Francesca Apaya

Degrees: B.S., Cell Biology, Minor in Public Health Sciences, University of California, Davis, 2023

Professional Interests: Health Disparities in Underserved Communities, Preventative Healthcare, Global Health, Health Education and Promotion, Refugee and Migrant Crisis

Background/Interests: As the daughter of 2 Filipino immigrants, Francesca's interest in public health stems from witnessing the health disparities her family has faced. She served as a clinic intern, Ophthalmology Clinic Head, and Undergraduate Coordinator at Bayanihan Clinic. This furthered her passion for promoting preventative health amongst historically underserved, immigrant communities. After volunteering at the Athens Global Brigades clinic, she was inspired to pursue an M.P.H. to further her knowledge on culturally sensitive healthcare and health disparity dissemination for marginalized, immigrant communities. In her free time, Francesca loves to travel, listen to music, exercise, and playing with her cat Fitz!

Entry Year: 2023

Julia Armanino

Degrees: B.S., Public Health, California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo, 2021

Professional Interests: Infectious Diseases, Health Education, One Health, Epidemiology, Disease Prevention, Food System

Background/Interests: Julia’s interest in public health began after a year of microbiology research when she realized her intrigue lied in the impact of disease on a population rather than the organism causing disease. Her internship over the first summer of COVID-19 opened her eyes to the variety of impacts (social, financial, mental, medical, etc.) a disease could have on one community. These experiences, in addition to her fulltime position at her local public health laboratory, have intensified her interest in prevention and control over diseases and made her appreciate the intersectionality of health to other aspects of daily life.

Entry Year: 2023

Simranpreet Bains

Degrees: B.S., Biological Sciences, Minor in Global Disease Biology, University of California Davis, 2023

Professional Interests: Health Inequities, Preventative Healthcare, Health Disparities in Underserved Communities, Health Concerns among Unhoused Populations, Lifestyle and Nutrition Education

Background/Interests: Simran is passionate about serving marginalized communities with a lack of access to adequate healthcare. As an undergraduate, Simran was a volunteer in Bhagat Puran Singh Health Initiative and Imani Clinic where she was the Women’s and Gender Health Specialty Clinic Coordinator. She also worked in the basic needs committee to serve the unhoused population in Oak Park, Sacramento through health education and care package distributions. She is pursuing an M.P.H to gain knowledge to continue to address health disparities prevalent in underserved communities. Simran hopes to pursue a career as a physician to implement cultural humility in patient care.

Entry Year: 2023

Jocelyn Canty

Degrees: B.S., Animal Science (Physiology), University of California Davis, 2019

Professional Interests: One Health, Community Wellness, Sustainable Food Systems, Food Insecurity and Access, Healthy Eating, Environmental Justice, Land Use, Health Education and Promotion, Health Disparities in Underserved Communities, Women's Health, Reproductive Health, Biostatistics and Data Communication

Background/Interests: Jocelyn's introduction to public health occurred after learning about One Health concepts during her undergraduate studies at University of California Davis. With a diverse background, her interests surround the intersections between food systems, land stewardship and animal-human health. She is particularly focused on how these factors contribute to accessibility to healthy and culturally appropriate foods, in addition to their impacts on community wellness. Her commitments to democratized health education and data communication are rooted in the belief that a multifaceted approach and diverse perspective is integral in finding holistic solutions to public health issues that our communities face.

Entry Year: 2023

Alexandra Mia Castro

Degrees: B.A., Chicana/o Studies, Minor in Public Health Sciences, University of California, Davis, 2022

Professional Interests: Emergency and Disaster Preparedness, Health Disparities in Underserved Communities, Racial/Ethnic Health Inequities, Infectious Diseases, Health Education and Promotion

Background/Interests: Alexandra's interest in the public health field began while volunteering with her local NAACP chapter. Acting as a member of the NAACP's Executive Committee and a position on the Health Committee helped her grow her passion for community health. Her father's multiple myeloma diagnosis unveiled a firsthand experience of health inequities within her personal circle and ignited an interest to help serve communities who were facing the same struggle. She hopes to dive deeper into health disparities, inequities, and public health emergency work. In her free time Alexandra enjoys adventuring with her dog and trying new foods.

