Sarah Boyles Muehleck portraitSarah Boyles Muehleck

Degrees: B.S. Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, UC Davis (2018)

Professional Interests: Healthcare Access in Underserved Communities, Emergency Preparedness in Rural Communities, and Chronic Disease management in Correctional Institutions

Graduate Advisor: Michelle Ko, MD, PhD

Entry Year: 2019

Background/Interests: Sarah's interest in public health grew out of her experiences as a hospital and clinic volunteer. Her interactions and conversations with patients revealed that their ailments were as much caused by disease as a lack of access to affordable, basic healthcare. She intends to use her M.P.H. to better inform her future patient care and hopes develop policies and education that will benefit marginalized communities. Sarah currently works for California Academy of Family Physicians on projects related to expanding addiction medicine training and advocating for policies that will support LGBT patients.  

Alexis Maw CalinawanAlexis Mae Calinawan

Degrees: B.S. Psychobiology, UCLA (2017)

Professional Interests: Pediatric Health, Preventative Medicine, Health Education, Mental Health Among Immigrant Youths, Sociocultural Disparities in Health Care Access and Health Literacy

Graduate Advisor: Moon Chen

Entry Year: 2019

Background/Interests: Alexis Mae’s interest in public health was sparked while she was developing health education materials about cancer risk factors and positive health behaviors as a board member of Bruins Fighting Pediatric Cancer during college. Through her psychobiology coursework, she learned about how sociocultural factors such as racial identity, economic status, and social support can impact disease progression. She has directly observed the health consequences of these factors working as an emergency department medical scribe. Alexis hopes to integrate her enhanced understanding of healthcare disparities into her future practice as an aspiring pediatrician.

Sarah Danley portraitSarah Danley

Degree: JD, Environmental and Natural Resources Law, Lewis and Clark Law School, 2012; BA, Global Studies, CSU Monterey Bay, 2007

Professional Interests: Reproductive and Sexual Health

Graduate Advisor: Heike Thiel de Bocanegra

Entry Year: 2018

Background/Interests: Sarah has lived in Oakland for the past 6 years and is a sexual assault crisis counselor and a bartender. Sarah was an attorney for a brief period of time and quickly learned that was not the right career path for her. Sarah enjoys hiking, traveling, craft beer and reading everything from science fiction to history books. Passionate about reproductive rights, progressive politics, and combating climate change. Sarah can probably be found studying outside or exploring Davis.

Innocent Ikechukwu Durugbo

Innocent Ikechukwu Durugbo

Degree: MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) University of Port Harcourt Rivers State Nigeria (2002)

Professional Interests: Epidemiology under Public health as well as maternal and child care

Graduate Advisor: P. Marius Koga, M.D., M.P.H.

Entry Year: 2018

Background/Interests: Innocent studied in Africa where there are lots of preventable diseases and deaths.  He has also lived in the United states where there are lots of diseases due to lifestyle. The consequences of these disease conditions in terms of reduced quality of life, cost of treatment and sometimes death motivates him to contribute to ameliorating the situation. Innocent has always valued studies aimed at promoting the quality of health of the citizens. He appreciates the aphorism that a healthy nation begets a wealthy nation and that health is wealth.

Cassadra Fecho photoCassandra Fecho

Degrees: B.S. Imaging & Photographic Technology, RIT (2009), Pre-Nursing Post-baccalaureate Certificate, SFSU (2017)

Professional Interests: Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Global Health, Health Disparities, Infectious Diseases, Social Determinants of Health

Graduate Advisor: Kumar Bharat Rajan, PhD

Entry Year: 2018

Background/Interests: Cassandra chose to pursue a career in public health due to a desire for more meaningful work, and because of her own health struggles. Working with rural communities in Latin America through Global Brigades has helped to galvanize her desire to work with vulnerable populations. Cassandra hopes to use what she learns in the MPH program to improve the effectiveness of HIV/AIDS interventions in groups who have been disproportionately affected by this disease due to limited healthcare access. She strongly believes that healthcare is a basic human right, and is committed to research that seeks to balance health disparities.

