School of Medicine
Albuquerque, NM

November 8, 2011

New Insights into Osteoporosis

James Iqbal, M.D., Ph.D.
Fellow, Transfusion Medicine
Cedars Sinai Medical Center
Los Angeles, CA

November 7, 2011

Transcriptional Activators for Treatment of Viral Persistence in a Nonhuman Primate Model for AIDS Therapy

Paul Luciw, Ph.D.
Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

November 1, 2011

Interesting Aspects of Leukoreduction: a Pediatric Case

Fay Bernadette West, M.D.
Assistant Professor
University of Colorado, Denver SOM
Associate Medical Director, Transfusion Services
Children's Hospital, Aurora, CO

October 17, 2011

iGXT: an integrated research platform for enhancing drug development and translational medicine

Philip C. Mack, Ph.D.
Associate Adjunct Professor
UC Davis Medical Center

October 3, 2011

Biorepository Service and Science...Extending Our Reach

Regina Gandour-Edwards, M.D.
Professor & Vice Chair of Education
Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

September 19, 2011

Embryonic Medial Ganglionic Eminence precursor cells as treatment for Parkinson’s Disease

Veronica Martinez Cerdeno, Ph.D.

August 15, 2011

Effects of Dynamic Temperature and Humidity Stresses on Point-of-Care Glucose Testing for Disaster Care

Richard Louie, Ph.D.

August 1, 2011

The Role of Pathology in Establishing a Myopathy Diagnosis

Björn Oskarsson, M.D.

July 18, 2011

No One Size Fits All: Striving for Equity in Health Care Access and Quality

Sergio Aguilar-Gaxioloa, M.D., Ph.D.

July 6, 2011

Invasive Mycoses: an overview of diagnostic testing

George Thompson, M.D.
Assistant Professor of Medicine
Assistant Director, Coccidioidomycosis Serology Lab
Dept. of Medical Microbiology and Immunology
Dept. of Medicine, Division of Infectious Dioseases
UC Davis

June 30, 2011

Retinoid-mediated Signaling in Liver Health and Disease

Yu-Jui Yvonne Wan, Ph.D.
Professor of Pharmacology, Toxicology and Therapeutics
University of Kansas Medical Center

June 27, 2011

MRSA, Sepsis, VAP:Molecular Pathogen and Antibiotic Resistance Detection in a Single Assay 

Arthur H. Reis, Jr., Ph.D.

June 14, 2011

Mismatch Repair and Cancer: From Single Molecules to Patient Diagnostics

Richard Fishel, Ph.D.
Professor and Vice Chair of Molecular Virology, Immunology, and Medical Genetics
Human Genetics Institute, The Ohio State University Medical Center and Comprehensive Cancer Center
Professor of Physics, The Ohio State University
Columbus, OH

June 13, 2011

Experiences in International Transfusion Medicine
Cytology of Pancreatic Lesions

Brian Poirier, M.D. & Shweta Das, M.D.
Surgical Pathology Fellows
Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

May 27, 2011

Setting up Quality Goals for the Laboratory and Beyond

Sucheta Dandekar, Ph.D.
Professor and Chair
Department of Biochemistry, Seth G.S. Medical College
Director, Central Clinical Laboratories and Emergency Laboratories, King Edward Memorial Hospital
Parel, Mumbai, India

May 9, 2011

Genetics of Metastasis

Joyce Kovar, M.D.
Surgical Pathology Fellow
Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

May 2, 2011

Advances in lung tumor pathology, the non-small cell carcinoma "paradigm shift" / A Diagnostic Dilemma in Hematopathology

Philip Starshak, M.D. & Michelle McNamara, M.D.

April 18, 2011

Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy: 2002 – Present

Bennet Omalu, M.D., MBA, MPH

April 4, 2011

What Every Pathologist Should Know about Advocacy: Ensuring the Best for Patients and the Profession

Peter Kolbeck, M.D. & Bob Achermann, M.D.

