Natalie Ang photoNatalie Ang

Degrees:  B.S. Community Health Education, CSU Sacramento (2017)

Professional Interests: Healthcare Access in Underserved Communities, Emergency Preparedness in Rural Communities, and Chronic Disease management in Correctional Institutions

Graduate Advisor: Byung-Kwang Yoo, MD, PhD

Entry Year: 2018

Background/Interests: Natalie is an avid snowboarder during the winter months and enjoys camping and hiking during spring and summer. She was born and raised in a rural community just outside of Yosemite and still calls that area Home. She enjoys traveling around the world with her Husband and plans to visit Antarctica next year to complete her tour of all the continents.

Alanna Bares photoAlanna Bares

Degrees: Doctor of Medicine, State University of New York Downstate Medical Center, 2012 Bachelor of Science, Human Biology, Health, and Society, Cornell University, 2008

Professional Interests: Infectious diseases, public health policy, maternal, child and adolescent health 

Graduate Advisor: James Marcin, MD, MPH

Entry Year: 2018

Background/Interests: Alanna is originally from New York. She moved to San Francisco after medical school to complete her Pediatric Residency at the University of California, San Francisco. Following residency, she moved to Sacramento with her husband and is now a Pediatric Hospitalist at Kaiser Permanente. She is pursuing a Master of Public Health to bridge her career interests in both clinical medicine and community health in order to have a bigger impact on advocacy at the community level. For fun, she enjoys traveling with her husband, trying new restaurants, and playing with her dog and cat.

Morgan Bass photoMorgan Bass

Degrees: B.S. Biological Sciences, Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo (2015)

Professional Interests: Global Health, Vaccinology, Preventative Medicine, Health Policy and Education, Health Information Access, Infectious Disease Epidemiology, Medical Ethics

Graduate Advisor: Theresa Keegan, PhD

Entry Year: 2018

Background/Interests: Morgan’s interest in the multiple facets of public health has stemmed from her undergraduate education in Biological Sciences and specific coursework in Medical Ethics, as well as her internships at the San Luis Obispo Department of Public Health. Morgan has worked in a rural northern California medical clinic and has volunteered internationally and locally at the UC Davis Medical Center Children’s Surgery Center. Furthering her interests in Public Health at UC Davis will allow her to gain experience in applied public health sciences, while allowing her the opportunity to pursue the intersection of her multiple interests.

Alyssa Bastovan photoAlyssa Bastovan

Degrees: B.S. Health Sciences – Community Health Option, California State University, East Bay (2018)

Professional Interests: Community Health, Health Promotion, Health Education, Nutrition, Senior Health and Wellness

Graduate Advisor: M. J. Heinig, PhD

Entry Year: 2018

Background/Interests: Alyssa found her passion for public health while interning in a health education department. She further explored her interests through volunteer work and provided health education in underserved communities. During her undergrad, she became Chair of the Student Health Advisory Committee at CSUEB. She also joined a peer health education internship and advocated for student wellness by providing education, support, and resources. Outside of school, Alyssa managed a senior health and wellness program at a non-profit organization. During this time, she discovered her love for working with seniors. Alyssa hopes to continue her work in serving the growing senior population.

Marco Caro photoMarco Caro

Degrees: B.A. Sociology, UC Santa Cruz (2015)

Professional Interests: Epidemiology, Public Policy, Health Disparities, Chronic and Infectious Disease Control, Preventive Health, Social Determinants of Health

Graduate Advisor: Rachel Whitmer, PhD

Entry Year: 2018

Background/Interests: Marco's interest in Public Health stems from experiencing first-hand the impact of effective health education on individuals as he served as a health educator for a local community clinic. Afterwards, through his work with Napa County Health and Human Services, Marco was able to garner a better grasp of how policies affect the everyday lives and decisions individuals make. Coming from an underserved community, he understands the importance of empowering minority populations and reducing health disparities at all levels. With an MPH, he hopes to develop his epidemiological skills and utilize those skills to address health inequality in underserved communities.