Nicole Finney portrait

Nicole Finney

Degrees: B.S. Global Disease Biology

Professional Interests: Women’s health, underserved populations, & infectious diseases

Graduate Advisor: Eleanor Bimla Schwartz

Entry Year: 2019

Background/Interests: Nicole grew up in the Bay Area and upon enrolling at UC Davis she joined Willow Clinic, a student-run clinic providing free medical care to individuals experiencing homelessness in Sacramento. Through Willow she saw the barriers to health and social services homeless individuals face. Nicole hopes that her MPH will allow her to better advocate for the homeless and other underserved populations. In her free time, Nicole enjoys playing tennis, exploring new places, and cheering on the San Francisco Giants.

Leonie Isabel de la Fuente

Leonie Isabel de la Fuente

Degrees: Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, University of Concepcion, Chile (2014)

Professional Interests: Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Environmental health, Maternal and child health, Rural health

Graduate Advisor: Deborah Bennett

Entry Year: 2019

Background/Interests: Leonie’s passion for public health started as a student at School of Veterinary Medicine in Chile, where she addressed issues of prevention of zoonotic diseases and education of women from resource-deprived agricultural communities to raise animals in an economically and environmentally sustainable way. Once in California, she volunteered in the California Department of Public Health to train community health workers to improve education and prevention about lead and mercury intoxication. Leonie wants to learn the skills necessary to analyze health issues in order to quantitatively demonstrate factors that impact disadvantaged communities, and to provide sufficient evidence to improve health outcomes.

Seema GarchaSeema

Degrees:  PhD Microbiology Punjab Agricultural University (2000), Ludhiana; MS Microbiology, Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana (1996); BS Biology (Panjab University, Chandigarh (1993)

Professional Interests: Molecular epidemiology of bacterial infections (esp. food borne), Disease Prevention, Climate Change and Preventive Health, Community Health Education

Graduate Advisor: Gerhard Bauer

Entry Year: 2019

Background/Interests: Seema`s interest in public health was sparked off after carrying out a preliminary study of microbial quality of street food. In this context, she got an opportunity to interact with communities which had little understanding of importance of hygienic food and had limited access to sanitation. She realized the importance of educating these communities to prevent wastage of productive man hours and for decreasing frequency of preventive hospitalization. It also led her to work on biocontrol of pathogens using antimicrobial compounds. With MPH training, Seema hopes to work towards reducing incidence of avoidable outbreaks and evolve preventive strategies for the underprivileged communities. In her free time, Seema likes to read and connect with nature.

Mia Goings photo

Mia Goings

Degrees:  B.S. Global Disease Biology, UC Davis (2017)

Professional Interests: Preventative Health, Environmental Health, Toxicology, Chronic Diseases, Disease Prevention/Education

Graduate Advisor: Deborah Bennett, PhD

Entry Year: 2018

Background/Interests: Mia became excited for the field of public health and confirmed her interest in disease prevention during her undergraduate studies in Global Disease Biology.  Her fascination with the role of the environment on health led her to work on a handful of research projects aimed at developing alternatives to chemical fungicides in the form of biological controls against fungal pathogens commonly encountered in agriculture.  With an MPH Mia hopes to work toward preventing the development of chronic illnesses by reducing environmental pollution and increasing awareness of the health effects of exposure to environmental toxicants.

Hilary Gonsalez portraitHilary Gonzales

Degrees:  B.A. Spanish, Minor in Public Health, Santa Clara University (2013)

Professional Interests: Preventative Health, Health Disparities, Minority Health, Social Determinants of Health

Graduate Advisor: Diana Cassady, Ph.D.

Entry Year: 2019


Hilary became passionate about minority and community health through her undergraduate public health courses and related volunteer experience in underserved communities. Her current research work with patients suffering from brain cancer at UC Davis Medical Center opened her eyes to the great importance of preventive medicine and the need for an interdisciplinary approach to health promotion. Hilary is excited to utilize her M.P.H. and bilingual education to improve health disparities locally and abroad and make a meaningful impact on the advancement of health.

Sheena Gordon photoSheena Gordon

Degree: MD, University of Illinois, Chicago (2001); B.S. Animal Physiology and Neuroscience, UC San Diego (1996)

Professional Interests: Health Disparities, Child Health, Environmental Health, Public Health Policy, Social Determinants of Health

Graduate Advisor: Deborah Bennett, PhD

Entry Year: 2018

Background/Interests: Sheena’s attraction to public health blossomed while caring for incarcerated youth in Los Angeles County.  Later in private practice, then working within a large HMO she found that clinicians routinely confronted public health challenges.  The recent passage of immunization legislation mandating vaccinations for school bound children crystalized the potential effectiveness of public policy reforms upon the lives of individual children for her.  Consequently, she has been inspired to join the public health workforce to advocate for health equity for voiceless populations and to participate in public policy improvements which target health promotion for the entire community.

