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Become a Heart Safe School

Achieving Project ADAM’s Heart Safe School designation means that your school is prepared to appropriately respond to sudden cardiac arrest on campus, thereby increasing potential to save the life of a student, a staff member or visitor.

Bring Project ADAM Sacramento to your school!
Bring Project ADAM Sacramento to your school or community event.

Steps to become a Heart Safe School

  1. Reach out to Rebecca McCormac, Project ADAM Coordinator, at hs-projectadam@ucdavis.edu to ask questions, discuss your program goals and find out how Project ADAM Sacramento can support you.
  2. Review and complete the steps on the Heart Safe School checklist to make sure your school is prepared to respond to a cardiac emergency.
  3. Complete and email the checklist to hs-projectadam@ucdavis.edu OR print it out and mail it to the following address:

Project ADAM Coordinator
c/o UC Davis Pediatric Heart Center
2315 Stockton Blvd.
Sacramento, CA 95817

Get the word out!

Being prepared for a sudden cardiac emergency is an amazing accomplishment that should be shared with your community. Use our resources to do the following:

  • Send a press release about your school being a Heart Safe School
  • Send a letter to your students and families notifying them of your CPR/AED program and received Heart Safe School recognition
  • Invite local media outlets to cover one of the cardiac emergency drills with your staff, to demonstrate how you practice your response and ensure everyone knows where the AED is located on your campus.

About Heart Safe School recognition

Schools that completed the Heart Safe School program will receive:

  • Recognition from UC Davis Children’s Hospital for the staff’s lifesaving efforts, by way of a framed Heart Safe School certificate and a post on UC Davis Children’s Hospital's social media. Schools can also promote the Heart Safe School logo on official websites and social media sites.
  • A letter from UC Davis Children’s Hospital recognizing the school for its life saving efforts, for distribution to the district superintendent, students and families.
  • Contribution to statewide and national research on prevention of sudden cardiac death.

Heart Safe School recognition lasts two full years. Certification can be renewed by resubmitting an updated and current Heart Safe School Checklist.

Get in touch with usProgram information

Project ADAM Sacramento was established at UC Davis Children’s Hospital in 2015 and was the first California affiliate of Project ADAM. Our program team includes:

Rebecca McCormac, Project ADAM coordinator

Heather Siefkes, M.D., M.S.C.I., Project ADAM medical director

Project ADAM Sacramento

c/o UC Davis Pediatric Heart Center
4301 X Street

Sacramento, CA 95817

Area schools participating in program

Several schools in Sacramento and the surrounding regions have participated in Project ADAM’s Heart Safe Schools program.

  • St. Hope Academy
  • St. Ignatius Elementary
  • Dideon Elementary
  • Da Vinci High School
  • Two Rivers Elementary
  • St. Roberts Elementary
  • Rio Americano High School
  • Cesar Chavez Elementary
  • Christian Brothers High School
  • Del Campo High School
  • Emerson Jr. High School
  • Da Vinci Junior High School
  • Da Vinci High School
  • Harvest Ridge Cooperative Charter School
  • Davis Senior High School
  • Patwin Elementary
  • Jesuit High School
  • Holy Rosary School
  • Holy Spirit Parish School
  • Holmes Jr. High School
  • Harper Jr. High School
  • San Juan High School
  • Christian Brothers High School
  • Birch Lane Elementary
  • Davis School for Independent Study
  • Fairfield Elementary
  • King High School
  • Korematsu Elementary
  • Montgomery Elementary
  • North Davis Elementary
  • Pioneer Elementary
  • Willett Elementary
Collage of different schools that have participated in the heart safe school program