The goal of the general surgery training program is to train individuals in the art and science of surgery and to cultivate leaders in surgery.

Overall Description

The residency program includes five clinical year of postgraduate training at University of California, Davis Medical Center in Sacramento California with 5 affiliated hospitals. There is an option for taking one-three years of academic enhancement/ research time after the third clinical year.

The goals and expectations of the educational program are distinct for each clinical year. The PGY-1 provides and introduction to the broad discipline of general surgery. The 2nd year focuses on critical care and development of basic surgical skills. The 3rd year represents the transition from junior to senior resident. Residents in this year have increased operative exposure and assume more team leadership responsibilities. The final two years serve as a transition period between trainee and attending. The resident serves a chief resident role on clinical services.

There are approximately 30 residents in the first two years of training. Half of these are designated to enter subspecialty training in urology, plastic surgery and flight surgery. We have nine categorical residents per year in a non-pyramidal progression.

The program is committed to the residents we match. Our goal is to prepare the individual resident to achieve their specific career goals. We have designed specific training tracks for individuals in a Surgeon/Scientist, International/Rural Surgery, and Public Policy/Comparative Effectiveness tracks. Categorical residents are assured steady progress through the program, provided that they meet predetermined guidelines set by the department.

For further information regarding the General Surgery Residency Program, please contact:

Location: F. William Blaisdell Surgical Education Programs
Mailing address: 2335 Stockton Boulevard
Sacramento, CA 95817
Email: hs-gensurg.residency@ucdavis.edu
Office: 916-734-2724
Fax: 916-734-5633