March 21, 2011

Public Health Careers for Pathologists

Sherie Smalley, M.D.
Chief - Medical Policy Section
Medi-Cal Managed Care Division
California Department of Health Care Services

March 14, 2011

Sacrococcygeal Tumors and an Interesting Forensics Case

Heidi Jess, M.D. & Diane Sanders, M.D.
Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

March 8, 2011

TBA Kristin Olson, M.D.

March 7, 2011

Veterinary Clinical and Comparative Diagnostic Imaging – A Different Approach to Translational Research

Erik R. Wisner, M.D.

February 22, 2011

Zebras and Horses: Cases from Kenya 2010

Kali Tu, M.D.
Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

February 9, 2011

Biochemical Analysis of Individual Living Cells Using Label-Free Optical Methods

James W. Chan, Ph.D.
(Candidate for Biophotonics Researcher Position)
Staff Scientist and Associate Director of Special Research Projects
NSF Center for Biophotonics Science and Technology

February 8, 2011 Thyroid FNA: Atypia of Undetermined Significance (AUS). A necessary or optional category? Yasi Saffari, M.D.
(Candidate for Surgical Pathology Faculty Position)
MSP Staff Physician
Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
February 7, 2011 Renal Oncocytoma & Liver Biopsy - CT and Pathology Correlation

John McGahan, M.D.
Department of Radiology

February 4, 2011 Respiratory Cytology: An Overview and Recent Advances Shweta Das, M.D.
(Candidate for Surgical Pathology Faculty Position)
Cytopathology Fellow
Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

January 31, 2011

FNA of Pancreas

Ningli Cheng, M.D., Ph.D.

January 28, 2011 Oral Carcinoma: Novel Imaging Techniques for Diagnosis and Treatment

Brian Poirier, M.D.

January 26, 2011

Path, Present and Future

Richard Levenson, MD, FCAP
(Candidate for Pathology Imaging)
Brighton Consulting Group

January 24, 2011

Bioinformatics-guided High Throughput Breast Cancer Biomarker Identification

Dejun Shen, M.D., Ph.D.

January 18, 2011 Papillary Lesions of the Breast: Challenges and Controversies

Anupma Nayak, M.B.B.S., M.D.

January 14, 2011

Inflammatory breast cancer: From practical diagnosis to molecular insight

Yanhong Zhang, M.D.

January 10, 2011 The War on Breast Cancer: It's getting personal now. News from the biomarker front

Anthony Magliocco, M.D.
Associate Professor of Oncology and Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
University of Calgary
Director of Pathology, Tom Baker Cancer Center

December 13, 2010

Unravelling the Mysteries of Lyme Disease Through Pathology

Stephen Barthold, DVM, Ph.D.
Distinguished Professor
Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Department of Medical Microbiology and Immunology

December 6, 2010 A Practical Approach to Diagnosing Endometrial Precursor Lesions

Eric Huang, M.D., Ph.D.
Clinical Fellow - Division of Cytopathology
Brigham and Women's Hospital
Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA

December 2, 2010

PRDM1 β in Lymphomas with Plasmacytic Differentiation Cecilia Yeung, M.D.
Fellow - Molecular Genetics Pathology
Washington University
St. Louis, MO
November 29, 2010 Laboratory diagnosis of plasma cell dyscrasias and paraproteinemia-associated disorders Michael Linden, M.D.

November 22, 2010

Ulcerative Collitis: Known and unknown

Jingmei Lin, M.D., Ph.D.

November 15, 2010 The Epigenetic Interface of Genetic and Environmental Risk Factors in Autism-Spectrum Disorders Janine LaSalle, Ph.D.

November 9, 2010

Modern Molecular Pathology in Clinical Medicine

Yongsheng Ren, M.D., Ph.D.

