“This program is a grassroots effort to develop a sustainable research experience for undergraduate students and give them experience with surgeons who are changing the face of surgery through their research. We hope to inspire young minds to contribute to science and encourage them as they look at the medical field for their future, and there is no greater specialty than surgery.”

- Dr. Misty Humphries

RESURG (Research Experience in Surgery) is a selective clinical research internship based in the UC Davis Medical Center's Department of Surgery.  Studies that we are working on range from the topics of critical limb ischemia, stem cell research, and trauma. As a RESURG Clinical Research Assistant with RESURG, you will learn about and engage in clinical research, work with clinicians, observe surgical procedures, and gain valuable professional skills. You will be responsible for a number of tasks including, but not limited to, data collection, surveying patients, and assessment of research projects as a whole.


We are looking for individuals who are driven, hardworking, creative, and effective communicators. This is a rigorous program that offers unique mentorship opportunities with experienced researchers and clinicians. Our goal is to train competent research professionals and to further students’ individual professional and educational goals.

  • Sutures vs. Staples: An analysis of Wound Closure Methods for Knee Amputations
    Research Classification: Retrospective
    Principal Investigator: Mimmie Kwong, MD & Matthew Mell, MD (co-PI)
    Research Assistants: Avni Suri (Lead); Leo Andrada (Lead)
    This research study compares the post-operative outcomes and closure techniques of both below-the-knee and above-the-knee amputations.  Data is currently being collected through EMR.


  • Improving Access to Care for Trauma Patients
    Research Classification: Prospective Human Subjects
    Principal Investigator: Joseph Galante
    Co-Principal Investigator: Marguerite Spruce
    Research Assistants: Anastasiya Ivanko (Lead) & Kevin Dinh
    The study aims to improve access to primary care services amongst trauma patients via inpatient counseling with or without referral to a free UC Davis student-run clinic to manage a chronic condition.  The project is currently screening and enrolling patients for the study.


  • Time of Arterial Testing Affects Outcomes for Patients with Lower Extremity Wounds
    Research Classification: Retrospective
    Principal Investigator: Misty Humphries, MD 
    Research Assistants: Angela Aguirre (Lead), Kritika Sharma, & Aman Arora 
    The study aims to establish a benchmark for time to evaluation and time to treatment for patients with lower extremity wounds. The study is currently collecting benchmark data through EMR.


  • Patient Engagement and Outcomes for Vascular Conditions
    Research Classification: Retrospective
    Research Classification: Misty Humphries, MD
    Research Assistants: Amber Solt (current Lead), Marc Friedman (previous Lead)
    The aim of this study is to determine how patient activation affects outcomes for patients with vascular disease.  The project is currently screening and enrolling patients for the study.


  • Understanding Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
    Research Classification: Retrospective
    Principal Investigator:
    Misty Humphries, MD
    Research Assistants: Matthew Kim (Lead)
    The aim of this study is to identify factors associated with Thoracic Outlet Syndrome and develop treatment algorithms for patients with Thoracic Outlet Syndrome.


  • Database of Surgical and Oncologic Outcomes for Liver and Pancreas Surgical Oncology Patients
    Research Classification: Retrospective
    Principal Investigator: Sepideh Gholami, MD
    Research Assistants: Alexis Chirco (Lead)
    The study aims to track surgical and oncologic outcomes for liver and pancreas cases for the UC Davis surgical oncology department.


  • Magnesium Infusion for Pain Management in Critically Ill Trauma Patients
    Research Classification: Prospective, Clinical Trial
    Principal Investigator:
    Christine Cocanour, MD
    Research Assistants: Gabrielle Echt
    The study aims to demonstrate the effectiveness of continuous, intravenous administration of magnesium sulfate as compared to placebo n decreasing pain in critically injured patients.


  • Investigating the role of Timing in Post-Operative Ankle/Toe Brachial Index
    Research Classification: Retrospective
    Principal Investigator:
    Mimmie Kwong, MD
    Research Assistants: Christina Brown (Lead)
    The study aims to determine if there is an appropriate time to conduct an Ankle Brachial Index (ABI) exam after a patient has experienced a vascular intervention for infrainguinal arterial occlusive disease. This determination will aid in establishing guidelines for when an ABI exam should be conducted after surgery.

Please download the RESURG PI Resource Request Form HERE and return the completed application to hs-resurg@ucdavis.edu.

The positions listed below are all UNPAID internships that will require weekly commutes to the UC Davis Medical Center. All of RESURG’s internship positions have a time commitment of 8 hours per week for 3 consecutive quarters. If accepted into the program, a mandatory 2-hour class will be required as part of the 8-hour requirement in the first quarter of the program.  

  • Research Assistant
    • The RESURG Research Assistant (RA) will perform the following duties/tasks/responsibilities: RESURG program support, Department of Surgery research support, designated research and project leadership (if applicable), education, mentorship, clinical observation, and general compliance. This position provides the RA with the following experiences and opportunities: 1) education and experience in clinical research and 2) personal and professional development through mentorship."

  • Data Specialist 

    • The RESURG Data Specialist (DS) position works extensively with REDCap to provide assistance to Research Assistants and Department of Surgery faculty. This position provides the DS with the following experiences and opportunities: 1) experience in clinical research with a focus through Information Technology and 2) personal and professional development through mentorship.
  • Trauma Research Assistant 

    • UCDMC has many clinical studies being conducted under the Trauma Service. An RA in this position would be trained in proper documentation of IRB documents, and assist in screening and data entry for many of the studies.
    • **This position is ideal for someone interested in exploring the wide scope of clinical research studies, since Trauma Surgery is one of the fields which involves operations throughout the entire body.**

RESURG Spring 2020 Recruitment

Applications for the Spring 2020 cycle are now closed.

Please feel free to email us at hs-resurg@ucdavis.edu with any questions you may have regarding the next application cycle.

Our vision is to promote, develop, and train students to become competent research professionals, while mentoring them in their professional and educational goals.

“RESURG has helped me grow through mentorship, leadership development, research experience, and exposure to clinical medicine and surgery. My experiences in RESURG have helped me gain valuable professional skills and have guided me to make an informed and confident decision to pursue a career in medicine.” - Leo Andrada


“RESURG deepened my understanding of the ethics underlying human subjects research and introduced me to the workflow of clinical research. The opportunities for patient interaction tested my ability to make decisions off limited and imperfect information. RESURG offered a encouraging and supportive environment to develop the skills necessary as a physician that I'll take with me to medical school.”  - Kevin Dinh 

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