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About us

The Executive Committee and its subcommittees meet regularly throughout the year.

We also host quarterly open general meetings for all staff on the 2nd Wednesday of March, June, September and December. If you are interested in attending, please email; hs-staff.assembly@ucdavis.edu for more information.

2023-2024 UC Davis Staff Assembly, Health Chapter, Executive Committee Members:

  • Sarah Button, Chair 
  • Khoban Kochai, Past Chair
  • Stefan Toma, Chair-Elect
  • Frances De La Cruz, Secretary
  • Janell Connor, Secretary-Elect
  • Christine Felkel, Finance Chair
  • Timmy Panganiban, Finance Chair-Elect
  • Brenda Bowden, Communications Chair
  • Sarah Janus, Communications Chair-Elect
  • Byron Peralta, Member Outreach and Engagement Chair-Elect
  • Krista Newberry, Member Outreach and Engagement Chair-Alternate
  • Yesenia Rocha, Events Chair
  • Cecilia White, Events Chair-Elect

The mission of UC Davis Staff Assembly, Health Chapter, is to:

  • Promote the wellness and interests of UC Davis Health, its employees, its patients and the University of California;
  • Provide our employees with a voice in matters pertaining to UC Davis Health;
  • Provide a vehicle through which our employees may become more involved in, and informed of, the central functions of UC Davis Health; and
  • Cooperate with other university groups (e.g., UC Davis Staff Assembly - Davis Chapter, Council of University of California Staff Assemblies, Employee Resources Groups) on appropriate matters.

UC Davis Staff Assembly, Health Chapter, bylaws (PDF)

Questions or comments?

We are always interested in hearing what you have to say. If you have any concerns or comments please feel free to send and email to the UC Davis Staff Assembly Officers at; hs-staff.assembly@ucdavis.edu.

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Get involved

  • Attend Staff Assembly sponsored events.
  • Give your suggestions to the Executive Committee.
  • Read The Insider, stay informed and willing to share with staff.
  • Volunteer to assist in special events or projects.