Frequently Asked Questions

Can I overlap any classes between my major and my public health science minor? 

Yes, you are allowed to overlap one class between your major and the public health science minor. 

When can I declare the public health science minor? 

Plan to file a quarter BEFORE you graduate. To declare your minor, you must submit a "petition to declare a minor" from which can be found on Oasis under "forms and petitions".  List completed/registered courses and submit the form. ALL 20 units of approved coursework must be listed on the petition form for it to be processed. 

Is an internship a requirement of the minor? 

While you can receive units for public health internships that can count as elective units towards the minor, an internship is not a requirement. 

Can I take courses for P/NP credit?

Required core courses should be taken for a letter grade however, electives can be taken P/NP credit. 

Can I take SPH 190 more than once? 

Yes, SPH 190 can be taken up to four times for credit. 

Can courses I took at community college count towards the minor? 

Please email the undergraduate program advisor to find out if your course can count towards the minor. 

How many electives do I need to take for the minor? 

Depending on the combined units from required core courses (typically 1-12) students need to take (2-3) electives to reach the 20 units needed for the minor.