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    Post Transplant Care

Caring for a new kidney transplant is a big responsibility and there are many things to consider in your daily routine. The nursing staff and pharmacists in the hospital have worked with you and your family to make sure you are safe to be discharged home. Over the first months post transplant, organizing your medications, appointments, and other needs may feel like a full time job!  This section provides you with some resources to help you care for your kidney. Remember, your coordinator is always available to answer any questions you have.

Printable Documents:
Kidney Transplant Education (English) (Spanish) (Chinese)
Pediatric Transplant Education
Nutrition After A Kidney Transplant (English) (Spanish)
Food Safety For Transplant Recipients (English) (Spanish)
Renal Grocery List (English) (Spanish)
Potassium And Food (English) (Spanish)
Water Safety (English) (Spanish)
Medication Diary (PDF) (Word)

Food Safety for Transplant Recipients Video


Food Safety for Transplant Recipients

Video Education about medications:
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01: Transplant Introduction to your medications
02: Transplant drug Tacrolimus
03: Transplant drug Mycophenolate
04: Transplant drug Cyclosporine
05: Transplant drug Prednisone
06: Transplant drug Azathioprine
07: Transplant drug Sirolimus
08: Transplant Information about Infections
09: Transplant Drug Bactrim
10: Transplant Drug Dapsone
11: Transplant Drug Valganciclovir
12: Transplant Drug Acyclovir
13: Transplant Drug Fluconazole
14: Transplant Maintenance Medications
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01: Tratamiento medico para transplantes de organos
02: Tacrolimus
03: Mycophenolate
04: Cyclosporine
05: Prednisone
06: Azathioprine
07: Sirolimus
08: Introduccion a los medicamentos antiinfectivos
09: Bactrim
10: Dapsone
11: Valcyte
12: Acyclovir
13: Fluconazole
14: Introduccion a los medicamentos de mantenimiento
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