Entry Year: 2022

 Morgan Clements

Degrees: B.A., Behavioral Neuroscience, University of San Diego, 2022

Professional Interests: Health Policy, Equitable Healthcare, Global Health, and Preventative Medicine

Background/Interests: Morgan’s interest in public health began during her undergrad studies, specifically her minor in biomedical ethics where she learned the application of philosophy and ethics to healthcare. This encouraged research regarding food deserts in El Cajon and volunteering in underserved areas of Mexico. She is excited to research further disparities to understand future approaches to combat them.

Entry Year: 2022

Bailey Cohen

Degrees: B.S., Animal Science, University of California Davis, 2023

Professional Interests: Bailey Cohen is interested in helping with health disparities and viewing health issues from a One Health lens. She hopes to be able to analyze how to provide more equity within health care and how to properly present and and address issues, especially those under the One Health umbrella.

Background/Interests: When Bailey isn’t taking care of all the animals she loves, she finds herself involved with music. She has been playing violin for over 16 years. She has played in orchestras, trios, and ensembles for her whole life. She finds joy in trying new restaurants and spending her time with new communities, friends, and family.

Entry Year: 2023

Jessica Dhaliwal

Degrees: B.S., Biological Sciences, Minor in Public Health Sciences, University of California Davis, 2023

Professional Interests: Healthcare Disparities in Underserved Low-Income Populations, Preventative Medicine, Chronic Disease Management, Health Education and Resources, Community Health

Background/Interests: Growing up in a community where health disparities were high and the quality of care was low, Jessica was drawn to learning more about issues in public health. During her time at UC Davis undergrad, she became more involved as a volunteer at Shifa Community Clinic and saw the positive effects of implementing public health measures in a clinical setting (e.g. providing a translator, health education, and cultural competency) to alleviate health disparities for low-income, immigrant, and uninsured patient populations. As a future physician, she hopes to provide equitable and individualized medicine while advocating for underrepresented populations in healthcare settings.

Entry Year: 2023

Megan Gaa

Degrees: B.S., Environmental Toxicology with emphasis in Public Health, Minor in Sociology, University of California, Davis, 2020

Professional Interests: Social Epidemiology, Health Disparities, Social Determinants of Health, Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Health Policy

Background/Interests: In her current role, Megan works with the FDA in epidemiological surveillance, using genomics, to test retail meat for bacterial diseases. This research has expanded her desire to understand and interpret data relating to public health. Megan's background in toxicology and science as well as sociology have contributed to her interest in public health, particularly regarding social determinants of health. Her ideal research experience is studying social epidemiology and using the observed health data to implement changes in health policy or to create public health programs to address the issue. In her free time, Megan enjoys kickboxing/working out, reading, and spending time with her family, friends, and dog.

Entry Year: 2022

Alexandra Gori

Degrees: B.S., Nutrition Science, Public Health Minor, University of California, Davis, 2020 

Professional Interests: Using Community- Engaged/Community-Based Participatory Research to Address Cancer Health Disparities in Diverse and Underserved Communities; Cancer Prevention and Control; Cancer Epidemiology; Public Health Nutrition; Developing Interventions to Prevent Cancer and Promote Health 

Background/Interests: Alex developed an interest in public health through her experiences as an undergraduate at UC Davis. There she helped lead Colleges Against Cancer, the daughter organization of the American Cancer Society and for two years, she was the student assistant for the UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center’s Office of Community Outreach and Engagement (COE). Upon graduation, Alex was offered a full-time position as a COE coordinator with the Office where she currently assists with developing, implementing, and evaluating a variety of cancer control and prevention initiatives aimed at mitigating the cancer burden of culturally diverse and underserved communities. She is returning to UC Davis for her M.P.H. so she can further her knowledge as a public health leader in cancer research. In her free time, Alex enjoys teaching indoor cycling classes, traveling, and trying new foods!

Entry Year: 2022

Hedaq Ibrahim

Degrees: B.S., Biology with an emphasis in Molecular and Cell Biology, Minor in Public Health, University of California, Merced, 2023

Professional Interests: Hedaq holds a strong interest in health policy, health disparities, health law, and preventive medicine. Hedaq is passionate about addressing the social, economic, and systemic factors that contribute to health inequities in underserved populations. Hedaq aims to contribute to the development and implementation of policies and interventions that promote access to quality healthcare, reduce disparities, and improve overall population health. He is keen on exploring the intersection of public health and law, in areas like health regulations, ethics, and healthcare reform. He recognizes the importance of preventive medicine in promoting wellness and disease prevention at both individual and community levels.

