F. William Blaisdell Surgical Education Programs

An introduction to surgery training programs - Diana Farmer, chair of the Department of Surgery.  Read more here.

The University of California, Davis, Department of Surgery is dedicated to the training of surgical leaders across all surgical disciplines. The ground work for the department's educational programs was solidified in the late 1970s under the leadership and guidance of Dr. F. William Blaisdell. Dr. Blaisdell's commitment to training students to become "thinking doctors" versus "cookbook doctors" is ingrained within the faculty at UC Davis and permeates through all of our educational programs.

Like Dr. Blaisdell, we recognize that surgical training begins early and is carried on through one's career. It is our goal to continue this ideal.  F. William Blaisdell Surgical Education Programs was designed to provide the highest caliber of surgical education from the pre-medical student level all the way through to the continuing education of practicing surgeons, including our international colleagues.

Dr. Blaisdell recognized the need to further surgical care, particularly in vascular and trauma, through research. The same applies to surgical education. How we train surgeons is evolving with the same pace as advances in surgical technologies. We have developed a robust educational research program which includes faculty dedicated to surgical education research, collaborators at the main university campus and a nonsurgical educational researcher.

Through his commitment to the VA Healthcare System in Northern California, Dr. Blaisdell affected the lives of thousands in military service. In keeping with this tradition we have developed a program within the Center of Surgical Education focused on education for military surgeons. The Program for Military Surgical Education is designed to provide robust surgical training unique to military surgeons and surgical trainees at a national and international level.

Dr. Blaisdell has been at the forefront of surgical innovation and training throughout his career. It is with his vision that we move forward to advance the education of future generations of surgeons.

Edgardo Salcedo
Vice Chair Surgical Education

Diana L. Farmer, M.D.

Diana L. Farmer, M.D., Chair, Department of Surgery

Edgardo Salcedo, M.D.

Edgardo Salcedo, M.D., Vice Chair, Education