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At UC Davis Health, we believe that the best way to improve quality is to enable health professionals to assess their and their colleagues’ performance, tailor interventions to local needs and resources, rapidly learn if these innovations result in improvement, and share lessons learned.

Clinicians and trainees are uniquely positioned to assess and modify pathways of care, recognize systems deficits, and support quality aims to transform health care delivery.

Involving them in institutionally aligned and strongly supported quality improvement efforts have resulted in improvements in processes of care and population health.

Here is a video that illustrates some of our work. The video was created to capture the enthusiasm and energy that our clinicians and trainees bring to our health system’s efforts in quality and patient safety. What is remarkable here is that the quality improvement initiatives described were all conducted by the featured individuals when they were students or trainees at UC Davis. I am proud of how the UC Davis Health involves our learners in helping us achieve the “triple aim” of better health care quality, reducing costs, and improving population health.



Ulfat Shaikh, M.D., M.P.H.
Director, Healthcare Quality,
UC Davis School of Medicine

Dr. Shaikh