Background/Interests: Hedaq is a first-generation Pakistani-American with a strong background in public health and a commitment to addressing health care barriers. As a Lead Peer Health Educator, Hedaq worked to increase access to mental health resources on campus, promoting well-being among students. His summer internships with Kaiser Permanente focused on health communications with marginalized communities, and working to improve access to health care. Beyond their professional pursuits, Hedaq finds joy in hiking, cooking traditional Pakistani dishes, and exploring their interest in film making. With a multifaceted approach and a passion for health equity, Hedaq aspires to become a public health lawyer.

Entry Year: 2023

Berenice Jacobo Zurita

Degrees: B.A. Communications Studies and B.S. Public Health Promotion, California State University Stanislaus, 2023

Professional Interests: Health Disparities in Undeserved Communities, Social Determinants of Health, Infectious Diseases, Epidemiology, and Environmental Health.

Background/Interests: Berenice was born in Mexico and immigrated with her family at the age of 4 to California. She encountered the impact of language barriers amongst primary care physicians and their patients. After encountering these experiences, she set out to do two things. One, learn about how to communicate with people through leadership and persuasion. Two, learn how to educate people about public health. She has been able to put her knowledge into action, through her involvement in a non-profit organization that aims to target underserved communities. Coming from an immigrant background and first-generation, she plans to pursue an M.P.H. to expand her knowledge about public health and assist in the evolving field of Epidemiology.

Entry Year: 2023

Ryan Jung

Degrees: B.S. Chemistry (ACS) from UC Davis, 2020

Professional Interests: Harm Reduction, Health Disparity in Underserved Communities, Epidemiology, Aging and Brain Health, Infectious Disease, Rural Medicine

Background/Interests: Ryan originally grew up in the Tampa Bay Area in Florida but moved to the SF Bay Area before high school. During his undergraduate years at UC Davis, Ryan volunteered with the Joan Viteri Memorial Clinic and became very interested in Harm Reduction and removing barriers in medicine. Having lost his father at a young age in part due to various stigma in health, Ryan endeavors to remove such barricades in the future. Outside of health, Ryan also immensely enjoys listening to and creating music. He currently performs in and arranges for the Video Game Orchestra on campus

Entry Year: 2022

Gurmeen Kaur

Degrees: B.S., Health Science, California State University, Sacramento, 2023

Professional Interests: Health Disparities in Underserved Communities, Health Policy, Social Determinants of Health, Global Health, Health Administration, Health Promotion, and Health Equity.

Background/Interests: Gurmeen is a first-generation college student and a child of immigrants. She has witnessed health disparities and further analyzed how they drastically impact an individual's life. Her interest in public health began during her undergraduate career. She is driven to promote health equity and further diminish health disparities among underserved communities. Through the M.P.H program, she hopes to develop new skills and further educate herself upon such topics. Gurmeen wants to make a change for the better.

Entry Year: 2023

Jasmine Kaur

Degrees: B.A., Psychology, Minor in Public Health San Jose State University 2021

Professional Interests: Health Disparities in Underserved Communities, Health Policy, Health Administration, Health Education and Promotion, Preventative Healthcare

Background/Interests: Jasmine is passionate about working in public health to help make healthcare more accessible to communities that face health disparities. She first became interested in working in healthcare when she started volunteering at the Santa Clara Valley Medical Hospital. Seeing so many individuals struggling to get healthcare services due to language barriers and financial challenges, grew her interest to help make healthcare more accessible for these marginalized communities. Jasmine is pursuing her M.P.H. to get a better understanding of our healthcare system so she can help address health disparity and promote health education.

Entry Year: 2023

Jonathan Kha

Degrees: B.S, Human Biology, B.A. Asian American Studies, University of California Davis, 2023

Professional Interests: Health Disparities in Underserved Communities, Community Health, Impacts of Incarceration, Health Education, Epidemiology, Oral Health

Background/Interests: Jonathan's interest in public health ignited when working with Southeast Asian American spaces, contributing towards the growth and wellness of services within. His passion expanded through community engagement as an Aggie Public Health Ambassador during the COVID pandemic; uplifting dental and social services in Bayanihan Clinic; and being a student instructor for a community-based healthcare course at UC Davis. As an aspiring dentist, Jonathan hopes to bridge the health disparities, creating equitable and holistic oral health care. During his free time, Jonathan enjoys dancing, crafting music, working out, exploring outdoors, and spending time with friends, family, and his cat.

