Get Advanced Training to Enhance Your Public Health Career

The Public Health Certificate Program, developed in partnership by UC Davis Department of Public Health Sciences and Continuing and Professional Education, provides the foundational public health knowledge you need to advance in your career or gain the competitive advantage necessary to be accepted into a master’s in public health program. This online certificate program covers core topics in public health science, including biostatistics, epidemiology, social and behavioral sciences, and health services administration. You will gain theoretical knowledge of public health concepts around social determinants of health, as well as applicable skills for epidemiological investigations, navigating the US healthcare system and working with biostatistics to measure the burden of diseases, illnesses and injuries. This online certificate in public health is designed to help working professionals like medical and health services managers, health education specialists and community health workers develop or increase their expertise in the field. The graduate-level coursework of this program also serves as a post-baccalaureate for competitive M.P.H. programs, and 12 of the 14 units may be applied toward the UC Davis Master’s in Public Health Program, a Council on Education for Public Health accredited program. Completing the certificate can strengthen your application for the UC Davis M.P.H. Program but does not guarantee admission.

For more information about the curriculum, enrollment, and cost, please visit Continuing and Professional Education's Public Health Certificate Program page.

For more information about the M.P.H. admission requirements and process, please visit Masters in Public Health Admissions page.

Who Is This Program For?

  • Current public health professionals looking to advance in their careers, including: 
    • Medical and health services managers 
    • Health education specialists  
    • Community health workers  
  • Public sector health leaders
  • Future public health professionals interested in gaining a competitive advantage before applying to a master’s in public health program 
  • Recent graduates needing graduate-level coursework to serve as a post-baccalaureate for competitive M.P.H. programs 
  • Individuals without a college degree who want an introduction to college-level courses or foundational knowledge in public health to help them enter the field

What You’ll Learn

Upon completion of this public health certificate online, you’ll be able to:

  • Explain and describe basic epidemiologic concepts and approaches to epidemiologic research using examples from human medicine
  • Understand theories and strategies of health behavior change at the individual, group, community and environmental levels
  • Apply the transtheoretical model, social network theory and social marketing theory to solve common public health problems
  • Explain the structure and function of public and private medical care
  • Describe trends in medical spending, predictors of patient use, causes of death, managed care and costs of technology
  • Apply evaluation methods and measures to public health interventions
  • Employ statistical methodology to health care data

What You’ll Get

Our program offers:

  • Graduate-level coursework that aligns with the UC Davis M.P.H. program, ranked 22nd in the U.S.
  • Online and primarily asynchronous format so working professionals can increase their skills while maintaining full-time employment
  • Preparation for certification in public health with relevant coursework that fulfills the educational requirements to sit for the National Board of Public Health Examiner’s Certified in Public Health Exam
  • If accepted, matriculation to the UC Davis M.P.H. program with 12 transferable credits. For a list of all requirements, please visit the UC Davis Masters in Public Health admissions page.
  • Courses taught by experienced faculty from the UC Davis Department of Public Health Sciences
  • Strong networks in the public health world due to our unique geographic location near the California Department of Public Health, one of the largest and most innovative public health agencies in the United States, and our close proximity to local health departments, community clinics and other advocacy groups
  • Unique networking opportunities with instructors and fellow students that can help advance your career
  • Engaging, innovative online format that facilitates active learning and retention
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