Thank you for your interest in the UC Davis Transplant Center. We provide a comprehensive multi-disciplinary approach to all patients and take pride in our innovative care and excellent outcomes.

For your convenience, we have an online portal to submit referrals for kidney transplant evaluation. Referrals may be submitted without creating an account, but having an account will allow you to track all the referrals you have submitted to us. Each person in your organization can create an account (based on email address) and will be able to see all the referrals submitted from within the organization. Please click on the following button to get started:

Referral Portal

Referral Portal User Guide

Referral Portal Quick Reference

Referral Portal Video

Post-transplant Referrals

Please do not submit referrals for post-transplant care through the online portal. To submit a referral for post-transplant care, send a fax to 916-734-5194. These will be reviewed and accepted on a case-by-case basis.

Referral Acceptance Criteria

Patient is age 74 years or younger*
Patient BMI is less than 45

The answer to the following questions is No:

Patient uses nicotine
Patient lives in a long-term care facility
Patient has advanced lung disease requiring home O2
Patient has a non-healing foot ulcer

*Patients 75 years or older are accepted if they have a living donor. Please answer Yes to the living donor question when filling out the referral. The patient will be called and directed to have their donor(s) apply. If a donor is accepted, the patient may proceed with an evaluation.

You may direct them ahead of time to have their donor(s) apply at the following link: Living Donor Questionnaire

Required Records

To make the most of the evaluation visit our physicians have asked that we obtain the following records in advance of the visit. These records need to be attached when submitting through the online referral portal. For security purposes, if you are submitting a referral without being logged into an account, you will not be able to upload documents. Please fax the following documents to 916-734-5194 after submitting the referral online.

CMS 2728 Form (if applicable)
Most recent Nephrologist's note
Copy of all insurance cards (Primary and secondary)

Again, thank you for your referral, and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call our staff at 800-821-9912.