Community Engagement How to Get Help | UC Davis CTSC

How to Get Help

Please schedule an initial consultation by submitting a service request. We will then schedule a meeting to determine how best to serve your health research interests around academic-community partnership formation, recruitment and retention of underserved populations, and community-engaged research education and training. During a consultation, we can help with the following services:

Develop partnerships for research

  • Form a partnership with a community-based organization around your healthcare research interest.
  • Approach interested and appropriate communities in the Sacramento area.
  • Form long-term partnerships that reflect community health priorities.

Get feedback on your research proposal

  • Explore how feedback can reflect the interests of community members.
  • Identify research topics that are relevant to community needs.
  • Identify a sample that is representative of women and underrepresented groups in the relevant cultural/linguistic groups.
  • Identify needs assessment and/or intervention strategies that are culturally and linguistically appropriate.

Design an evaluation study

  • Design from a community-engaged research perspective.
  • Identify where to look for project impact.
  • Identify community partners to assist in evaluation design, implementation, and evaluation.
  • Build skills in community-engaged research.