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Neonatal Transport Team

More than 700 children each year receive the specialized care that only UC Davis Children’s Hospital can provide with the help of our UC Davis Children’s Hospital Neonatal and Pediatric Transport Teams. Referring physicians work with the UC Davis neonatal medical team to bring patients from distant and rural locations to our hospital for the highest-level of neonatal critical care.

24/7 transport services

A dedicated neonatal team

The Neonatal Transport Team is a dedicated and specialized team available to neonatal patients in our 33-county service area — and sometimes beyond — 24-hours a day, seven days a week. It’s just another way UC Davis remains committed to the needs of patients and the communities we serve.

A closer look at services
  • UC Children's Hospital building with helicoptor transport flying above it

    Quick facts about transport

    • The transport team has quick access to fixed-wing, helicopter and/or ground transport services.
    • A medical control physician remains in communication and in command of the team at all times.
    • The team is comprised of dedicated and experienced physicians and expanded role specialized neonatal transport nurses from the NICU.
    • Transport services are available to neonatal patients throughout our 33-county service area 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • A UC Davis nurse and neonatologist on a telehealth video call

    Telemedicine and transport

    When a referring physician believes a patient is in need of a higher-level of diagnosis or care, UC Davis Children’s Hospital assembles its Neonatal Transport Team. Comprised of a medical control physician and expanded role specialized neonatal transport nurses, the team works with the referring physician to determine the needs of the patient.

    In many cases, diagnosis and treatment guidance may be provided through the pediatric Clinical Telehealth Program. This allows the newborn to stay in a community hospital while his or her physician consults with UC Davis specialists utilizing teleconferencing technology.

    Learn more about pediatric teleheath
  • Two neonatal transport team members prepped in a hallway with all their transport gear

    Immediate care

    Neonatal Transport Team members have extensive experience and training in specialized care and technology available for critically ill newborns. The team is supervised by a UC Davis neonatologist.

    The best care begins with the right equipment. The transport team nurses are trained to intubate, place advanced vascular access, manage ventilators, and initiate inhaled nitric oxide for patients with pulmonary hypertension. Two state-of-the-art transport isolettes are equipped with the latest medical equipment including high frequency ventilators, active cooling units and high flow nasal cannula to aid in providing the high level of care required for the most vulnerable neonatal patients.

    Throughout the transport, the team provides continuous neonatal inter-hospital critical care support, ensuring that patients arrive safely at UC Davis Children’s Hospital.

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Janelle Beall, R.N., M.S.N., R.N.C-N.I.C, C-O.N.Q.S.
Program Manager of Neonatal Transport Team
916-703-3058 |

Alison Fairhurst, M.S.N., M.N.H.P., R.N.C.-N.I.C.
Assistant Program Manager of Neonatal Transport Team
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