Entry Year: 2023

Aron Kishore

Degrees: B.S, Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior. Minors: Global Disease Biology, Public Health Sciences, University of California Davis, 2023

Professional Interests: Health Disparities in Underserved Communities, Diabetes and Obesity Prevention, Health Education, Food Security, Infectious Diseases

Background/Interests: Aron was born in the Fiji Islands and moved to the United States in 2016. Coming from a Pacific Islander background, he has witnessed the challenges his community faces when it comes to healthcare access. At UC Davis, he was involved in research at the Contreras Lab. He also served as a monitor at Shifa Community Clinic, where he assisted in providing primary care services to the uninsured populations. His experience working at Shifa has reaffirmed his passion for becoming a Primary Care Physician, and he hopes to utilize the knowledge he gathers from the M.P.H program to break down barriers in medicine in the future.

Entry Year: 2023

Kendrick Lai 

Degrees: B.S., Biology, Santa Clara University, 2022

Professional Interests: Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Disease Control and Prevention, Preventative Medicine

Background/Interests: Kendrick’s interest in public health began as an undergraduate through courses and volunteer work. After graduation, his interest evolved through his research position at Stanford University in the Cardiovascular Imaging Lab. This past year, he worked with a team of physicians, data scientists, and data analysts to create a database of patients with acute aortic syndromes. Through his work, Kendrick found the importance of capturing/understanding the stories of patients as everyone has a different story to share. He wants to pursue his M.P.H. to apply methodologies and techniques to fully assess and provide the best health and safety measures for all

Entry Year: 2023

Thuan Le 

Degrees: B.S., Clinical Nutrition, Minor in Public Health Sciences, University of California Davis, 2023

Professional Interests: Public Health Nutrition, Pediatric Nutrition, Food Environment and Policy, Health Education and Promotion, Preventative Healthcare, Health Disparities in Underserved Communities

Background/Interests: Thuan’s interest in public health began when he recognized the struggles that his family overcame as low-income immigrants and underserved communities faced to access healthcare and education. His two favorite undergraduate experiences include being an intern for Paul Hom Asian Clinic and an intern for Team Davis Good Foods Garden. He provided nutrition consultations based on patient’s health conditions, cultural preferences, and food accessibility. He lead, created, and presented nutrition lessons to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Thuan wants to explore and implement different interventions and programs that address the barriers that individuals and communities within underserved populations face.

Entry Year: 2023

Howard Liu 

Degrees: M.D., Medicine, National Yang Ming University, 2018 

Professional Interests: Epidemiology, Disease Prevention, Obesity Research

Background/Interests: Howard attended medical school in Taiwan at National Yang Ming University, where he also completed his medical internship at its associated hospital, Taipei Veteran's General Hospital. During his time in medical school, he developed an interest in epidemiology, contextualized by the different diseases endemic to various parts of Taiwan contrasting with the diseases he would see at home in California. Disease prevention also became a field of interest for him- as one of his attending physicians once told him, "This is one of the professions you don't want new or repeat customers for." Howard's own experiences with obesity and chronic conditions have helped bolster his knowledge and interest in these fields.

Entry Year: 2022

Alfredo Lopez Aguirre

Degrees: B.S., Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior, B.A. Chicanx Studies, Minor in Public Health Sciences, University of California Davis, 2020

Professional Interests: Epidemiology, Clinical Research, Global Health, Community Health Education and Promotion,  Social, Economic, and Political Determinants of Health

Background/Interests: Alfredo is a proud child of resilient farm workers and an immigrant from Mexico. His passion for public health originates from witnessing the social, political, and economic determinants that have affected the health of his family and community. Amidst the pandemic, he joined the UC Davis ORALE project where he collaborated with community-based organizations in the Central Valley, to expand COVID-19 testing in underserved communities. He developed various strategies to propagate culturally and linguistically accessible health education to community members. Alfredo is interested in using epidemiological models to understand, create, and empower community-based solutions for health access and equity.