Sindhura GundapaneniSindhura Gundapaneni

Degrees: Bachelor of Dental Surgery, Indea

Professional Interests: Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Global Health, Health Education, Maternal and Child Health.

Entry Year: 2019

Background/Interests: Sindhura's interest for public health stems from working with under privileged classes in suburbs of Andhra Pradesh. With her MPH degree, it is her ardent desire to make an effort towards improving public awareness and health of the community. She worked as a dentist in India before moving to United States and likes spending time with her husband and watching movies.

Lauren Lin Howe portraitLauren Lin Howe

Degrees: MS, International Agricultural Development, UC Davis, 2019; BA, Environmental Studies, Hamilton College, 2013

Professional Interests: Food and nutrition, Global and planetary health, Health education and disparities, Sustainable diets, Obesity and chronic disease prevention (e.g. in at-risk youth and refugee and immigrant communities)

Graduate Advisor: Rachel Scherr, PhD

Entry Year: 2019

Background/Interests: Lauren is passionate about food and gardens as vehicles for social equity and planetary health. She aims to address food/nutrition insecurity, food waste, and climate change through education in sustainable agriculture, home cooking, and food preservation. She has extensive international and domestic experience in farming and food systems, including conducting her MS thesis research with Helen Keller International in Nepal and as the Manager of Community Engagement and School Gardens for Slow Food USA. When not studying or working, you can find her active in one of her many outdoor hobbies, including road cycling, rock climbing, skiing, and gardening.

Priscilla Huang portraitPriscilla Huang

Degrees: B.S. Global Disease Biology, University of California, Davis (2018)

Professional Interests: General nutrition, Preventative Medicine, Health Disparities, Occupational Health, Chronic Diseases, Healthcare Accessibility, Mental Health

Entry Year: 2019

Background/Interests: Priscilla is a first-generation college student that grew up in a traditional Chinese family who immigrated to the United States in the 1980s. Most of her professional interests stemmed from observations of her family and situations/difficulties that they've been through since she was young. Priscilla's interest in Public Health began after attending an Introduction to Public Health class as an undergraduate student at UC Davis. She hopes that with an M.P.H., she will be able to utilize her knowledge of the field to help individuals and families with any difficulties and bring positive changes to her community as a whole.

Jessica Johnston portraitJessica Johnston

Degrees: B.S. Psychology, UC Davis (2018)

Professional Interests: 

Reproductive Health, LGBTQ Health, Maternal & Child Health, Health Education

Graduate Advisor: Heike Thiel Bocanegra, Ph.D.

Entry Year: 2019

Background/Interests: A Sacramento native, Jessica is excited to join the M.P.H. program at UC Davis to gain knowledge and practical experience serving her hometown community. While she is excited about many aspects of public health, she is particularly interested in reproductive rights, LGBTQ access to informed care, and perinatal mental health. Especially moved by current events, Jessica hopes to serve as an advocate in shaping policies and practices that ensure safe, quality care for all. Outside of public health, she enjoys attempting Pinterest projects, binge-watching Netflix, and cuddling with her cat.

Ahmad Karzoun portraitAhmad Karzoun

Degrees: B.S. Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior, UC Davis (2019)

Professional Interests: I am an aspiring sports medicine physician. I love teaching and tutoring, and hope to pick up academic medicine when my medical-practicing days are done.

Graduate Advisor: Calvin Hirsch, M.D.

Entry Year: 2019

Background/Interests: Ahmad Karzoun is an Arab-American aspiring medical doctor who has a heart for undeserved communities. His desire to better the lives of those communities drove his passion for public health. Ahmad is an experienced tutor, having tutored organic chemistry for 3 years, and calculus for 2 years. Aside from school, Ahmad is an avid basketball fan, and enjoys watching the NBA. He loves cooking and music as pass times, and has spent hundreds of hours providing medical, financial, and living assistance to the local Syrian refugee communities of Sacramento

Nossin Khan portraitNossin Khan

Degrees: B.S. Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior, UC Davis (2017)

Professional Interests: Mental Health, Health Disparities in Underserved Communities, Disease Prevention, Violence Prevention

Graduate Advisor: Patrick Marius Koga, M.D., M.P.H.

