Our mission is to develop the public health leaders of the future by providing a high-quality Masters degree curriculum in partnership with the public health community. We accomplish this through the collaborative efforts of the UC Davis community, including the Schools of Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Management, Law, Education, and Nursing and the Colleges of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Biological Sciences, Engineering, and Letters & Science. These collaborations offer students content expertise in general public health and health disparities, agricultural and rural health, nutrition, reproductive and women’s health, chronic diseases, epidemiologic and biostatistical methodology, informatics, infectious and zoonotic diseases, health economics, health-care quality and outcomes, and others.

We promote a practical public health focus through our historically strong partnership with the public health community, including the California Department of Public Health, local county health departments, and non-profit agencies. These partnerships comprise teaching, student mentorship and field placements, research, service, direction, and support for the UC Davis M.P.H. Program.

Instructional Goals

  1. Educate M.P.H. students in the core public health content areas necessary for a career and leadership in public health.
  2. Provide practicum placements with the public health community to integrate theory and practice for locally relevant public health problems.
  3. Promote partnership with School of Medicine, School of Veterinary Medicine, other campus faculty, and the public health community in development and delivery of program curriculum.

Research Goals

  1. Maintain and support a program of research addressing public health.

Service Goals

  1. Establish linkages with and provide leadership for public health and community organizations through membership, practicum placements, research, and continuing medical education activities.

All incoming students will be assigned a Graduate Adviser.  Students and advisors are required to meet during the Summer Session II to review the student’s academic plan. Subsequent meetings are on a quarterly basis, with additional meetings at the discretion of the student and advisor. The Graduate Adviser is expected to meet with his or her students on a quarterly basis to assess progress and plan curricular choices. The Graduate Adviser also reviews the student’s M.P.H. Practicum project and progress. Mentoring guidelines can be found in the student handbook and online. Students will also meet with their Graduate Advisor to complete the annual progress reports required by the Office of Graduate Studies.

Each student will demonstrate skills and integration of knowledge through a culminating experience. To complete the M.P.H. Program, students are required to turn in a final report and participate in a Practicum Symposium, where they will present their work and produce a professional poster. For more information please refer to the section titled "Practicum" under the "Degree and Residency Requirements" tab.

Once all degree requirements are met, the candidates for graduation are forwarded to the M.P.H. Admissions and Advancement Committee for review. The students’ Graduate Advisor and the Chair of the Admissions and advancement committee (or designee) will sign the Plan II pass report.

M.P.H. Team

Leah Galasso
Graduate Coordinator
Department of Public Health Sciences - Medical Sciences 1C
University of California, Davis
Davis, CA 95616
Email: PHSInstAffairs@ucdavis.edu
Phone: (530) 754-9048  Fax: (530) 752-0903

Amber Carrere. M.Ed.
Education Director
Department of Public Health Sciences - Medical Sciences 1C
University of California, Davis
Davis, CA 95616
Email: PHSInstAffairs@ucdavis.edu
Phone: (530) 754-4992  Fax: (530) 752-0903

Diana Cassady, Dr.P.H.
Graduate Group in Public Health Program Director
Department of Public Health Sciences
UC Davis School of Medicine