Entry Year: 2023

Jesus Magdaleno

Degrees: B.S., Psychology, Minor in Public Health Sciences, University of California Davis, 2021

Professional Interests: One Health model, Prevention and Management of Chronic Diseases, Infectious Diseases, Mental Health Promotion, Health Disparities

Background/Interests: Born in Mexico and raised in the Napa Valley, Jesus comes from an immigrant family and is a first generation college student. His interest in Public Health began while attending UC Davis for his undergraduate degree and volunteering for Knights Landing One Health Center. Jesus held various positions throughout his years at Knights Landing such as, One Health Chair, Community Representative, and Telehealth Monitor. After graduating, Jesus worked as a Reproductive Health Specialist and Clinic Flow Coordinator for Planned Parenthood Northern California, where his interest in health disparities among vulnerable and underserved populations grew. Outside work and academics, Jesus enjoys playing soccer, going on runs, and photography

Entry Year: 2023

Mallale Mahmood

Degrees: B.S., Human Biology with a minor in Public Health, University of California Davis, 2022

Professional Interests: Health disparities among underserved communities, preventative healthcare methods, Health Education for immigrants and refugees, Disease Control/Epidemiology

Background/Interests: Mallale's interest in public health stemmed from her own struggles as a first generation student who came from a low-income background. She was inspired to pursue an M.P.H. after declaring a minor in public health sciences and developing a passion for establishing a positive impact on the lives of others. After realizing the lack of health education resources for minorities, she co-founded a student-run clinic at UC Davis called Juvenile Caduceus that focuses on providing assistance and care to adolescents in the greater Sacramento area and Yolo County. She is excited for this new chapter in her life as an M.P.H. candidate in hopes of using her knowledge to her benefit when she undergoes a career as a physician. In her spare time she loves playing the piano and learning new languages while spending time with her family :)

Entry Year: 2023

Mira Miles 

Degrees: B.S., Global Disease Biology, University of California Davis, 2022

Professional Interests: Climate and Health, Global Health, One Health, Epidemiology, Infectious Disease, Disease Prevention, Disease Intervention and Policy

Background/Interests: Mira’s interest in public health grew when she was studying global disease biology as an undergraduate, which inspired her to pursue an M.P.H. to continue studying applications of epidemiology. As an undergraduate, she researched climate change impacts on wildfires in Northern California and their effects on human health. She wants to further explore the relationship between climate and health to relate it to disease policy and mitigation. Mira hopes to use her M.P.H. to continue research as climate change persists as a modern crisis. She believes in the One Health mission and hopes to contribute to it in her career. 

Entry Year: 2022

Anika Mohanty

Degrees: B.S., Neuroscience, Santa Clara University, 2023

Professional Interests: Epidemiology, Neurodegenerative and Age-related Diseases, Chronic Diseases, Health Disparities

Background/Interests: Anika's interest in public health grew throughout her undergraduate years studying Neuroscience at Santa Clara University. Through working as an EMT, Anika was able to experience and learn about how socioeconomic disparities plays a huge role in a patient's health and treatment. Also, she conducted research concerning the comorbidities and mortality rate of heart transplant patients who contracted COVID-19. As an M.P.H student, Anika hopes to learn more about how to properly treat those with neurodegenerative and age-related diseases by looking at risk factors, their prevalence in certain populations, and the health disparities surrounding them.

Entry Year: 2023

Anna Nguyen

Degrees: B.S., Human Development, Minors in Public Health and Psychology, University of California Davis, 2022

Professional Interests: Health Policy, Community Health, Preventative Healthcare, Equitable Healthcare, Health Disparities in Underserved Communities and Health Education

Background/Interests: Anna's interest in Public Health developed as she witnessed the disparities her family experienced being people of color and immigrants from Vietnam. Anna worked as a Community Health Worker (CHW) within the Sacramento region. During her time as a CHW, Anna worked with the homeless, underserved, and low supported population who were a part of Medi-Cal's new whole person care program, CalAIM, where she was an advocate for health and housing needs. Anna hopes to continue being an advocate for underserved communities and improve healthcare access to promote preventive care through health policy. During her free time, Anna enjoys spending time with her cat, reading, playing video games, and taking walks!

