Transplantation is one option for the treatment of kidney disease. Our goal is to provide potential recipients with information about the risks and benefits of transplant, the evaluation process, the waiting list, surgery and hospitalization, medications and follow-up care. You may have questions or concerns after reading this material.  It is important that you discuss them with your transplant doctor or transplant coordinator. 

Transplantation has some risks, but also has the potential for improving quality of life.  The hopes and uncertainty that surround the transplant process can make this a stressful time for patients and their families.  We have a large team of professionals who are ready to help you in any way possible during this important time. Please call the Transplant Center at (916) 734-2111 or (800) 821-9912 and speak to a pre-transplant nurse coordinator if you would like to talk to any member of our team.