The Health Equity Resources and Outreach (HERO) program works to amplify the voices and grow the presence of patients and the public in all aspects of health research. HERO's work is shaped by the principle that science is a team sport, and the best science is done by teams representing a true diversity of knowledge, expertise, perspectives, and lived experiences.

To support effective participation by diverse individuals in the design, implementation, and communication of health research, we curate and disseminate tools and resources, offer consultations and trainings, and organize events designed to facilitate effective dialogue and collaboration between professional researchers and the public. We focus on populations underrepresented in scientific studies, including children, adolescents, and older adults, as well as residents of rural communities and people affected by rare diseases.

HERO is the programmatic home of several sub-components of the CTSC’s NIH grant with a shared focus on health equity:

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Integrating Special Populations into Research

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Adolescents and Young Adults Program

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Health Equity Resources