Entry Year: 2023

Christine Nguyen

Degrees: B.S., Biological Sciences, University of California Davis, 2023

Professional Interests: Disparities in primary care, health disparities among the neurodivergent population, preventative and holistic healthcare, equity in healthcare, autism and ADHD, social determinants of health, clinical and public health research

Background/Interests: Christine's interest in public health started when she dropped in on an M.P.H info session. After her time in EMRAP, she better understood the health disparities that are present among the underserved and in clinical research. This drove her to pursue a public health minor. One lesson she learned was how education is one of the most important social determinants of health. Christine serves as a mentor with the Redwood SEED Scholars, where she witnessed how a chance at a postsecondary education can help students with intellectual disabilities drive. She hopes to use the M.P.H to gain the knowledge she needs to practice as a physician who values holistic health.

Entry Year: 2023

Julia Pan

Degrees: B.S., Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior, University of California Davis, 2023

Professional Interests: Preventative Medicine, Health Disparities in Underserved Communities, Community Health, Clinical Research, Chronic Diseases, Harm Reduction

Background/Interests: A Davis native, Julia’s interest in public health began when she worked as an EMT and developed her passion for promoting disease prevention. At UC Davis, she served as health educator and diabetes committee co-director of VN CARES and Paul Hom Asian clinic, helping provide medical services and preventative screenings to underserved populations. As an aspiring physician, Julia hopes to gain a deeper understanding of individuals and their community to provide higher quality care. With her M.P.H, she also hopes to lead quality improvement studies and research to improve patient care. Julia enjoys reading and exploring with her dog in her free time!

Entry Year: 2023

Daniel Pasillas-Pablo

Degrees: B.S., Public Health Promotion, California State University Stanislaus, 2023

Professional Interests: Social Determinants of Health, Health Equity, Health Behavior, Nutrition, Disease Prevention, Health Policy

Background/Interests: Initially from Chino Hills, CA, Daniel’s passion for public health developed after moving to the Central Valley and researching drug use among young adults with CSU Stanislaus’ McNair Scholars Program. He also gained professional experiences as a research assistant evaluating the application of an AI chatbot assistant in epidemiology courses and as a member of the university’s Student Health Advisory Committee. Daniel aims to apply skills and knowledge gained from his Master’s Program to address health inequities in local and underserved communities through public health research. In his free time, Daniel enjoys time with family, discovering new music, and alpine skiing.

Entry Year: 2023

Hiya Peesu

Degrees: B.S., Psychology (Bio-Emphasis), University of California Davis, 2023

Professional Interests: Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Neurogenerative Diseases, Mental and Neurobiological Health, Environmental Health, Infectious Disease, Equitable Healthcare, Community Health, Health Policy

Background/Interests: Hiya’s interest in public health began as she witnessed the health disparities and healthcare injustices present in both her personal experiences alongside her community’s barriers. After taking comparative health classes during her undergrad, she understood the implications of limited representation in data for different ethnicity groups. This bias in health measures impacts the effectiveness of interventions for those disparities. She is intent on learning more about where those gaps exist and how it contributes to the effectiveness of the work she’s involved in through an epidemiological standpoint. Specifically, she’s interested in researching this in mental health and other neurogenerative diseases.

Entry Year: 2023

Cathy Quach

Degrees: B.S., Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior, Minor in Theatre and Dance, University of California, Davis, 2018

Professional Interests: Mental Health, Preventative Health and Health Disparities in Underserved and Immigrant Populations. 

Background/Interests: Cathy is a second generation Vietnamese-Canadian-America. After completing her undergraduate program, she gained experience in the health field through being a behavior technician working with children with autism and as an emergency medical technician working with a wide range of patients in the field and in clinical settings. Cathy is pursuing an M.P.H. to better contribute to solving the new challenges in public health, especially within underserved communities. When she is not working or studying, she is spending time with her family, friends and dogs. 

