Time and again, humans have turned the unbelievable into the believable.

As healers, we are agents of change.
We change the path of disease.
We correct injury and prevent harm.
We bring life into the world, and help prolong lives.

Together, we can do even better.
Because better health takes more than health care.

If we can remove tumors, let’s remove hunger.
If we can rebuild bodies, let’s rebuild communities.
If we can give second chances at life, let’s give first chances at opportunity.
If we can defend against disease, let’s defend against discrimination.
If we can open up hearts for repair, let’s open our hearts to each other.

Now is the time for better.
Building a better future where we all come together for a common goal — to transform lives.
Because we believe every person deserves access to health care and to be well.
We believe in delivering tomorrow’s health care today, with kindness, trust, and inclusion.
We believe in pushing forward — to find the next cure, to solve the next problem.

For our patients.
For our employees.
For us all.

UC Davis Health
Believe in Better