Martha Clemente photoMartha Clemente

Degrees: B.S Heath Science, CSU East Bay (2017)

Professional Interests: Epidemiology & Biostatistics, Global Health, Disease Prevention, Health Education, Nutrition & Fitness, and Maternal & Child Health Care

Graduate Advisor: Theresa Keegan, PhD

Entry Year: 2018

Interests/Background: While pursuing her undergraduate degree, Martha cultivated a multifaceted outlook on health when she traveled to help distribute healthcare among the impoverished and indigenous communities in Panama and Nicaragua. Wholly engaged in disease prevention by learning research data sourced across the world, she took on leadership roles as a Peer Health Educator, disseminating information using systematic health theoretical frameworks as a core foundation; More precisely, she provided awareness to the young and the aging by leading workshops and outreach events to educate about nutrition and fitness. Martha is looking forward to learning and contributing to Epidemiology, her field of choice.

Domenica Del Pozo photoDomenica Del Pozo

Degree: B.S. Biological Sciences, UC Irvine (2018)

Professional Interests: Preventative Health, Health Disparities, Healthcare for Minority Communities, Infectious Diseases

Graduate Advisor: Dennis Pocekay, MD

Entry Year: 2018

Background/Interests: Domenica’s interest in public health first came about during the beginning of her 2nd year at UC Irvine. After a couple months into her hospital internship, she became aware of the health disparities within minority communities. More specifically, she realized that these individuals lacked proper health education. Furthermore, her interests in other branches of public health grew while participating in the Zhao research laboratory; where she worked to develop a diagnostic tool for the detection of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Public health is a multifaceted field, one which Domenica aspires to learn more about during her time at UC Davis.

Hibatallah EltahirHibatallah Eltahir

Degree: B.A. Public Health, University of Washington (2017)

Professional Interests: Social Justice and Racial Disparities in Health, Minority Health, Health Education in underserved communities, African/African American Health, Infectious Disease Disease Control, Global Health

Graduate Advisor: P. Marius Koga, MD, MPH

Entry Year: 2018

Background/Interests: Hibatallah's passion for public health began when she went on a trip to Sudan. While abroad, she saw individuals who dealt with malnutrition, poor sanitation practices, and lack of clean water. She is interested in learning more about the social determinants of health. Hibatallah has the desire to combine her love for social justice and healthcare. After graduation, Hibatallah traveled to Sudan for an internship with the State Minister of International Cooperation. There she attended a conference on improving education and refugee health. In the future, Hibatallah aspires to work on policies that address barriers to healthcare access for underserved groups.

Cassadra Fecho photoCassandra Fecho

Degrees: B.S. Imaging & Photographic Technology, RIT (2009), Pre-Nursing Post-baccalaureate Certificate, SFSU (2017)

Professional Interests: Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Global Health, Health Disparities, Infectious Diseases, Social Determinants of Health

Graduate Advisor: Kumar Bharat Rajan, PhD

Entry Year: 2018

Background/Interests: Cassandra chose to pursue a career in public health due to a desire for more meaningful work, and because of her own health struggles. Working with rural communities in Latin America through Global Brigades has helped to galvanize her desire to work with vulnerable populations. Cassandra hopes to use what she learns in the MPH program to improve the effectiveness of HIV/AIDS interventions in groups who have been disproportionately affected by this disease due to limited healthcare access. She strongly believes that healthcare is a basic human right, and is committed to research that seeks to balance health disparities.

Mia Goings photoMia Goings

Degrees:  B.S. Global Disease Biology, UC Davis (2017)

Professional Interests: Preventative Health, Environmental Health, Toxicology, Chronic Diseases, Disease Prevention/Education

Graduate Advisor: Deborah Bennett, PhD

Entry Year: 2018

Background/Interests: Mia became excited for the field of public health and confirmed her interest in disease prevention during her undergraduate studies in Global Disease Biology.  Her fascination with the role of the environment on health led her to work on a handful of research projects aimed at developing alternatives to chemical fungicides in the form of biological controls against fungal pathogens commonly encountered in agriculture.  With an MPH Mia hopes to work toward preventing the development of chronic illnesses by reducing environmental pollution and increasing awareness of the health effects of exposure to environmental toxicants.

