The UC Davis Eye Center is pleased to announce the availability of Ophthalmic Pathology Services. Dr. Esther Kim has returned from a year long Ophthalmic Pathology Fellowship at UC San Francisco, where she studied with Dr. Brooks Crawford and Dr. Michele Bloomer. She is now trained in diseases of the eyelid, globe, and orbital tissues with emphasis on degenerative, inflammatory, infectious and malignant conditions.

In conjunction with the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, we are now available to receive and process a wide range of tissues encountered in ophthalmic practice. Consultation and submission of tissue for ophthalmic pathology can be arranged by contacting the Outreach Manager, UC Davis Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at 916-734-2793 or the UC Davis Eye Center at 916-734-6967.

The UC Davis Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine offers the following services to our community.

  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Courier Services
  • E-Connectivity Solution
  • Reference Lab Testing
  • Specialty Testing Services

We look forward to providing our region with thorough and timely pathology reports.