November 1, 2010

GUT, GERMS, and HIV: Clues to HIV disease

Satya Dandekar, Ph.D.
Professor and Chair — UC Davis
Department of Medical Microbiology and Immunology
Department of Internal Medicine—Division of Infectious Diseases, School of Medicine

October 28, 2010 CEBPA in AML and BCL6 in ALL Anne Deucher, M.D., Ph.D.
Clinical Instructor in Hematology/Hematopathology lab

October 4, 2010

Body of Inspiration

Kristen Nero Vandewalker, M.D.
Sutter General Hospital
Department of Laboratory Medicine
Medical Director & Chief
Sutter medical Foundation laboratory - Microbiology
Medical Director
Professor and Chair

September 27, 2010

Family-friendly policies and their Effect on Academic Careers in Biomedical Science

Lydia P. Howell, M.D.
Professor and Chair
Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

September 20, 2010

From combinatorial chemistry to nanoparticles to cancer therapy, imaging and diagnostics

Kit Lam, M.D., Ph.D.
Professor and Chair
Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine
Professor of Medicine
Division of Hematology & Oncology
University of California Davis Cancer Center

August 16, 2010 Nutritional Pathology of Cobalamin (Vitamin B12) Deficiency: Past, Present and Future Ralph Green, M.D.
Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

August 9, 2010

Pathologic Diagnostic Algorithm For T-Cell Lymphomas

Jimmy Chen, M.D.
Assistant Professor
Director of Laboratory Information Systems
Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

August 2, 2010 Bone marrow pathology 2010: How the newest WHO has affected hematopathology practice  Denis Dwyre, M.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

July 19, 2010

Utilization of genomics in the investigation of developmental delay and autism

Jeff Gregg, M.D.
Associate Professor
Director of Molecular Diagnostics
Director of Gene Expression Shared Resource, UC Davis Cancer Center
Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

July 12, 2010 Misinformation Between Neurons and Glia in Rett Syndrome Lee-Way Jin, M.D., Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
June 21, 2010 Asynchronous medicine and online education - Keys to change in healthcare Peter Yellowlees, MBBS, M.D.
Professor of Psychology
Director of the Health Informatics Graduate Program
UC Davis

June 7, 2010

p16 New Molecular Marker in Osteosarcoma

Dariusz Borys, M.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

May 17, 2010 Cysteine and Obesity Helga Refsum, M.D., Ph.D.
Department of Nutrition
University of Oslo, Norway

May 3, 2010

Endometrial Cytology

John Bishop, M.D.
Director of Surgical Pathology and Immunohistochemistry
Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

April 19, 2010

Unusual Sudden Deaths in Children

Mark Super, M.D.
Chief Forensic Pathologist
Sacramento County Coroner

April 5, 2010

Anal Cancer Screening: Where are we? 

Teresa Darragh, M.D.
Professor of Clinical Pathology

March 22, 2010

HPV Vaccines: What do they mean for cervical cancer screening? 

Ronald D. Luff, M.D., M.P.H.
Director, Anatomic Pathology for Clinical Trials
Quest Diagnostics Incorporated
Clinical Professor, College of Health Professions and Medical Director, Cytotechnology Program
The Thomas Jefferson University

March 15, 2010

Pathology in Ghana: My Experience as a Volunteer

Christian Hansen, M.D.
Staff Pathologist, Medical Director - Transfusion Service/Blood Donor Center, Coagulation, Microbiology & Hematology
Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula
GI Pathologist
Monterey Bay Gastrointestinal Consultants

March 1, 2010 Pathology and Pathophysiology of the Airway Glands

Walter Finkbeiner, M.D.
Professor & Vice Chair, Department of Pathology
Chief, San Francisco General Hospital & Trauma Center

February 22, 2010

Flat Epithelial Atypia: The BIDMC Breast Service Experience

Jonathan Marotti, M.D.
Thelma Linsey Breast Pathology Fellow
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Boston, MA

February 17, 2010 Difficult Diagnoses in Grey-Zone Lymphomas

Hywyn Churchill, M.D.
(Candidate for Hematopathology position)
Stanford Hospital and Clinics

February 22, 2010

Flat Epithelial Atypia: The BIDMC Breast Service Experience

Jonathan Marotti, M.D.
Thelma Linsey Breast Pathology Fellow
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Boston, MA