Entry Year: 2019

Background/Interests: Nossin's interest in public health originates from growing up in the Bengali community, where is there is limited emphasis on mental health education. She has visited Bangladesh multiple times and seen many community members suffer from preventable diseases and illnesses due to lack of education. After graduating from college, she became interested in violence prevention as she worked with survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking. With her M.P.H., Nossin hopes to educate communities on mental health and violence prevention and create resources tailored to different communities.

Christine Melissa LiuChristine Melissa Liu

Degrees: BS in Biology, University of Washington Seattle, 2017

Professional Interests: Health Administration

Graduate Advisor: Julie Ha Thi Dang, Ph.D., M.P.H.

Entry Year: 2019

Background/Interests: Christine is a curious individual who has lived in many different cities including Vancouver British Columbia, Gilroy California, and Seattle Washington. She has always taken an interest in wildlife and biology but is now focusing her passion on the healthcare field. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, watching Netflix, and finding the occasional good video game that can keep her entertained for hours!

Riad MorrarRiad Morrar

Degrees: B.S., Biological Sciences, CSU Sacramento (2018)

Professional Interests: Chronic Diseases, Epidemiology, Healthcare Access in Underserved Communities, Preventative Care

Graduate Advisor: LiHong Qi, Ph.D.

Entry Year: 2019

Background/Interests: Born and raised in Sacramento, Riad has heavily involved himself in the local Middle Eastern and South Asian community. Through his experiences and interactions as a youth mentor and work in various clinical settings, he has seen the ramifications of healthcare inequality. Following an M.P.H., Riad plans to continue his studies and ultimately utilize his knowledge in clinic to educate and serve his patients. Outside of school, Riad enjoys spending time outdoors, lifting weights, and playing sports.

Maneesha Muriki portraitManeesha Muriki

Degrees: B.S. Global Disease Biology, French Minor, UC Davis, 2019

Professional Interests: Preventative Medicine, Healthcare Access in Underserved Communities, Health Education, & Public Health Policy

Graduate Advisor: Eleanor Bimla Schwarz, M.D., M.S.

Entry Year: 2019

Background/Interests: Maneesha’s passion for public health began when she joined MEDLIFE organization during her 2nd year of college. Reading patient stories and learning about development projects in rural communities abroad, she realized that medicine doesn’t only entail physical health but also mental, social, and environmental health. With every new class and a new conversation, she learns about more factors that contribute to the increasing disparities in the health system. With her M.P.H. degree, Maneesha hopes to learn about sustainable interdisciplinary intervention strategies that will reduce barriers to healthcare access in underserved communities.

Deepinder Singh NagraDeepinder Singh Nagra

Degrees: B.A. Psychology and Economics, UC Davis (2019)

Professional Interests: Health Disparities in Underserved Communities, Mental Health, Epidemiology, Global Health, Infectious Disease

Graduate Advisor: Faith Boucher, Ph.D.

Entry Year: 2019

Background/Interests: Growing up in the rural area of Fresno, Deepinder experienced firsthand how health disparities affect the general public in his community. His passion for serving vulnerable populations developed while he was president of the Sikh Cultural Association (SCA) during his undergrad at Davis. During these four years, he worked closely with the Sikh and Panjabi populations to promote culturally sensitive health education and to reduce the stigma of mental health within this community. With his M.P.H., he aims to better the lives of his community members here and in Panjab.  

Kashti Nayem portraitKashti Nayem

Degrees: B.S. Public Health, UC San Diego

Professional Interests: Health policy and management, healthcare access/health education in underserved communities, infectious disease control, chronic disease management, smoke and tobacco prevention.

Graduate Advisor: Michelle Ko, M.D., Ph.D.

Entry Year: 2019

Background/Interests: Kashti’s interest in public health started when she volunteered at her local hospital. She began opening her eyes to the vast health issues that go unrecognized by the population and how complex they can be. Through college, she developed a keen interest in health policies that looked to fix these issues. Kashti aspires to get the knowledge required to help improve these health disparities, particularly those that affect the underserved communities. She is pursuing her M.P.H. to help fix and educate others on these issues.

