Biostatistics Grant Proposal Assistance - UC Davis CTSC

Grant Proposal Assistance

  • Statisticians perform tasks vital for a successful research project and their involvement in developing the proposal enhances funding success. The Clinical and Translational Science Center Biostatistics, Epidemiology, and Research Design program provides expertise on all statistical aspects of grant proposal preparation. We will work closely with the project team to:

    • Ensure that the specific aims, study design, and statistical analysis plan are well aligned with the study objectives
    • Develop an appropriate study design and cost-effective for the study objectives
    • Ensure that the data necessary to achieve study objectives will be collected
    • Determine the sample size necessary for adequate power for valid statistical inference
    • Develop a statistical analysis plan specifying appropriate statistical methods for testing study hypotheses
    • Prepare proposal sections related to statistics
    • Provide input on an appropriate budget for statistical services to support successful completion of the project

    Please Note: To allow adequate time for thoughtful review and meaningful input, please contact us at least 6-8 weeks before the proposal is due. Priority is given to junior faculty and early career investigators.

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