The RECAB supports health-related communication and partnerships. We are the bridge between the Clinical and Translational Science Center and underserved communities. In order to make sure that UC Davis research is relevant to our communities, we advise and assist health scientists about connecting to and working with communities. The ultimate aims of our guidance are to improve knowledge, skills, and attitudes of both researchers and communities around crucial public health problems.

We envision the RECAB as a force for changing the way community members and researchers exchange health-related information. Our board members play active roles in changing the traditional “top-down” path of communication around health research and community health needs to make it a more participatory process.

The Following Are Specific Responsibilities of RECAB Members:

  • Attend bi-monthly meetings and participate in working groups.
  • Participate in RECAB or UCD health-related activities.
  • Provide “bidirectional outreach” in collaborating around community health needs and research findings.
  • Serve as ambassadors to and from the larger Sacramento/Central Valley communities around the activities of the CTSC and the RECAB.
  • Advise on research questions and study designs for community-based research and opportunities for community participation in research.
  • Advise on current and potential community research interventions and partnerships.
  • Advise on the cultural and linguistic appropriateness of community communication strategies.Advise health researchers on the most appropriate and effective ways to work with communities.