Sheena Gordon photoSheena Gordon

Degree: MD, University of Illinois, Chicago (2001); B.S. Animal Physiology and Neuroscience, UC San Diego (1996)

Professional Interests: Health Disparities, Child Health, Environmental Health, Public Health Policy, Social Determinants of Health

Graduate Advisor: Deborah Bennett, PhD

Entry Year: 2018

Background/Interests: Sheena’s attraction to public health blossomed while caring for incarcerated youth in Los Angeles County.  Later in private practice, then working within a large HMO she found that clinicians routinely confronted public health challenges.  The recent passage of immunization legislation mandating vaccinations for school bound children crystalized the potential effectiveness of public policy reforms upon the lives of individual children for her.  Consequently, she has been inspired to join the public health workforce to advocate for health equity for voiceless populations and to participate in public policy improvements which target health promotion for the entire community.

Coralia GuandiqueCoralia Guandique

Degrees: B.A. Anthropology, CSU Northridge (2018)

Professional Interests: Community Health, Chronic Disease Prevention, Health Disparities, Health Education, Women’s Health, Social Determinants of Health, Epidemiology

Graduate Advisor: Michelle Ko, MD, PhD

Entry Year: 2018

Background/Interests: Coralia developed an interest in public health research as an undergraduate student of anthropology and a scholar in a biomedical research program, BUILD PODER. As a result of conducting a research project that explored physical activity among Latinas, and her work as a research assistant in a UCLA lab investigating intergenerational decline of health, Coralia grew increasingly passionate about health disparities and chronic disease prevention. With an MPH, Coralia seeks to further health disparities research and utilize the knowledge gained to promote chronic disease prevention and health education to underserved and underrepresented communities.

Alexandria Hammer photoAlexandria Hammer

Degrees: B.S. Public Health, Westminster College (2017)

Professional Interests: Maternal and Child Health, Global Health, Epidemiology, Infectious Diseases

Graduate Advisor: Gerhard Bauer, MD

Entry Year: 2018

Background/Interests: Alex has loved health and medicine since she was young. In the process of completing prerequisite courses for nursing school she attended a global health course that ignited a passion for the more complex and global aspects of health. As an undergraduate, Alex interned at the International Rescue Committee helping refugees settle into the U.S. She is currently working for an organization in Swaziland, Africa that cares for children orphaned by HIV/AIDS. Her experiences highlighted the impact health has in development. She is eager to use her MPH to change health outcomes for vulnerable populations globally and domestically.

Kylee Homecillo photoKylee Homecillo

Degrees: B.S. Biological Sciences, CSU Sacramento (2017)

Professional Interests: Oral Health Care Disparities, Health Education in Underserved Communities, Environmental Health, Preventative Health and Global Health, Community Health, Health Policy

Graduate Advisor: Lisa Ikemoto, JD, LLM

Entry Year: 2018

Background/Interests: As an undergraduate student, Kylee was active in numerous extra-curricular activities including serving as a Resident Advisor, student-body Executive Vice President, and intern at Pleasant Valley Dental. With these experiences, she discovered her passion in education, advocacy, and patient care. Volunteering in various dental clinics in underserved areas of Sacramento influenced Kylee to participate in a dental outreach trip in Guatemala. This was pivotal in her career development because she witnessed the positive impact health education had for marginalized communities. This inspired Kylee to pursue her Master’s in Public Health in hopes to address oral health disparities in underserved populations.

Fabiha Hossain photoFabiha Hossain

Degrees: B.S. Microbiology, UC Davis (2017)

Professional Interests: Disease prevention, Education in Undeserved South Asian Communities, Epidemiology, Health education

Graduate Advisor: Faith Boucher, PhD

Entry Year: 2018

Background/Interests: Fabiha’s interest in public health originated through experiences with the Bengali community, and continued developed as she worked in the ER. While growing up she was involved with the Bangladeshi community and learned of the stigmas they had against mental health. With the proper education and treatment members of her community flourished. Similarly in the ER she saw many patient’s that were unable to obtain resources due to their social situation. With an MPH she hopes to learn the skills necessary to educate her community as well as underserved communities about the resources available to them.

Kate Ingram photoKate Ingram

Degrees: B.S. Biology, CSU Monterey Bay (2018)

Professional Interests: Primary care, family medicine, community health, social determinants of health, preventative care, health disparities, health education in underserved communities, cross-cultural medicine

Graduate Advisor: Michelle Ko, MD, PhD

Entry Year: 2018

Background/Interests: Kate became interested in public health during college while volunteering in Salinas, CA. She worked with her university’s American Medical Student Association chapter and Service Learning Institute to establish a weekly suitcase clinic that provided free health services to the homeless, medically underserved Chinatown residents. Since then, her passions for health have expanded from clinical primary care and preventative medicine to community health education and health equity. Kate anticipates this MPH program will enrich her knowledge about sociocultural aspects of health, health disparities, and community education, and thereby will best prepare her for a successful future career in family medicine.

Praveen Karunatileka photoPraveen Karunatileka

Degrees: B.S. Psychology, UC Davis (2018)

Professional Interests: Mental Health, Disparities in healthcare for the homeless, Epidemiology

Graduate Advisor: Beatriz Martinez Lopez, DVM, MPVM, PhD

Entry Year: 2018

Background/Interests: Praveen found his interest for public health in college. While pursuing a BS in psychology he became a part of Watsi, an organization dedicated to improving global health care. Praveen also volunteered at a homeless shelter in Davis, CA which sparked his interest in public health for marginalized populations. With an MPH, Praveen hopes to work to improve access and quality of healthcare to the homeless population. When not studying, Praveen enjoys playing and watching sports, watching Netflix, and hanging out with his dog. 

Manpreet Kaur photoManpreet Kaur

Degrees: B.S. Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior, UC Davis (2017)

Professional Interests: Community Health, Health Education, Health Disparities in Underserved Communities, Preventative Health and Global Health

Graduate Advisor: Rachel Whitmer, MD, PhD

Entry Year: 2018

Background/Interests: As a first generation college student, Manpreet holds a strong interest in empowering underserved communities through preventative health and education measures to improve holistic health. Her passion developed while she served as the Health Education Coordinator for the Bhagat Puran Singh Health Initiative (BPSHI), where she engaged closely with the South Asian population. She has led several health clinics at local Sikh Gurdwaras to screen for hypertension and diabetes. With her MPH, she aims to use quantitative research and education to advocate for community based wellness and lead health initiatives to allocate necessary resources for vulnerable populations across the globe.

Julia Konner PhotoJulia Konner

Degrees: B.A. Biological Sciences, Sacramento State (2017)

Professional Interests: Health Education in Underserved Communities, Preventive Medicine, Community and Global Health

Graduate Advisor: Erin Griffin, PhD

Entry Year: 2018

Background/Interests: Growing up, Julia’s family lived overseas in underserved countries with limited access to health care. Even after her family moved back to the U.S., they still did extensive travel to less developed nations. During these trips Julia was exposed to the lack of health care systems and policies established around the world. Through her experience growing up overseas, traveling, and being a clinic volunteer in South America, Julia decided she wanted to pursue a career focused on the advancement of international health care systems as well as the policies required to achieve them. 

Jetashree KumaravelJetashree Kumaravel

Degrees: B.S. in Biology, University of San Francisco, 2016

Professional Interests: Healthcare Disparities, Disease Prevention/Education for Underserved communities, Chronic Diseases, Community Health

Graduate Advisor: P. Marius Koga, MD, MPH

Entry Year: 2018

Background/Interests: While volunteering at a homeless clinic Jeta was astounded by the heavy prevalence of chronic diseases such as Diabetes and Hypertension and the complications of these diseases due to poor health management. Deeply impacted by the specific challenges underserved populations faced in accessing healthcare, she became motivated to initiate changes in the system that leaves them vulnerable to so many ailments. She aspires to gain the educational foundation necessary to help improve access to preventative primary care among vulnerable populations.  She hopes that from a population health approach she can help reduce the amount of patients struggling with preventable chronic conditions while simultaneously increasing access to primary care.

Mary Lee photoMary Lee

Degrees: B.S. Biological Science Medical Microbiology emphasis, UC Davis (2017)

Professional Interests: Social Determinants of Health, Health Disparities, Women’s Health

Graduate Advisor: Rachel Whitmer, PhD

Entry Year: 2018

Background/Interests: Mary grew up in nearby Woodland, where she learned from an early age how closely health outcomes are tied to socioeconomic status and other seemingly non-medical factors. During undergraduate, she worked with the Knights Landing One Health Center, a student-run clinic in rural Knights Landing, and The Resource Desk, an organization which provides resource referrals to families in the Oak Park, Sacramento area. Together, these experiences shaped her goal of earning an MPH in order to create an evidence-based community health program which works to address the social determinants of health within the clinical setting.

Nassim Lemseffer photoNassim Lemseffer

Degrees: B.S Molecular Cell and Developmental Biology, UC Santa Cruz (2016)

Professional Interests: Global Health, Neglected Tropical Diseases, Migrant health, Infectious Disease, Maternal and Child Health

Graduate Advisor: Dennis Pocekay, MD

Entry Year: 2018

Background/Interests:  Nassim’s interest in public health stems from his volunteer work abroad where he worked on community health projects, his research experience and his involvement in the UC Global Health Institute. While at UCSC, he advocated for global health on campus by encouraging campus participation in the UC Global Health Institute, and by finding grants and scholarships to facilitate student participation. Through research, he studied the interactions of Wolbachia bacteria with fruit fly reproduction which has public health implications for mosquito and mosquito-borne disease control. Nassim’s purpose in getting an MPH is to increase his skills to address global health issues.

Yi Lor photoYi Lor

Degrees: B.S. Biological Science, University of California, Davis (2017)

Professional Interests: Preventive Care, Food and Nutrition, Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia, Diversity, Youth Education, Underserved Community

Graduate Advisor: Laurel Beckett, PhD

Entry Year: 2018

Background/Interests: Yi's experience with his family and the undeserved community motivated him to pursue a career in health. While obtaining his undergraduate degree, his interest in Public Health developed from volunteering his time with hospitals in Sacramento and with the free clinic called Hmong Lifting Undeserved Barriers (HLUB). After graduating, he began working with the Imaging of Dementia and Aging Laboratory where he discovered a lack of research in brain health for the Asian-American population. He is driven to gain the skills and knowledge through the UC Davis MPH program to make positive changes in his community.

Esmerelda Mandujano photoEsmeralda Mandujano

Degrees: B.S, Psychology, UC Davis, 2018

Professional Interests: Agricultural Safety and Health, Ergonomics, Environmental Health, Reproductive Health, Health/Social Disparities, and Oral Health Disparities

Graduate Advisor: Michael O’Malley, MD

Entry Year: 2018

Background/Interests: Esmeralda’s work assisting farmers/farmworkers living with disabilities and chronic illnesses to prevent secondary injury brought her to the field of public health. She would often find that management of an illness or injury is similar, if not the same as the prevention recommendations. A promotora at heart, she seeks to increase access to culturally humble resources and services in rural and migrant communities. In her free time, she is a doula and provides free services to mono-lingual Spanish speaking families.

Ashley Manlapaz-Pineda photoAshley Manlapaz-Pineda

Degrees: B.S, Biochemistry and Cell Biology, University of California, San Diego (Revelle College), 2018

Professional Interests: Epidemiology (infectious disease), Research in Molecular Biology (vaccine development), and Clinical Practice (primary care)

Graduate Advisor: Beatriz Martinez Lopez, DVM, MPVM, PhD

Entry Year: 2018

Background/Interests: Ashley first encountered public health in high school when attending a conference that exposed her to public health’s fundamental principles. This interest in public health soon became a passion – spurred on by the health disparities present in her neighborhood and seeing their tangible consequences. As an undergraduate, Ashley’s love public health led her to create the first public health minor at her university. Currently, Ashley plans to cultivate a deep understanding of the broad connections that exists between medicine and society – hoping to reconcile the underserved back into the society that was created by the people to serve all people.

Sally Marcus photoSally Marcus

Degrees: B.A. in Philosophy, Montana State University (2014)

Professional Interests: Sanitation Education, Reproductive Health, Rural Health

Graduate Advisor: Heike Thiel de Bocanegra, PhD, MPH

Entry Year: 2018

Background/Interests: Sally became interested in Public Health while living and working with refugee populations in Turkey. Her volunteer work with at-risk youth in Montana sparked an interest in reproductive health education, as well as solidified her desire to work in rural communities. Her travels in Central Asia deepened her interest in Public Health, along with newfound fascination with water and sanitation. Sally is looking forward to learning more about Public Health and hopes that an MPH will help her better serve both her local and global communities. In her free time, Sally enjoys skiing, ice climbing, and parachute sports.

Mona Najjar photoMona Najjar

Degrees: B.S. Nutrition- Toxicology, UC Berkeley (2018)

Professional Interests: Toxicology, Epidemiology, & Community Health

Graduate Advisor: Mark Caroll, MPH

Entry Year: 2018

Background/Interests: Mona became interested in public health after working with disadvantaged groups to provide them with knowledge on nutrition and healthy cooking during her undergraduate career. Outside of school, Mona enjoys many hobbies within the arts, such as cooking, art anatomy, and woodworking.