Sonja Neumeister portraitSonja Neumeister

Degrees: B.S. Community Health Science - Public Health, University of Nevada, Reno (2019)

Professional Interests: Epidemiology, Environmental Health, Maternal and Childhood Health, Health Disparities, Health Policy

Graduate Advisor: Deborah Bennett, Ph.D.

Entry Year: 2019

Background/Interests: Sonja’s interests in public health started when she took an introductory course in Community Health Science in her first year of college at the University of Nevada, Reno. She now has a bachelor's degree in Community Health Science with a specialization in Public Health. Sonja has also has studied abroad in India where she learned about their traditional health care systems and public health practices. She is interested in epidemiology, and with a Master’s in Public health she hopes to conduct important research that can be crucial to improve health disparities among communities.

Caroline Nguyen portraitCaroline Nguyen

Degrees: B.S. Human Development, University of California, Davis (2018)

Professional Interests: Health/Healthcare Policy, Aging, Disease Prevention, Health Disparities, Health Systems

Graduate Advisor: Melanie Dove, M.P.H., Sc.D.

Entry Year: 2019

Background/Interests: Caroline developed her interests in public health sciences and healthcare while she was an undergraduate at UC Davis. Her coursework in human development and the sciences, along with interning in the UCD Medical Center and in assisted living, influenced her desire to focus efforts on the aging population. While supporting elderly individuals who often had chronic health conditions, she was concerned with the significant effects of the aging crisis. She aims to work on policies targeting several health/healthcare issues which impact the public. With an M.P.H. degree, Caroline strives to achieve a leadership position in public health and healthcare policy.

elizabeth pazdral headshotElizabeth Pazdral

Degrees: B.A. Psychology, Occidental College, 1991

Professional Interests: Social determinants of health. Interventions based on peer training or in-home health training similar to Promotoras. Evaluation and outcome measurements that lay the foundation for evidence-based programs and practices. Validating techniques that demonstrate the effectiveness of resilience training and building on the optimism of people with disabilities.

Graduate Advisor: Jingwen Zhang

Entry Year: 2018

Background/Interests: Ms. Pazdral wants to research and substantiate the overlap of the personal and the political for people with disabilities. She would like to parse Independent Living practices into replicable models that will bring more respect and funding to this grassroots philosophy. She is convinced that joining the Department of Public Health Sciences will elevate her ability to bring solutions to the disability rights community. She believes public health is a tool for extracting and presenting data to create societal change. Independent Living Philosophy encompasses public health paradigm shifts such as de-professionalization, self-representation, de-medicalization of disability, de- institutionalization, and cross-disability.

Mykaela PoeMykaela Poe

Degrees: B.S. Applied Biological Sciences, Arizona State University (2017)

Professional Interests: Primary Care, Nutrition and Fitness, Health Education in Underserved and Minority Populations, Child and Adolescent Health

Graduate Advisor: James Marcin, M.D., M.P.H.

Entry Year: 2019

Background/Interests: After working at an elementary school with diabetic children, Mykaela grew an interest in diabetes management, nutrition and exercise. Noticing that insulin access is becoming difficult, she was interested in finding alternative ways to manage diabetes. She would like to work in underserved populations where food deserts are common, leading to poor nutritional choices for diabetics. She hopes to implement educational programs and provide resources and sufficient healthcare access for these communities. After completing the M.P.H. program, she wants to attend Physician Assistant school and specialize in Pediatrics. In her free time, Mykaela likes to travel and try new foods.

Elizabeth Quino portraitJ. Elizabeth Quino

Degrees: B.S. Human Development, UC Davis (2017)

Professional Interests: Sexual and Reproductive Health, Preventative Medicine, Community Health Education, Health Disparities in Underserved Communities, Childhood Malnutrition, Global Health

Entry Year: 2019

Background/Interests: Elizabeth’s interest in public health first began during a medical brigade in Honduras. She realized that many of the issues she was seeing patients for were population-based rather than patient-based. She continued to learn about health promotion and wellness in Oaxaca, Mexico, while also getting hands on experience at the Knights Landing One Health clinic. With her M.P.H., Liz hopes to focus on health determinants to promote social, educational, and health equity. Her goal is to successfully develop a community-based program to ameliorate women's health issues and to empower women to become advocates for their own health.