February 12, 2010

Anaplastic large cell lymphoma

Georgi Pirumyan, M.D., MPH
(Candidate for Hematopathology Position)
Dept. of Pathology
University of Oklahoma, Health Sciences Center (OUHSC)

February 8, 2010 Adrenocortical Tumors: An integrated clinical, pathologic and molecular approach at the University of Michigan Thomas J Giordano, M.D. PhD
Professor of Pathology and Internal Medicine, University of Michigan
Director, University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center Tissue Core
February 1, 2010 Myeloproliferative neoplasms (MPNs) with eosinophilia and abnormalities of PDGFRA, PDGFRB and FGFR1-Update in the 2008 WHO classification Mingyi Chen, M.D., Ph.D.
(Candidate for Hematopathology Position)
Hematopathology Fellow
City of Hope
January 11, 2010 Update on Cytomegalovirus Vaccines - Is the 40 Goal of a Vaccine in Sight? Peter A. Barry, Ph.D.
Vice-Chair of Research
Core Faculty Member – Center for Comparative Medicine
Staff Scientist – California National Primate Research Center
Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
January 4, 2010 Smoking Related Interstitial Lung Diseases Cindy Yu, M.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
December 14, 2009 Ghostbusters: Molecular Diagnostic Imaging of the Breast Alexander Borowsky, M.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
December 9, 2009 Cervical Cancer Screening in the Medically Underserved: Lessons from California's Every Woman Counts Program

Lydia P. Howell, M.D.
(Chair Candidate)
Vice Chair and Director, Anatomic Pathology
Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

November 23, 2009 Metabolic Dysregulation and Breast Carcinogenesis Ann Thor, M.D.
(Chair Candidate)
Edith B. Todd & James C. Todd, M.D. Chair of Pathology
University of Colorado Denver / School of Medicine
November 9, 2009 The role & regulation of MGST1: A primordial & essential gene Michael J. Kelner, M.D., M.S.
(Chair Candidate)
Professor of Pathology
UC San Diego
October 26, 2010 Breast Cancer Disparities in Approaches to Breast Disease Lisa Benton, M.D., M.P.H.
Breast Surgeon
Health Policy Researcher and Consultant
October 19, 2009 EMT and Breast Cancer: Reverse Modeling Robert Cardiff, M.D., Ph.D.
Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
October 5, 2009 Optical Technologies for Pathology Sebastian Wachsmann-Hogiu, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
September 21, 2009 Pediatric Apheresis: Little People with Big Problems Carol Marshall, M.D.
Heath Sciences Clinical Professor
Associate Medical Director of Blood Bank
Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
September 14, 2009 CRP and Atherothrombosis - Innocent Bystander or Culprit? Ishwarlal Jialal, M.D., Ph.D.
Robert E. Stowell Endowed Chair in Experimental Pathology
Director of Laboratory for Atherosclerosis and Metabolic Research
Department of Medical Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
August 31, 2009 Mechanisms for the Thrombocytopenia of the Wiskott-Aldrich Syndrome (WAS) Ted Strom, M.D., Ph.D.
(Candidate for Hematopathology position)
Director, Blood Bank and Hematology Section
Dept. of Pathology & Lab Medicine, Memphis VA Medical Center
Assistant Professor - University of Tennessee Health Science Center
August 24, 2009 Novel Inflammatory Pathways in Diabetes Ravi Dasu, Ph.D.
Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
August 10, 2009 Lessons from the Study of the Fragile X Gene: A Triplet Repeat Dysfunction That Causes Both Neurodevelopmental and Neurodegenerative Disorders Claudia Greco, M.D.
MSP Staff Physician
Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
August 3, 2009 The Top 10 Publications Impacting Clinical Practice of Transfusion Medicine in the Last 10 Years Paul Holland, M.D.
Clinical Professor of Medicine
Clinical Professor of Pathology
UC Davis
Scientific Director of Delta Blook Bank — Stockton
July 20, 2009 CD44v6: Could It Be the Answer for Breast Cancer? Alaa Afify, M.D.
Associate Professor
Director of Cytopathology
Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
July 6, 2009 Rapid Multiplex Pathogen Detection of Bacteremia Using Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification Nicole Gentile
Graduate Student in Comparative Pathology
Dr. Gerald Kost's Lab (supported by NIH Point-of-Care Technologies Center)
UC Davis
June 29, 2009 Pathology of the Spleen: Case Studies Jerome Burke, M.D.
Alta Bates Summit Medical Center
June 15, 2009 Moles & Melanoma: Diagnostic Update 2009 Maxwell A. Fung, M.D.
Associate Professor of Clinical Dermatology and Pathology
Director, UC Davis Dermatopathology Service
Department of Dermatology
June 1, 2009 On the Other Side of the Stethoscope: Mental Health on the Physician Developmental Continuum Andreea Seritan, M.D.
Health Sciences Clinical Professor
Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
May 18, 2009 Pathology: Costs, outcomes, and comparative effectiveness research Joy Melnikow, M.D., M.P.H.
Associate Director - UC Davis Center for Healthcare Policy and Research
Professor - Family and Community Medicine
UC Davis
May 4, 2009 Vascular Endothelial Permeability in Inflammation Sarah Yuan, M.D., Ph.D.
Pearl Stamps Stewart Professor
Director - Division of Research, Department of Surgery
UC Davis
April 20, 2009 Cartilaginous Tumors

