• 2018 MPH Cohort

Undergraduate Program

The Public Health Sciences minor offers undergraduate students a foundation of knowledge for those who plan to enter the field of public health immediately following graduation and for those planning to earn an advanced degree in Public Health or a related field including medicine, nursing, and dentistry.  It is open to students from all four colleges at UC Davis.  The minor in Public Health Sciences offers the option of doing an internship for 2 - 4 elective units.

Undergraduate Minor Program


Graduate Programs

The Department of Public Health Sciences is the home of the Graduate Group in Public Health Sciences and the administrative home for the Master's in Health Informatics and the Master's of Advanced Study in Clinical Research.

Graduate Group in Public Health Sciences

The Graduate Group in Public Health Sciences was established in 2017 and is one of nearly 100 Graduate Groups at UC Davis.  It offers M.P.H. and Ph.D. degrees, and includes approximately 50 faculty members from across schools and departments who teach courses and mentor students.  The Office of Graduate Studies acknowledges the distinctive approach to graduate education at UC Davis that involves graduate groups, rather than departmentally based programs.  The interdisciplinary  membership of the Graduate Groups promotes “…shared research interests among faculty and students, flexibility to grow and quickly change to reflect emerging areas of interdisciplinary knowledge and technology, and an acceptance that many research questions transcend traditional academic departmental boundaries.”

Masters of Public Health Sciences Program

PhD In Public Health Sciences Program


Graduate Group in Health Informatics

The Health Informatics Masters Degree program provides a comprehensive curriculum to prepare students for careers in research, teaching and information management in the healthcare computing industry, within healthcare organizations, and academia. The program offers advanced training in biomedical and health informatics aligned with the current skills, environments and health needs of the local and national community, for students to develop as independent and applied professionals for broad future careers.

Master's of Health Informatics

Graduate Group in Clinical Research

The program will provide students with the foundations for disciplinary excellence, including the knowledge, skills and perspective to engage in interdisciplinary investigations that will result in innovation and accelerated rates of translation of basic biomedical science into clinically useful therapies. Our fundamental goal is to develop a qualitatively different investigator, who thrives in a multidisciplinary, team science environment, is committed to excellence, and has the skills to conduct innovative research leading to the practical application of biomedical discoveries that will improve human health, and thus enhance the quality of life in our communities.

Master's of Advanced Study in Clinical Research