Janet Ramirez portraitJanet Ramirez

Degrees: B.S. Health Science, California State University, Fullerton (2016)

Professional Interests: Preventative health education, Latinx immigrant health, adolescent health, reproductive health, epidemiology, smoke and tobacco prevention, nutrition & fitness

Graduate Advisor: M. J. Heinig, PhD

Entry Year: 2019

Background/Interests: As a first generation student, Janet found her passion for public health while serving for underserved communities through volunteer work. She has worked in the areas of prevention and intervention for chronic diseases, childhood obesity, and adolescent health. After her bachelor’s degree, Janet continued providing education on chronic diseases and later moved on to infectious diseases. For the past two years, Janet has served as a health educator providing education for adolescents on STIs and HIV prevention. She hopes to use her M.P.H. to continue her career in the preventive and research part of public health.

Joslyn RamirezJoslyn Ramirez

Degrees: B.S Health Science, CSU Fullerton (2016)

Professional Interests: Epidemiology, Healthcare for Minority Communities, Disease Prevention, Public Health Policy, Mental Health, and Maternal & Child Healthcare

Entry Year: 2019

Background/Interests: Joslyn’s passion for public health was highlighted during her time serving underserved communities with the Health Scholars Program (HSP). Working as the Pediatric Coordinator and with a healthcare insurance carrier, she gained knowledge about the various government programs and those struggling with multiple health disparities. She learned health education is key and created a summer series curriculum at CHOC Children’s Clinic focusing on wellness that encompassed integrative healthcare practices and active play exercises. As an M.P.H. student, Joslyn will continue to focus on developing her epidemiological skills to ensure health equity and increase access to quality care to underserved communities.

Emilia Reilly photoEmilia Reilly

Degrees: B.A. Sociology, Salisbury University (2011)

Professional Interests: Infectious and Communicable Diseases, Epidemiology, Prevention and Education, Global Health

Graduate Advisor: Byung-Kwang Yoo, MD, PhD

Entry Year: 2018

Background/Interests: Emilia has always had a passion for the field of public health.  Her experiences have all pointed her toward getting her Master’s in Public Health.  From her year as an AmeriCorps VISTA in South Carolina creating health educational materials to her time working as a discharge planner at Queen’s Medical center in Honolulu, Emilia has seen the impact that driven public health advocates can have on people’s lives.  She plans on focusing on emerging infectious diseases and improve the education levels of the general public when it comes to their health.

Diego rivera portraitDiego Rivera

Degrees: B.S. Global Disease Biology, UC Davis (2018)

Professional Interests: Infectious Disease Research, Epidemiology, and Preventive Medicine Specialists for the United States Navy Medical Corps

Graduate Advisor: Irva Hertz-Picciotto, PhD

Entry Year: 2019

Background/Interests: Diego’s interest in Public Health arose from his undergraduate career in Global Disease Biology at University of California, Davis. He enjoys traveling to different cities and states going hiking, fishing, and camping with friends.

Jason Singson portraitJason Singson

Degrees: B.S. Global Disease Biology, UC Davis (2019)

Professional Interests: Clinical Education, Disaster Response and Emergency Preparedness, Emerging Infectious Diseases, Epidemiology, Global Health, HIV/STI/TB Prevention, One Health, Public Health Policy Analysis, and Public Health Practice Research

Graduate Advisor: Jeffrey Hoch, Ph.D.

Entry Year: 2019

Background/Interests: Since the movie Contagion, Jason has had a fond interest in infectious disease management. Through the Global Disease Biology major, he sought interdisciplinary understanding of infectious diseases that involved the One Health approach and the acknowledgment of social, historical, and cultural factors. He became settled in public health as a career when he served on Yolo County’s norovirus outbreak investigation team in 2017. With the M.P.H., Jason hopes to improve evidence-based practices, public health advocacy, and local health department capacities in disease control. When not dealing with infectious diseases, Jason enjoys bowling, running, poetry, and a lot of boba.

sophia strohmeier-BreuningSophia Strohmeier-Breuning

Degrees: B.S. Animal Science—California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo (2019)

Professional Interests: One Health, Animal Welfare

Graduate Advisor: Beatriz Martinez-Lopez, Ph.D., M.P.V.M.

