• Welcome to the Section of Liver Transplant

    Welcome to the Section of Liver Transplant

The UC Davis Health Department of Surgery, Section of Liver Transplant provides numerous benefits for patients seeking liver transplant services. Our center boasts a team of highly skilled and experienced surgeons who specialize in liver transplantation. This expertise means that patients who visit UC Davis Health can be confident that they are receiving the best possible care, with a high likelihood of successful transplantation.

Our team utilizes state-of-the-art technology and equipment to perform liver transplant procedures. This ensures that patients receive the most advanced care available, with the latest techniques and equipment to maximize their chances of a successful transplant. Moreover, the center is dedicated to ongoing research and innovation, ensuring that patients benefit from the most up-to-date knowledge and techniques in the field.

UC Davis Health is proud to provide comprehensive care throughout the entire transplant process. Patients receive personalized care, including pre-transplant evaluation, post-transplant follow-up care, and ongoing support. This includes access to a range of medical specialists – including hepatologists, nutritionists, and social workers – who work together to provide the best possible care for each patient.

Overall, patients who visit UC Davis Health can expect top-quality care, advanced technology and techniques, and personalized support throughout their liver transplant journey.