The Staff Assembly, Health Chapter Executive Committee election has concluded, and present to you our 2023-24 Executive Committee Team: 

  • Sarah Button, Chair 
  • Khoban Kochai, Past Chair
  • Stefan Toma, Chair-Elect
  • Frances De La Cruz, Secretary
  • Janell Connor, Secretary-Elect
  • Christine Felkel, Finance Chair
  • Timmy Panganiban, Finance Chair-Elect
  • Brenda Bowden, Communications Chair
  • Sarah Janus, Communications Chair-Elect
  • Byron Peralta, Member Outreach and Engagement Chair-Elect
  • Krista Newberry, Member Outreach and Engagement Chair-Alternate
  • Yesenia Rocha, Events Chair
  • Cecilia White, Events Chair-Elect

The Staff Assembly, Health Chapter Executive Committee is nominated and elected by UC Davis Health staff members to further the objectives of Staff Assembly, make decisions on behalf of the organization, and ensure these decisions are carried out. Executive Committee members will spend two-year terms directing the various activities of Staff Assembly, representing staff interests with administration, and advancing initiatives that improve the staff experience on our campus. In addition to their assigned duties governed by the Staff Assembly Bylaws, the Executive Committee supports each other’s work through collaboration and teamwork. 

View the mission and more about Staff Assembly, Health Chapter here. The goal of Staff Assembly is to promote and advocate for the welfare, interests, and diversity of the staff, the Health campus and the University of California following the Principles of Community. A few examples of Staff Assembly events Staff Assembly leads are Breakfast with the Chancellor, Gifts from the Heart, and Thank Goodness for Staff.


Reach out to with any questions related to various positions or process.