Have you experienced a stressful or traumatic patient-related event and need a supportive peer?

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Talk to a peer responder today!

The UC Davis Health Support U Peer Responder Program is a safe and confidential program that provides peer-to-peer support for caregivers experiencing trauma or stress from an adverse care experience.

Our team of trained peer volunteers provide timely and private support to all health care providers, and encourages second victims to discuss their stresses and experiences in a healthy way.

Support U Peer Responder Program distributes “care” bags to employees to boost awareness, spirits. Click this link to learn more

Building resilience together

Support U trained peer responders provide:

  • Confidential listening
  • Safe environments to discuss stresses and experiences
  • Emotional support
  • Compassion and understanding
  • Respectful boundaries
  • Partnerships to cope while strengthening resilience

How to connect with a Peer Responder at UC Davis Health:

  1. Look for the Peer Responder badge identifier for an individual trained to provide peer support.
  2. Contact your department chair, director, manager, nursing supervisor or your department/unit-based Support U Peer Responder Team or a member of the Support U Core Peer Responder Team.
  3. The Support U Core Peer Responder Team is available to help provide peer support for larger group debriefings by contacting your department chair, director, manager, nursing supervisor, local department/unit based Support U Peer Responder Team or the Support U Peer Responder Program Coordinator: Michelle Linenberger at mjlinenberger@ucdavis.edu .

You are not alone. If you need help, let our team support you!

Additional employee resources

At UC Davis Health, we provide a safe and supportive environment, so we can remain a strong team. The Support U Program is also designed to partner with other assistance programs, including the Academic and Staff Assistance Program (ASAP).

If you need additional counseling services, contact ASAP at 916-734-2727 or on the web at hr.ucdavis.edu/departments/asap.

We believe in a relationship-based culture and therapeutic practices of:
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