An infant mannequin. (C) UC Davis Regents. All rights reserved.We boast a variety of training devices for all types of learning and practice. Everything from simple task trainers to advanced high-fidelity mannequins are available for use depending on learner goals and objectives.

Our high-fidelity patient simulators are computerized mannequins that simulate real-life scenarios, and are the closest you can get to a real-life patient. These simulators can connect to a variety of monitors, providing real-time information such as heart rate, oxygen levels, blood pressure and other vital signs. From cardiac arrest and sepsis to breathing difficulties and brain tumors, our team of simulation technicians can simulate almost any medical condition.

About the Patient Simulators

The inside of a simulation mannequin. (C) UC Davis Regents. All rights reserved.Device highlights include:

  • Premature, neonate, infant, child, adult and pregnancy/delivery simulators.
  • High-fidelity devices manufactured by Gaumard, Laerdal and METI meet the diverse needs of our learners.
  • Moderate-fidelity devices that are easy to use and transport, allowing for procedure training, in-situ skill labs and off-site events.
  • Portable monitors and ultrasound trainers.
  • Advanced moulage experience to help make low-fidelity devices and standardized patients appear critically injured or ill.

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