Scott Nelson, M.D.
Professor & Chief of Skeletal and Soft Tissue Pathology
Chief, Santa Monica-UCLA Hospital
Professor & SMH Director, Santa Monica-UCLA Medical Center

April 6, 2009 Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease: Liver manifestations of the obesity epidemic

Linda Ferrell, M.D.
Professor and Vice Chair of Clinical Services
Director of Surgical Pathology: Liver and GI Pathology
Department of Pathology
UC San Francisco

March 23, 2009 Molecular testing applications in Anatomic Pathology - Bridging AP and CP: A Molecular Diagnostics Prescription for Our Future Drs. John Bishop and Jeff Gregg
March 2, 2009 The Application of Photon-Based Technology to Bioscience and Medicine - Biophonics Dennis Matthews, Ph.D.
Professor, SOM and College of Engineering
Director - Center for Biophotonics
Associate Director - UC Davis Cancer Center
Director - Center for Biotechnology Biophysical Sciences and Bioengineering
February 2, 2009 “Arteriosclerosis and Atherosclerosis”: Rethinking the lesions Michael C. Fishbein, M.D.
Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
January 22, 2009 From Innovation to Clinical Excellence: Transforming Academic Pathology for a Changing Healthcare Environment Ronald W. McLawhon, M.D., Ph.D.
Professor and Head of the Division of Laboratory Medicine
Director of Clinical Laboratories
UC San Diego
January 7, 2009 Herpesviruses, Tumors, and the Immune Response S. David Hudnall, M.D.
Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Division Chief of Hematopathology
University of Texas Medical Branch
Galveston, TX
December 15, 2008 Computational Biology Tools for Genomics and Proteomics Applications in Clinical Translational Research Viswanathan (Krish) Krishnan, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Dept. of Chemistry - CSU, Fresno
Associate Adjunct Professor, Dept. of Applied Science - UC Davis
December 8, 2008 caELMIR and future with WSI and caTISSUE Jose Galvez, Ph.D.
Health Sciences Associate Clinical Professor
Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
December 1, 2008 Neuropathology of Rett syndrome Lee-Way Jin, Ph.D.
Associate Professor In-Residence
Department of Medical Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
November 24, 2008

Cerebrovascular Pointillism: An Extreme Form of Cerebral Ischemia

William G. Ellis, M.D.
Director of Neuropathology
Department of Medical Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
November 20, 2008

CMV Viral Load Testing: “Bridging the Gap Between the Laboratory and Clinical Care"

Angela Caliendo, M.D., Ph.D.
Director and Vice Chair of Clinical Pathology
Associate Professor, Medicine, Emory University School of Medicine
Professor (Tenure), Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Emory University
School of Medicine
November 17, 2008 Cellular Inflammation in Diabetes: Implications for Vascular Complications

