A minor in Public Health Sciences (PHS) provides rigorous training in the health sciences to prepare students to analyze the complex issues surrounding population health. The interdisciplinary nature of Public Health means a PHS minor pairs well with a variety of majors’ campus-wide and students will benefit from this flexibility in their elective course choices.  Students interested in affecting positive change around the world and understanding health systems will learn how to approach these issues from an interdisciplinary perspective. The public health minor is open to students from all four colleges at UC Davis.

Minor Coursework

Students complete 20 approved units in the Public Health minor program:  

Required Core Courses (11-12 units, 4 courses):

  • SPH 101 – Introduction to Public Health (3 units); Fall & Spring Quarters
  • SPH 190 – Topics in Public Health Seminar (1 unit); Fall, Winter & Spring Quarters

Choose ONE of the following:

  • SPH 102 – Introduction to Human Epidemiology (4 units); Winter Quarter & Spring Quarters OR 
  • SPH 107V – Foundations of Epidemiology (4 units); Fall Quarter 

Choose ONE of the following:

  • SPH 104 – Globalization & Health (3 units); Fall & Spring Quarters 
  • VME 057V – Global Population, Health & Environment course (4 units)
  • SPH 113* - Health Disparities (3 units); Winter & Spring Quarter

                        *Prior to Winter 2018, course was named SPH 105 (2 units)

Electives (8-9 units minimum)

The Public Health minor offers the option of doing an internship for 2 - 4 elective units. See the full listing of undergraduate education courses.

Minor Competencies

Students who complete the minor in Public Health Sciences will demonstrate the following:

  1. Knowledge of key content regarding epidemiology and biostatistics, major health conditions, disease prevention strategies, and health disparities.
  2. Knowledge of key determinants of health and disease, including biological factors, individual behavior, and social, political, and cultural influences.
  3. Ability to communicate orally and in writing about concepts in epidemiology and biostatistics, disease prevention, and health disparities.

Minor Advising Contact Information

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To contact the Public Health Science Advising Team email: