Program Overview

The UC Davis M.P.H. Program’s goal is to develop the public health leaders of the future by providing a high-quality Master’s degree curriculum in partnership with the public health community. We accomplish this through the collaborative efforts of the UC Davis and health networks, including the Schools of Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Management, Law, Education, and Nursing and the California Department of Public Health, local county health departments, and non-profit agencies. These partnerships comprise teaching, student mentorship and field placements, research, service, direction, and support for the UC Davis M.P.H. Program.

The UC Davis M.P.H. Program is an accelerated, 56-unit program that focuses on the essentials of public health.  It offers students two concentration areas – General Public Health and Epidemiology – and includes a practicum experience, or internship, in a public health setting. 

Our Unique Strengths

  • Accelerated Master’s Program – The M.P.H. Program is designed to be completed in 10-12 months for those looking to get into the field of public health sciences and/or further their education.

  • Small Class Size with Personal Attention – Each year the M.P.H. Program aims to have an incoming cohort of 40 students or less. The cohort together will take the all of the required core courses. The small class size enables the students to better engage and form strong connections with one another as well as with UC Davis faculty and public health practitioners.

  • History of Success in Job Placement – Each year, between 94-96% of graduates secure a job in a public health setting within six months of completing their degree or continue their education in the health sciences.

  • Strong Networks in the Public Health World – The UC Davis M.P.H. Program is fortunate to be located geographically close to the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), which is one of the most innovative Public Health agencies in the United States. Since inception in 2002, the program has maintained strong partnerships with the CDPH as well as local health departments, community clinics, and State legislature and advocacy groups. Individuals from these entities serve as guest lecturers, co-instructors, and even graduate advisors for our students.

      M.P.H. Advising Team

      Jaime Allen, M.Ed.

      Graduate Coordinator
      Department of Public Health Sciences - Medical Sciences 1C
      University of California, Davis
      Davis, CA 95616
      Email: PHSInstAffairs@ucdavis.ed

      Amber Carrere. M.Ed.
      Education Director
      Department of Public Health Sciences - Medical Sciences 1C
      University of California, Davis
      Davis, CA 95616
      Phone: 530-754-4992  Fax: 530-752-0903

      Carolyn Dewa, Ph.D., M.P.H.
      Chair, Graduate Group in Public Health Sciences
      Department of Public Health Sciences
      Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Health
      UC Davis School of Medicine