2024 TGFS Logo

2024 Thank Goodness for Staff (TGFS)

UC Davis Health Staff Assembly Executive Committee is thrilled to once again welcome all UC Davis Health team members to the annual Thank Goodness for Staff (TGFS) events!  

This year's events are currently being rescheduled to take place in the autumn, and once that date has been identified, we will send notification out widely. 

We are committed to celebrating our colleagues and look forward to a successful event in a few months.

2024 TGFS Logo Contest

Congratulations to Gina Lourenco for her excellent logo entry, earning the victory in this year's TGFS Graphic Design Contest!  Gina, who enjoys dabbling in design in her free time, is a dedicated ICU Burn Unit nurse who has been part of the UC Davis Health team for nearly 25 years.  

Gina Lourenco

To celebrate her winning design, Gina was presented with a gift bag of items crafted on the UC Davis Campus as well as some UC Davis branded goodies.

We were delighted to see the incredible talent showcased by our colleagues across our organization highlighted by the 24 entries received. Let's give a round of applause to all the staff members who shared their outstanding talents with us! We can’t wait to see everyone's submissions again next year!

Congratulations Gina!!!

Thank you for all your hard work in bringing UC Davis Health among the top ranked hospitals for best care!  The Thank Goodness for Staff celebration is all about expressing gratitude to you.