Entry Year: 2019

Background/Interests:  Sophia is originally from Marin County but has spent the last four years in San Luis Obispo, attending California Polytechnic State University. Sophia began her studies at Cal Poly on the pre-veterinary route but found a more fitting passion related to animal welfare after completing internships with The Humane League and Proposition 12, a 2018 proposition measure. She is particularly interested in the One Health Initiative, which acknowledges the crucial connections between human, animal, and environmental health—with particular regard to the way in which people treat animals infiltrates and directly affects both human and environmental health.

mira susa portraitMirjana Susa

Degrees: B.S. Animal Science, UC Davis (2019)

Professional Interests: Preventative Medicine, Community Health, Nutrition and Fitness, Global Health, Infectious Diseases

Graduate Advisor: Meredith Jane Heinig, Ph.D.

Entry Year: 2019

Background/Interests:  Mirjana is originally from Serbia and grew up in California. She gained her passion for public health after volunteering at the Mercer Clinic, volunteering at the Knights Landing One Health Center, and taking the KLOHC course during her undergraduate career at UC Davis. Continuing her education in Public Health will let her pursue her interest in preventative medicine - an issue that is personal and paramount to her. She hopes to create positive impact through health awareness. When she is not studying, Mirjana spends time exercising, cooking healthy meals, playing the piano, and gardening.

Andersen Yang portraitAndersen Der Hau Yang

Degrees: B.S, Applied Statistics with Emphasis in Psychology, UC Davis, 2018

Professional Interests: Health Equity, Health Planning and Evaluation, Tobacco Prevention

Graduate Advisor: Elisa Tong, M.D., M.A.

Entry Year: 2019

Background/Interests: Born and raised in San Francisco, Andersen celebrates cultural diversity and equitable opportunities. Growing up, he noticed social and health disparities in his own life and those around him. Also fueled by his Christian faith, Andersen began to ponder about seeking justice in those marginalized communities. Coming into college, he majored in Statistics because he enjoyed working with data and identifying patterns. But, it was not until working for the Tobacco Control Evaluation Center did he realize that evaluation depends on data and can then inform better health planning. He is also fascinated by the cultural anthropology of health behaviors, especially with smoking among Asian men. Andersen hopes to use his M.P.H to alleviate the health burdens among the marginalized groups via data-driven health planning and evaluation while being conscious of his cultural and equitable values.

George Yang photoGeorge Yang

Degrees: B.S. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, UC Davis (2018)

Professional Interests: Hmong Community, Preventative Care

Medicine, Health Education, and Statistical Analysis

Graduate Advisor: Moon Chen, MD, PhD

Entry Year: 2018

Background/Interests: George has seen and experienced the health disparity within the Hmong community. While at UC Davis, he joined the Hmong Lifting Underserved Barrier (HLUB) clinic and used that opportunity to help the Hmong community via health education and worked hard at bridging the gap between the Hmong community. With HLUB, he held workshops at various Hmong events and during clinical hours to further Health education. With an MPH degree, he hopes to be able to work on gathering statistical data and perform research to bring clarity of the prevalence of Diabetes in the Hmong population in California.

Amanullah ZadranAmanullah Zadran    

Degrees: B.S., Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of California, Davis, 2017 and B.A., Psychology, University of California, Davis, 2017

Professional Interests: Health Policy and Education, Healthcare Access, Refugee Health, Emergency & Disaster Preparedness, Communicable and Noncommunicable Diseases, Primary Care, Vaccinology, Rapid Diagnostic Testing

Graduate Advisor: Karega Paisley, M.D., M.P.H.

Entry Year: 2019

Background/Interests: Amanullah’s interest in public health stemmed from experiencing the prevalent health disparities and challenges clinicians routinely faced in local and international health settings. By acquiring an M.P.H., he hopes to gain expertise in applied public health sciences to pursue his career interests in both clinical medicine and community health to better advocate for patients. With his knowledge he desires to improve health outcomes for vulnerable populations globally and domestically via evidence-based research. Amanullah plans to disseminate his research findings in the form of presentations, lectures, and publications to enable health policy change to address the needs of underserved populations.