Angelina Padilla photoAngelina Padilla

Degrees: B.S. Human Development, UC Davis (2017)

Professional Interests: General Public Heath, Healthcare Disparities among the aging, Health Policy

Graduate Advisor: Jeffery Hoch, PhD

Entry Year: 2018

Background/Interests: Angelina’s interest in medicine, disease prevention, and the effects of current healthcare policy among the aging population led her to pursue a Master in Public Health. Through personal and volunteer experiences Angelina recognized that disparities in healthcare in the U.S. occur across many dimensions. She developed a clearer understanding of the healthcare crisis among the elderly and minority populations in the U.S., and is interested in public health research and policy related to identifying and increasing access to culturally and linguistically appropriate healthcare in the U.S. Angelina hopes to advance our understanding of disparities among the underserved populations. 

Monica PatelMonica Patel

Degrees: B.S. Cell Biology, UC Davis (2014)

Professional Interests: Epidemiology, Preventative Health, Infectious Diseases

Graduate Advisor: Carolyn Dewa, PhD, MPH

Entry Year: 2018

Background/Interests: After receiving a Bachelors in Cell Biology, Monica worked as an EMT for three and a half years. She had the opportunity to experience patient care directly and witness the variability of diseases/infections that affect numerous people. She plans on using her experience, as both a healthcare provider and a cell biology research assistant, to provide underserved medical communities the education needed to prevent diseases and other various healthcare concerns. She plans to use her knowledge to later become a physician's assistant, that can provide patients with both preventative health education and treatment.

Alexandra Penn photoAlexandra Penn

Degrees: Dual Politics and International Relations and Russian and Eastern European Studies, Scripps College, 2009

Professional Interests: Global Health, Epidemiology, Infectious Diseases, Health Education and Prevention

Graduate Advisor: Byung-Kwang Yoo, MD, PhD

Entry Year: 2018

Background/Interests: Alexandra first became interested in public health during her employment at a blood bank where she screened donor medical and travel histories for communicable disease risk. She confirmed her interest in seeking an MPH during her service with the US Peace Corps while volunteering in the Republic of Georgia. Alexandra noticed many chronic health issues in Georgian communities stemmed from a lack of education. She engaged in several health education programs which included expanding the curricula and activities for a girls’ health camp as well as an oral health project which provided both dentist-led presentations and products to rural school children. Alexandra hopes to use her MPH to continue working in both global and local underserved communities.

Stephanie Ramirez-Miramontes photoStephanie Ramirez-Miramontes

Degrees: B.S. Human Development, Minors in Education & Public Health, UC Davis (2018) 

Professional Interests: Maternal and Child Health, Health Disparities, Nutrition, & Community Health Education

Graduate Advisor: M. J. Heinig, PhD

Entry Year: 2018

Background/Interests: Stephanie has always had an interest in public health. Based on her personal experience, she has witnessed the positive impact public health programs can have on people's lives. She hopes to use her MPH to educate others about health issues while providing resources for preventative practices.

Emilia Reilly photoEmilia Reilly

Degrees: B.A. Sociology, Salisbury University (2011)

Professional Interests: Infectious and Communicable Diseases, Epidemiology, Prevention and Education, Global Health

Graduate Advisor: Byung-Kwang Yoo, MD, PhD

Entry Year: 2018

Background/Interests: Emilia has always had a passion for the field of public health.  Her experiences have all pointed her toward getting her Master’s in Public Health.  From her year as an AmeriCorps VISTA in South Carolina creating health educational materials to her time working as a discharge planner at Queen’s Medical center in Honolulu, Emilia has seen the impact that driven public health advocates can have on people’s lives.  She plans on focusing on emerging infectious diseases and improve the education levels of the general public when it comes to their health.

