Individual Development Plan (IDP)

Individual Development Plans (IDPs) have been shown to increase career satisfaction and productivity by 20-50 percent and reduce conflicts between mentees and mentors.

Individual Development Plan Form (Traditional)

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Frequently Asked Questions

You must be a UC Davis faculty member with a record in the Faculty Information System to access the online IDP. If you are seeing an error when you try to access the mentee dashboard, it means that the system could not validate that you are a UC Davis faculty member. If you feel you are seeing this in error, contact the Mentoring Academy for Research Excellence office for assistance.

First, you must have a UC Davis login (Kerberos) to access the application. Second, in order to access the mentor dashboard there must be at least one IDP in the system for which you are assigned as one of the following: primary mentor or additional mentor. If there are no IDPs in the system for which you have one of these roles, you will not have access to the mentor dashboard.

Once an IDP has been acknowledged by your primary mentor it is considered final and can't be edited. If you would like to make additional updates to an acknowledged IDP you can copy it and then you will be able to edit it and submit it for approval.

When you submit your completed IDP your primary mentor will review it. If they would like you to make some revisions, they will return it to you. Click on the “view reason” button from the mentee dashboard to read a short note about why the IDP was returned. Your primary mentor should also reach out to you to discuss the requested revisions in person. Once you understand why the IDP was returned, click on edit from the mentee dashboard and make the necessary updates. Then you can resubmit it for review. (Please note: The "view reason" button will disappear once you start making your revisions.)

For mentees, once you have started an IDP it will appear as "in progress" on the mentee dashboard. Click on the "view" button to open a PDF version of that IDP. You can then print or email a copy of the PDF. (Please note: mentees can view any IDP regardless of the status. However, mentors are not able to view in-progress IDPs.)

This select list is populated from the Faculty Information System. If this list is blank, it is because the data is not populated in the Faculty Information System. Contact the Mentoring Academy for Research Excellence and let them know what the issue is so they can enter the missing data for you.

Only mentors, including additional mentors, with a Kerberos password may access the mentor dashboard. Please see the "how can I print or email my IDP" section for guidance on sending the completed IDP to your non-UC Davis additional mentor.

Only the primary mentor and Mentoring Academy for Research Excellence staff, can update an IDP’s Status. Please contact the mentee directly with any edits.