Ishwarlal Jialal, M.D., Ph.D.
Robert E. Stowell Endowed Chair in Experimental Pathology
Director of Laboratory for Atherosclerosis and Metabolic Research
Department of Medical Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

November 13, 2008 New WHO 2008 Classification of Leukemia and Lymphomas: The Past, Present and Future

Prashanti Reddy, M.D.
Hematopathology Fellow
Department of Medical Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

November 3, 2008

Cancer Center Specimen Repository: Challenges and Opportunities 

Regina F. Gandour-Edwards, M.D.
Vice Chair of Education
Department of Medical Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
October 29, 2008 Iron Restriction of Erythropoiesis Involves Convergent Signaling Through Developmental and Metabolic Pathways Grant Bullock, M.D.
Hematophatology Basic Science Research Fellow
University of Virginia Health System
October 23, 2008

Correlation of morphology, immunophenotype, and genetic abnormalities in CLL/SLL

Christine Garcia, M.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Pathology
University of Pittsburgh
October 20, 2008

Combining Evidence, Education and Computerized Decision Support to Direct Ova & Parasite Testing: A Model for T2 Process Improvement

Christopher R. Polage, M.D.
Assistant Professor
Director of Clinical Microbiology Laboratory
Department of Medical Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

October 6, 2008

What's New in Orthopaedic Oncology 

Robert Tamurian, M.D.
Assistant Professor
Chief of Musculoskeletal Oncology
Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
September 29, 2008

The Academic Physician Workforce of the Future: Forecasting and Planning from a Generational Perspective 

Lydia P. Howell, M.D.
Acting Chair and Director, Anatomic Pathology
Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

September 2, 2008

Post-Transplant Liver Disease

Rajen Ramsamooj, M.D.
Associate Professor
Residency Program Director
Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
August 27, 2008

Eosinophilic Esophagitis

Ramez Saroufeem, M.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

August 25, 2008

Clinical Trials in the Age of Personalized Medicine

Michael Hogarth, M.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
August 18, 2008

Bioscience Research Activities at NASA Ames Research Center

Russell L. Kerschmann, M.D.
Chief, Division of Space Biosciences
NASA Ames Research Center
July 23, 2008

Evolution of Strategies for Survival and Growth of Departments of Pathology 

Robert J. Boorstein, M.D., Ph.D
Associate Professor
Department of Pathology
New York University Medical Center
Director of Pathology, Bellevue Hospital

July 21, 2008

Slouching Towards Bethlehem: The Microbiome in Mucosal and Systemic Disease

Jonathan Braun, M.D.
Professor & Chair
Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

July 7, 2008

The Forensic Pathology of Chronic Encephalopathy in Professional American Athletes

Bennet Omalu, M.D., MBA, MPH
Forensic Pathologist/ Neuropathologist/Epidemiologist
San Joaquin County Sheriff's Department
June 16, 2008

On a Decade of Folic Acid Fortification

Joshua Miller, Ph.D.
Associate Adjunct Professor
Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

June 2, 2008

Human stem cells for the repair of disease and tissue injury

Jan Nolta, Ph.D.
Director of Stem Cell Program
UC Davis Health System
May 19, 2008

Blood Banking in Beijing and Mongolia

Leonor Fernando, M.D.
Associate Physician Diplomate
Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

May 7, 2008

Deleterious clinical effects of allogenic blood transfusion-related immunomodulation: Fact or fiction?

Eleftherios C. Vamvakas, M.D., Ph.D.
Adjunct Professor of Pathology
Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
University of Ottawa Faculty of Medicine
Ottawa, Canada
April 28, 2008

A Genetic Screen in the Mouse Reveals Novel Developmental Mutants

Konstantinos Zarbalis, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Fellow / Associate Specialist
Department of Neurology
UC San Francisco

April 21, 2008

Breast Cancer Diagnostic Reporting: Updates and What's on the Horizon

Alexander Borowsky, M.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
March 3, 2008

Genomic Pathology: One Gene, One Disease, One Medicine?