Entry Year: 2022

Isabel Ramos

Degrees: B.S., Microbiology and Public Health, California State University Chico, 2023

Professional Interests: Epidemiology, Women's Health, Infectious Diseases, One Health, Community Based Participatory Research, Social/ Behavioral Health, Adverse Childhood Experiences

Background/Interests: Isabel's interest in public health began while working as a Nursing Assistant during the COVID pandemic. Seeing this disease harm a community of patients that she cared so much about inspired Isabel to look into the preventative side of health, and what could be done to prevent the next pandemic. In her time as an undergraduate at Chico State, Isabel was able to be involved with a variety of research projects spanning from sexuality, to nutrition, to childhood trauma. Isabel is excited to use her M.P.H to contribute to epidemiological research that will better the health of her community.

Entry Year: 2023

Isabella Remolina

Degrees: B.S., Global Health, Minor in Biology, University of California San Diego, 2023

Professional Interests: Health Disparities, Clinical Research, Global Health, Community Health and Promotion, Chronic Diseases, Epidemiology, Preventative Medicine

Background/Interests: Isabella has been a Spanish interpreter for the UCSD Student-Run Free clinic helping underprivileged patients in San Diego get the proper healthcare they deserve. Isabella has always been drawn to work with underserved Hispanic populations and creating systems that promote equity in receiving care to see this population achieve better health outcomes. She has also worked in the clinical research field as a Patient Recruitment assistant recruiting patients with chronic diseases in clinical trials for the UCSD Alpha Stem Cell Clinic. These roles have significantly advanced Isabella’s understanding of patient care and the importance of patient education in chronic disease prevention and treatment in the public health field.

Entry Year: 2023

Ana Rosario

Degrees: B.A., Biology, University of Tampa, 2019

Professional Interests: Preventative Medicine, Nutrition, Microbiology, Pediatric Obesity, Clinical Research, Latino/a Health, Chronic Disease Management 

Background/Interests: Ana is an adventure loving, Formula One watching Puerto Rican with a passion for health science and nutrition. After graduating from the University of Tampa, Ana moved to California where she has worked as a clinical assistant dedicated to at-home health monitoring for chronic care patients. After some time in the work force, Ana is determined on getting her M.P.H. as a steppingstone to a future where she will be able to help the local communities impacted by the obesity epidemic and chronic disease.

Entry Year: 2022

Caitlin Schweller

Degrees: B.A., Kinesiology with an emphasis in Health Promotion and minor in Sociology, Saint Mary's College of California, 2023B.A., Biology, University of Tampa, 2019

Professional Interests: Food Insecurity, Health Promotion, Social Determinants of Health, Health Education, Community Health, Nutrition

Background/Interests: In her Freshman year of undergrad Caitlin began working with her campus food pantry at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. She immediately became passionate about supporting the nutritional needs of underserved populations. Caitlin has also tutored students online who have struggled in school due to financial constraints, limited familial support, and other socioeconomic factors which has made her feel that her purpose in life is to support and work with others who don't have the means to support themselves. She wants to work directly with community members to be a partner in getting them the resources they need.

Entry Year: 2023

Kaitlyn Sutton

Degrees: B.S., Public Health - Community Health Education, California State University Sacramento 2022

Professional Interests: Epidemiology, Infectious Disease, Disease Prevention, Sexual and Reproductive Health, Women’s Health, Global Health

Background/Interests: Kaitlyn’s interest in public health began during the COVID-19 pandemic. Kaitlyn was working towards a nursing degree, when she was intrigued by the idea of what causes disease rather than how to treat disease. Unfortunately, her uncle passed due to COVID-19 which strengthened her drive to pursue public health. Kaitlyn’s passion for public health furthered as she began her job at Sutter Roseville Medical Center where she was able to witness the prevalence of infectious disease in her community and the disparities in the healthcare system. Kaitlyn hopes to use her M.P.H to pursue a career in Infectious Disease Epidemiology.

Entry Year: 2023

Muhammad Tariq

Degrees: B.A. Political Science, University of California, Davis

Professional Interests: Muhammad is interested in health disparities and preventative health advocacy for under-served communities such as immigrants, LGBTQIA+, Muslim Americans, and communities of color. Muhammad is interested in harm reduction efforts and direct community outreach in the areas of diabetes, skin cancer, and heart disease for communities of color and immigrant communities. Muhammad enjoys qualitative and quantitative research and wants to help create initiatives and programs for preventative care for the communities he inhabits and advocates for.