Juan Zarate portraitJuan Zarate    

Degrees: B.S. Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior at UC Davis (2019); A.B. Psychology at UC Davis (2019)

Professional Interests:

Rural Health, Mental Health, Migrant Health

Graduate Advisor: Byung-Kwang Yoo, M.D., Ph.D.

Entry Year: 2019

Background/Interests: Juan was born in Oaxaca, Mexico but raised in a rural community in the central valley of California. As Referrals Chair and Mental Health Lead for Knight’s Landing One Health Center, a UC Davis student-run clinic, Juan discovered his passion to improve the health of vulnerable populations. With an M.P.H., Juan hopes to have a bigger impact on community health as he pursues his career interests in medicine. In his free time, Juan enjoys reading, the gym, and new experiences that will challenge him.

Master's Degree Plan II

  • Plan II requires a minimum of 36 units of graduate and upper division courses, of which 18 units must be graduate courses in the major field. Not more than 9 units of research (299 or equivalent) may be used to satisfy the 18-unit requirement. The M.P.H. degree requires more units (56) than the University minimum (36 units) for master’s degrees.
  • No thesis is required. Students in the M.P.H. program complete a Practicum Placement as the Capstone/Culminating Experience and write a Final Report at the end of coursework, typically in the Spring Quarter of the first year.

Advancement to Candidacy

  • Every student must file an official application for Candidacy (Plan II) for the Master of Public Health Degree after completing one-half of their course requirements and at least one quarter before completing all degree requirements. Students are expected to Advance to Candidacy during Spring quarter of year one (3rd quarter). The “Candidacy for the Degree of Master” form can be found online at

Normative Time to Degree

  • The normative time for the M.P.H. degree is Summer Session II, Fall, Winter, Spring and an additional summer session or academic quarter. Part-time students or students enrolled as a UC Staff member can choose to complete the program in two years.

Student Progress Assessment (SPA)

  • Each student’s graduate advisor will assess their progress in the M.P.H. program through the student progress assessment. The assessment is disseminated in Spring each year by the Office of Graduate Studies.

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*provides professional development assistance for socialization/networking, writing and publishing, presentation skills, teaching and mentoring, leadership and management, scholarly integrity, career search, and health and wellness.

Intership and Career Center
*offers a wide range of career-related services to UC Davis students and alumni

Student Academic Success Center
*houses a number of centers and programs geared toward supporting various student communities including former foster youth, transfer, first generation, low income, undocumented students and other groups that are underrepresented in higher education.

Local and State Employment Resources

State of California Employment Development Department
State Personnel Board
UC Davis Employment Website
UC Davis Internship and Career Center

Local County Health Departments

Alameda County
Contra Costa County
Marin County
Napa County
San Mateo County
San Francisco County
Sacramento County
Solano County
Sonoma County
Yolo County

Community Clinics

Communicare Health Services (Yolo County)
Community Medical Centers, Inc.
Department of Health and Human Services Clinic Services, Sacramento County
La Clinica (Clinics in Alameda, Contra Costa, and Solano Counties)
Medical Clinics in Solano County

UC Davis School of Medicine Student Run Clinics:

Clinica Tepati
Imani Clinic at Oak Park
Joan Viteri Memorial Clinic
Paul Hom Asian Clinic
Shifa Community Clinic

National Resources

Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality
American Cancer Society
Centers for Disease Control & Prevention
Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
Environmental Protection Agency
Health Resources and Services Administration
Maternal and Child Health Bureau
National Cancer Institute
National Institute for Environmental Health Sciences
National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health
National Institute of Child Health and Human Development
National Institute of Health
National Institute on Aging
Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion
Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration
US Census Bureau
U.S. Department of Agriculture
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
U.S. Food and Drug Administration
Veterans Health Administration

Global Health Career Resources

U.S. Agency for International Development Global Health
World Health Organization
PHI/CDC Global Health Fellowship Program

Organizations and Associations

American Public Health Association (APHA)
Association of Public Health Laboratories
Association of State and Territorial Health Officials
California Public Health Association, Northern California (CPHA-N)
National Association of County & City Health Officials


The Chronicle of Higher Education
National Board of Public Health Examiners (NBPHE)

Medical Centers
Shriners Hospitals
Sutter Health

Public Health Specific Job Resources

Internship & Fellowship Programs

Volunteer Opportunities in Public Health