Robert D. Cardiff, M.D., Ph.D.
Distinguished Professor
Department of Medical Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

February 26, 2008

From Myocardial Ischemia to Stem Cell Homing: The Central Role of Phospholipase A2 Signaling

Michael Creer, M.D.
Department of Pathology
Saint Louis University School of Medicine
February 20, 2008

Inflammatory Gene Regulation, Chromatin Events and Epigenomics in Diabetes

Rama Natarajan, Ph.D.
Associate Research Scientist
Department of Diabetes
City of Hope Medical Center
February 4, 2008

Single Cell Kinase Signaling & Drug Screening: Applications in Autoimmunity and Studies of the Tumor Microenvironment

Garry Nolan, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Microbiology and Immunology - Baxter Labs
Stanford University

January 28, 2008

Pathologic Evaluation of Axillary Sentinel Lymph Nodes in Breast Cancer

Savitri Krishnamurthy, M.D.
Associate Professor
Division of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
University of Texas, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
December 3, 2007

Proteomic Characterization of Host-Pathogen Interactions: Views from the Host and the Pathogen

Brett Chromy, Ph.D.
Biosciences & Biotechnology Division
Chemistry, Materials, Earth and Life Sciences
Lawrence Livermore National Lab
November 28, 2007

Selected Topics in Non-neoplastic Lung Disease

Allen Burke, M.D.
Deputy Director
CVPath Institute
November 14, 2007

Prognostic and Diagnostic Molecular Markers in Synovial Sarcoma

Dariusz Borys, M.D.
New York University - Hospital for Joint Diseases
November 5, 2007

The Future of Pathology

Stephen N. Bauer, M.D.
Mercy San Juan Medical Center
October 8, 2007

Testicular Germ Cell Neoplasms: Genetics, Novel Markers and Diagnostically Problematic Issues

Fabio Tavora, M.D.
Genitourinary Pathology Fellow
Department of Pathology
Johns Hopkins Hospital
October 1, 2007

Wiring of the Brain: How Axon Repulsion and Axon Pruning Shape Our Nervous System

Hwai-Jong Cheng, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
September 17, 2007

Human Embryonic Stem Cells for Brain Repair

Su-Chan Zhang, M.D.
Associate Professor
Departments of Anatomy and Neurology
School of Medicine and Public Health
University of Wisconsin
August 30, 2007

The Role of the Crossmatch in Renal Transplantation

Alan Luger, M.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Pathology
University of Missouri-Columbia
August 29, 2007

Bad to the Bone: Are Cancer Stem Cells Made or Born?

Alexander "Sandy" Borowsky, M.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
August 27, 2007

Monocytes and Viral Neuroinvasion in the Primate Animal Model for AIDS

Ursula Esser, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
August 20, 2007

Global Epigenetic Events in Stem Cells in Development and Disease

Paul Knoepfler, M.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Cell Biology and Human Anatomy
Assistant Investigator and Member
Institute for Pediatric Regenerative Medicine
August 15, 2007

Diagnostic Utility of α4β1-Integrin Expression in Human Lymphoid Malignancies

Kim Janatpour, M.D.
Health Sciences Assistant Clinical Professor
Director of Immunology
Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
July 31, 2007

Update in Breast Carcinoma — Multigene Profiling and E-Cadherin. Are They Useful?

Noel Weidner, M.D.
Professor and Director of Anatomic Pathology
UC San Diego
July 16, 2007

Alaska, Salmon and a Blood Banker

Paul Holland, M.D.
Clinical Professor of Medicine
Clinical Professor of Pathology
UC Davis
Scientific Director of Delta Blook Bank — Stockton
July 2, 2007

Thorny, but Practical, Issues in Pediatric Transfusion Practices

Ronald G Strauss, MD
Professor of Pathology & Pediatrics
University of Iowa College of Medicine
June 18, 2007