Background/Interests: As an immigrant, Muhammad saw his family struggle to navigate an inequitable healthcare system. Muhammad was inspired to develop culturally aware and relevant healthcare models to reduce medical barriers and increase culturally appropriate care. Muhammad fell in love with public health taking classes with Dr. Taylor and Dr. Garcia where he was exposed to benefits of using public health to educate underserved advocate for minority communities and through outreach and culturally aware and relevant policies. Muhammad volunteered at the Joan Viteri Memorial Clinic where he learned about harm reduction and meeting people where they are at. Muhammad has experience with quantitative and qualitative research.

Entry Year: 2023

Franklin Tran

Degrees: B.S. Public Health, University of California San Diego, 2022

Professional Interests: Epidemiology, Health Disparities in Marginalized Populations, Chronic Diseases, Infectious Diseases, Biostatistics, Health Disparities, Health Equities

Background/Interests: Franklin was born and raised in the Bay Area, where his interests in serving communities and healthcare advocacy began through his contribution towards local student-led community service groups. Studying public health at UC San Diego, Franklin found his passions in Epidemiology through his student research assistant position at the Golomb Group Research, where he contributed to research studies involving veterans with gulf war illness. Franklin enjoys playing video games such as League of Legends and Valorant with his friends, and watching anime like Jujutsu Kaisen and Hunter x Hunter.

Entry Year: 2023

Berenice Vences

Degrees: B.S., Public Health, California State University, Fullerton, 2023

Professional Interests: Health Disparities in Underserved Communities; especially within Latinx communities affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, Health Education and Promotion, Social Determinants of Health, Community-engaged Research

Background/Interests: Berenice’s interest in the public health field began while growing up in an immigrant community where poverty-stricken families like her own, did not have the means to live in a privileged neighborhood where quality healthcare was accessible. This realization compelled her to volunteer with the Medical Reserve Corps National Network for the COVID-19 Mobile Vaccine Clinics in her hometown. Acting as a volunteer, she served as a Spanish-speaking translator and managed to schedule appointments for hundreds of predominantly low-income and underrepresented families. Berenice is determined to pursue a career in public health to help predominantly Latinx and underserved communities.

Entry Year: 2023

Paola Vidal-Espinoza

Degrees: B.S. Global Disease Biology, University of California Davis, 2020

Professional Interests: Gender Health, LGBT Health, Harm Reduction, Intersectionality, Community Health, Health Policy

Background/Interests: Paola's interest in public health comes from observing the healthcare barriers her immigrant parents faced. This led to her majoring Global Disease Biology at UC Davis to better understand the challenges her community experiences. She served two AmeriCorps terms as a Pediatric/Perinatal Coordinator and became involved at a Trans/Queer Youth Clinic at the SF Department of Public Health. An aspect she hopes to address in her career is stigma present in the LGBT community, which has devastating impacts on health outcomes. Her goals of M.P.H. is to inform health policies, educational trainings, and curricula to teach about the needs of transgender/non-binary people.

Entry Year: 2023

Master's Degree Plan II

  • Plan II requires a minimum of 36 units of graduate and upper division courses, of which 18 units must be graduate courses in the major field. Not more than 9 units of research (299 or equivalent) may be used to satisfy the 18-unit requirement. The M.P.H. degree requires more units (56) than the University minimum (36 units) for master’s degrees.
  • No thesis is required. Students in the M.P.H. program complete a Practicum Placement as the Capstone/Culminating Experience and write a Final Report at the end of coursework, typically in the Spring Quarter of the first year.

Advancement to Candidacy

  • Every student must file an official application for Candidacy (Plan II) for the Master of Public Health Degree after completing one-half of their course requirements and at least one quarter before completing all degree requirements. Students are expected to Advance to Candidacy during Spring quarter of year one (3rd quarter). The “Candidacy for the Degree of Master” form can be found online at

Normative Time to Degree

  • The normative time for the M.P.H. degree is Summer Session II, Fall, Winter, Spring and an additional summer session or academic quarter. Part-time students or students enrolled as a UC Staff member can choose to complete the program in two years.

Student Progress Assessment (SPA)

  • Each student’s graduate advisor will assess their progress in the M.P.H. program through the student progress assessment. The assessment is disseminated in Spring each year by the Office of Graduate Studies.

PELP, in Absentia, and Filing Fee Status

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Grad Pathways
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Student Academic Success Center
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U.S. Agency for International Development Global Health
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