Share with Care! | Cyber Security | UC Davis Health

Data privacy – share with care!

  • Get two steps ahead

    Enable two-step verification or multi-factor authentication (MFA) anywhere you can to prevent unauthorized access. UC Davis Health uses the Duo Security third-party provider of MFA to ensure secure access to UC Davis Health services and data.

    As described in the video below, two-step authentication empowers you to take control of the privacy of your online accounts.

  • What you post can last a lifetime

    Before posting online, think about how it might be perceived now and in the future and who might see it. Information that you post might get reposted multiple times in just a matter of seconds and you no longer control it. Your posts can have effects that you don't intend or expect.

  • Be aware of what’s being shared

    Be thoughtful about what you might be revealing about other people when you share. Don't inadvertently reveal personal information, especially when you have just met a new online "friend."

  • Think before you act

    Don’t act immediately when something sounds too good to be true or requires personal information. When using newsgroups, mailing lists, chat rooms, and other public spaces, use a "side" account (a pseudonymous or alternate email address). Use your main email address only on small, members-only lists and with known, trusted individuals.

  • Respect others' privacy

    Post only about others as you would have them post about you. The golden rule applies online as well. If it is sensitive information you wouldn't want to be shared, don't share someone else's information.

  • Own your online presence

    Check privacy and security settings on web services, apps, and devices. They all have different features to limit how and with whom you share information. It can be quite complicated, so feel free to ask others for help with your settings.