MCRTP Program Frequently Asked Questions

You will need the Clinical Research Graduate Group and the MCRTP Application Instructions.  Contact Stacy Hayashi at and she will send them to you.  Note, you will simultaneously apply to both the Clinical Research Grad Group and the MCRTP.

Because you are applying to the Clinical Research Graduate Group and the system requires an undergraduate transcript to apply for an M.A.S. degree. Note, the MCRTP does require documentation of your graduate work too.

Those selected for the MCRTP program, will not receive funding, but your M.A.S. course fees will be covered at no cost to you.

Yes, actually you are encouraged to have a mentoring team.  All applicants are required to submit at least two letters of recommendation with their application; one letter from their primary mentor and an additional letter from their secondary mentor.  In addition, you must submit a letter of support from your department chair pledging a commitment of 70% release time for you.  You can have your department chair submit the letter in the application system as another recommender or you may have them send the letter directly to Stacy Hayashi

The M.A.S. application online system requires at least two letters of support. You may submit the joint letter and then have your department chair submit the second letter.

Typically, applications are reviewed in March and the selection notification will be made around the middle of April.