Welcome Fellow Alumni!

As graduates of the UC Davis Graduate Group in Public Health Sciences, we are all members of the Public Health Alumni Association (PHAA).

As a member, you are a lasting, valued contributor to the public health community and the foundation on which a future School of Public Health will be built.

The Association was established in 2010. As we continue to grow, we greatly appreciate your participation and support. 

For more information about the association and becoming involved, please contact us at MPHalumniBoard@ucdavis.edu. To submit your alumni profile visit: http://goo.gl/ihLwZe.

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Uniting alumni, students, and faculty to support the UC Davis M.P.H. program in developing future public health leaders.


    • Provide resources and networking opportunities for students and alumni.
    • Promote participation in continuing education and professional development activities.
    • Support efforts to develop a School of Public Health.
    • Maintain presence in the public health community through service and partnerships.


    Submit Your Alumni Profile: http://goo.gl/ihLwZe

    We want to stay connected and expand our UC Davis M.P.H. Alumni Network!


    Remember to donate your text books to the Alumni Board Book Rental Program.  Simply drop off your textbooks to the M.P.H. office or contact czdizon@ucdavis.edu.