Strandness Symposium & Vascular Care

The symposium, established in 1987 by Dr. D. Eugene Strandnesss, the “Father of the Vascular Laboratory,” provides an educational opportunity for physicians, sonographers, nurses and other health care professionals to increase their knowledge about vascular diagnostic ultrasound and its role in the care of patients with arterial and venous disease. The Strandness Symposium is combined in 2015 with the Vascular Care meeting, where professionals learn about and discuss best practices and emerging trends. The joint program includes the Vascular Forum (where students, residents, and fellows to present), workshops that include ultrasound imaging demonstrations and hands on activities, and a vascular laboratory interpretation session. 

Please see Continuing Medical Education for more information at https://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/cme/conferences/index.html.