Our low-fidelity mannequins and task trainers are ideal for teaching basic skills such as airway management, CPR, injections, blood draws, gynecologic procedures and lumbar punctures. We also offer procedural trainers and imaging equipment for ultrasound-guided procedures such as renal biopsy and thoracentesis.

Woman practicing airway management.Always wanted to learn how to perform a needle cricothyrotomy? Now's your chance! Our surgical task trainers are made from a lifelike elastic material that is specifically designed for surgical dissection.

Realistic Anatomy

Each adult and pediatric simulator features realistic visual anatomy and accurate internal structures. In addition to our commercial models, we craft our own simulators using a 3-D printer to create anatomically-correct specimens. We've also developed a variety of tissue substitutes to create lifelike devices specifically tailored to our learners' individual needs.     

From 3-D printing hip joints that show up properly on a X-ray to crafting human-like tissues from everyday materials, our team enjoys crafting new simulation devices.

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