Welcome to the comprehensive surgical services programs at UC Davis Medical Center. Our number-one goal is quality patient care. Every surgical team maintains the highest levels of patient safety and surgical quality by integrating innovative research and state-of-the-art, multidisciplinary standards and techniques. With experts in specialties ranging from bariatrics to vascular surgery, we are proud to be a health-care leader who can offer skilled and experienced services for nearly every condition, and for patients of any age.

Innovation and experience are defining elements of our surgical services. UC Davis, for example, was home to one of the founding fathers of trauma surgery, who developed systems and methods of care now used in operating rooms around the world. It is one of the reasons why today we have top-notch surgeons poised to respond to the most critical cases at any hour of the day. It is this rich tradition of expert care that attracts dedicated physicians to our hospital and surgery centers.

Surgeons in every specialty here share the commitment to excellence. Our pediatric surgeons work to repair the tiniest of hearts. Our adult cardiothoracic and vascular surgeons offer care to patients with the most complex cardiovascular problems. We continually train in the use of the latest procedures, including the use of minimally invasive and robotic-assisted techniques.

For all of our departments, collaboration between surgeons plays a frequent and vital role because disease and injury often involves more than one problem for a patient. As an academic health system, we bring together knowledge and expertise from a range of disciplines, all focused on each individual person. That approach gives UC Davis a greater clinical capability to provide the best possible service for our patients and their referring physicians.

Our surgeons also excel in all areas of research to ultimately enhance clinical outcomes. Their wide-ranging portfolios include burn and reconstructive surgery, transplantation immunology, regenerative medicine, vascular biology, gastrointestinal disease, cancer biology and neuroscience, to name just a few. All of this work is further enhanced by a strong commitment to translational research, which promises to turn advances made in the laboratory into new procedures and devices for the operating room and novel treatments for the patient's bedside.

Thank you for considering the comprehensive surgical services at UC Davis. I think you will discover that our surgeons offer a wealth of experience and skills to every patient.