Zuleica Rodriguez photoZuleica Rodriguez

Degrees: B.S. Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior at University of California Davis (2017)

Professional Interests: Health Disparities, Rural Health, Preventative Care and Education, Mental Health Promotion

Graduate Advisor: Rachel Whitmer, PhD

Entry Year: 2018

Background/Interests: As Community Outreach Chair for Knight’s Landing One Health Center, a UC Davis student-run free clinic, Zuleica discovered her passion to improve health disparities in rural populations. She helped improve access to healthcare and transportation for the clinic’s patients as liaison to the farmworker community. While working as a research assistant in a psychiatry lab investigating depression in older Latinos, she studied the importance of raising mental health awareness and offering corresponding resources to cultures with stigmatized mental health. Zuleica hopes that her MPH will help her ameliorate health care access and quality for rural populations.

Ting-Jung "Sherry" Sheu photoTing-Jung (Sherry) Sheu

Degrees: B.S. Biological Sciences, UC Davis (2018)

Professional Interests: Mental Health, Preventive and Holistic Health, Health Education, Health Policy, Epidemiology

Graduate Advisor: Carolyn Dewa, PhD, MPH

Entry Year: 2018

Background/Interests: Sherry's interest in public health sparked when she moved back to Taiwan from America at age 9. She saw how heavy stigmatization of mental illnesses and shame in seeking professional help affected her classmates and loved ones. While at UC Davis, she volunteered with the Mental Health Initiative and discovered how important it was to initiate discussion about the maintenance of mental health and the challenges surrounding it. As an MPH student, Sherry hopes to develop a deeper understanding for further work in child and adolescent mental health towards healthcare education and early interventions for them and their families.

Jennifer Vo photoJennifer Vo

Degrees: B.S. Biology, Saint Mary’s College of California (2017)

Professional Interests: Epidemiology, Healthy Community Design, Smoke and Tobacco Prevention, Community Health

Graduate Advisor: Diana Cassady, DrPH

Entry Year: 2018

Background/Interests: Jennifer became interested in public health when she was a peer health educator and health advocate in college. She learned that many health issues were not as simple as a single problem and solution, and that while these issues affected individuals uniquely, initiatives taken must benefit people collectively. After graduating from SMC, Jennifer was an employee well-being intern for the City and County of San Francisco and is a student board member at California Youth Advocacy Network. With an MPH degree, Jennifer hopes to gain the knowledge and skills needed to alleviate multifaceted health issues through program development and management.

Stephanie VoongStephanie Voong

Degrees: B.S. Health Care Administration, CSU Long Beach (2017)

Professional Interests: Health Education, Community Health, Health

Disparities, Disease Prevention, Health Literacy

Graduate Advisor: Calvin Hirsch, MD

Entry Year: 2018

Background/Interests: Stephanie’s interest in public health began when she was interning at a geriatric care management practice during her undergraduate studies and was given the opportunity to coordinate a health fair to provide free health screenings and education for the community of Southern Los Angeles.  She realized that many individuals lack a basic understanding of the health system and understood that health education could be a big step towards developing healthier communities. Working at a mental health treatment center only fueled her interest in health education as some of her duties included educating clients on different coping mechanisms to combat triggers.

George Yang photoGeorge Yang

Degrees: B.S. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, UC Davis (2018)

Professional Interests: Hmong Community, Preventative Care

Medicine, Health Education, and Statistical Analysis

Graduate Advisor: Moon Chen, MD, PhD

Entry Year: 2018

Background/Interests: George has seen and experienced the health disparity within the Hmong community. While at UC Davis, he joined the Hmong Lifting Underserved Barrier (HLUB) clinic and used that opportunity to help the Hmong community via health education and worked hard at bridging the gap between the Hmong community. With HLUB, he held workshops at various Hmong events and during clinical hours to further Health education. With an MPH degree, he hopes to be able to work on gathering statistical data and perform research to bring clarity of the prevalence of Diabetes in the Hmong population in California.

Tsimnuj (Wesley) YangTsimnuj (Wesley) Yang            

Degrees: B.A. Youth Ministry and B.S. Psychology, Oklahoma City University (2017)

Professional Interests: Epidemiology, Mental Health, & Pediatric Health

Graduate Advisor: James Marcin, MD, MPH

Entry Year: 2018

Background/Interests: Wesley decided to pursue a Master’s in Public Health when his church involvement, community service, and extracurricular activities made him more aware of health disparities within the communities that he was involved with. With a background in Youth Ministry and Psychology, Wesley is interested in improving the mental health outcomes of youth. He believes exploring public health in a structural way would be beneficial in providing him the foundation to address health disparities as a future physician.