A new Mentoring Academy for Research Excellence website is coming Summer 2020

A new Mentoring Academy for Research Excellence website is under construction. If you would like to be notified when the website has been completed, please send an e-mail to the CTSC Concierge.

About the Mentoring Academy for Research Excellence

Our program focuses on disseminating mentoring best practices for faculty in the health sciences. Our workshops for mentees and mentors address how to foster an environment that values and supports mentoring in research and career progression.

Our audience — We serve the professional and career development needs of postdoctoral scholars, assistant and early associate professors, and other trainees, with a particular emphasis on those wishing to have a research-oriented career, but are open to all faculty and trainees desiring a mentoring environment to help achieve their professional goals.

Mission — Develop the next generation of independent, highly successful academic faculty and trainees, and advance the UC Davis Health research mission.

Vision — Reorient the culture of the institution to support, reward, and enhance quality mentoring in the health sciences.