Pet Imaging of Alzheimer's Amyloid: The Strange Bedfellow of Neuropathology

Lee-Way Jin, Ph.D.
Associate Professor In-Residence
M.I.N.D. Institute
Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
June 4, 2007 The New Era of HPV Testing and Vaccines: A Strategic Inflection Point for Cytopathology Lydia P. Howell, M.D.
Vice Chair and Director, Anatomic Pathology
Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
May 21, 2007 Pitfalls in Cytopathology Practice Amanda Ashton-Sager, M.D.
Fellow, Cytopathology
Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
May 7, 2007 Regenerative Medicine and the Promise of Stem Cells Susan V. Bryant, Ph.D.
School of Biological Sciences
Vice Chancellor for Research
UC Irvine
April 16, 2007 Long-Term Preservation of Living Cells: Lessons from Nature John H. Crowe, Ph.D.
Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology
April 4, 2007 Molecular Diagnosis of Human Brucellosis

Mireille M. Kattar, M.D.
Candidate: Pathologist with Microbiology Subspecialty
Assistant Professor
Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
American University of Beirut

March 22, 2007 The Use of Light in Biomedicine: From Cellular to Small Animal Whole Body Imaging Assistant Professor
Minimally Invasive Surgical Technologies Institute
Director, Advanced Optical Imaging Laboratory
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA
March 19, 2007 Multiplexed PCR-Based Enhancement of Pathogen Detection in Bacteremia Dr. Gerald Kost
Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Richard Louie
Ph.D. candidate
March 15, 2007 Identification of a Novel Transcription Factor Implicated in the Maintenance and Differentiation of Pluripotent Embryonic Stem Cells Kenneth R. Boheler, Ph.D.
Head, Molecular Cardiology Unit
Laboratory of Cardiovascular Science
National Institute on Aging
March 8, 2007 Characterization of Bacteria by Mass Spectrometry: Going Beyond Identification & Susceptibility Christopher R. Polage, M.D.
Candidate: Pathologist with Microbiology Subspecialty
Fellow, Medical Microbiology
University of Utah Health Sciences Center
ARUP Laboratories, Inc.
March 5, 2007 Evolutions Witness Ivan Schwab, M.D.
Department of Ophthalmology
February 5, 2007 Homocysteine, Cardiovascular Disease and B Vitamins – New Developments Ralph Green, M.D., Ph.D.
Professor and Chair
Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
January 29, 2007 Differentiation of Neuralized Embryonic Stem Cells by Sonic Hedgehog Henk Roelink, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
University of Washington School of Medicine
Department of Biological Structure
December 4, 2006 Novel Imaging Techniques for Solid Organ Tumors Rajendra Ramsamooj, M.D.
Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
November 20, 2006 Small Molecules Targeting the Toxic Oligomers of Alzheimer's Amyloid-Beta Protein Lee-Way Jin, M.D., Ph.D.
Associate Professor
M.I.N.D. Institute
Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
November 6, 2006 What's New in Prion Diseases: Lessons from Translational Research Michael D. Geschwind, M.D., Ph.D
Assistant Professor, Department of Neurology
UC San Francisco Memory and Aging Center
October 23, 2006 Lupus-Like Glomerulonephritis in HIV Infected Patients: A Clinicopathologic Study of 14 Cases Sadhana Kaul, M.D.
Fellow, Oncologic Surgical Pathology
Roswell Park Cancer Institute
October 16, 2006 Jekyll and Hyde: Role of Monocytes in the Innate Immune Response and Pathogen Dissemination into the Brain Ursala Esser, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
October 2, 2006 Dermatopathology: Something Old, Something New

Maxwell A. Fung, M.D.
Associate Professor
Director, UC Davis Dermatology Service
Department of Dermatology

September 18, 2006 Vaccine Strategies Against Cytomegalovirus: Attempts to Change the Natural History of an Ancient Virus Peter Barry, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
September 11, 2006 Breast Cancer 911: Targeting the Terrorist 'Cells' Alexander D. Borowsky, M.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
August 21, 2006 Transfusion and Transplantation: O Brother Where Art Thou? Carol Marshall, M.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine