Appointments are required for all Optical Shop visits.


The UC Davis Health Eye Center’s optometrists are providers who examine, diagnose and treat the visual system on patients of all ages.

Our optometrists are an integral part of your healthcare team. They are skilled in vision care, contact lens fittings, glasses prescriptions, and work closely with our ophthalmologists.

Our optometrists examine the structures of the eye to detect and diagnose a variety of conditions, including:

  • Vision conditions such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia
  • Binocular vision conditions such as convergence insufficiency and strabismus, which can cause eye discomfort and difficulty reading
  • Eye diseases such as glaucoma, cataracts and retinal detachments
  • Ocular conditions caused by certain medications and systemic diseases (such as diabetes)
  • Eye problems ranging from dry eye and allergies to foreign body removal and infections

    Eyeglasses, Low Vision Aids and Vision Therapy

    Our optometrists prescribe and/or provide eyeglasses, low vision aids and vision therapy. They also do testing to determine the patient's ability to focus and coordinate the eyes, judge depth perception, and see colors accurately. In addition, our optometrists work in the refractive surgery service assisting with pre- and post-operative laser care.

    Appointments can be made by calling the clinic.

    Contact Lens Service

    Our Contact Lens Service excels in fitting contact lenses of all types and for all types of eyes (ranging from a simple nearsighted eye to eyes with significant scarring and poor vision).

    Here are a few of the specialty contact lens modalities that are offered:

    Breathable (High Oxygen) contact lenses
    These lenses are made of the newest, healthiest material to reduce eye redness and dryness, while improving overall lens comfort.

    Bifocal contact lenses
    These lenses come in both soft and gas permeable materials and help the patient who needs correction for viewing both distance and near objects.

    Toric contact lenses
    These lenses are ideal for patients with astigmatism. Custom toric lenses are available for those with significant amounts of astigmatism.

    Medically Necessary Contact Lenses
    These therapeutic lenses are fit on eyes with corneal disease or conditions which limit visual acuity in glasses. Some conditions include keratoconus, pellucid marginal degeneration, aphakia, or eyes that have had corneal transplants or other surgeries.

    Prosthetic Custom Colored Lenses
    These lenses are designed to improve the appearance of a disfigured or scarred eye. They are available in both a computer generated color or a custom hand-painted iris.

    SynergEyes Lenses
    These lenses are a hybrid hard gas permeable lens center with a soft outside skirt. They are designed to have the superior optics of a standard gas permeable lens, with improved comfort similar to a soft lens. They are available in keratoconic, post-surgical, and multifocal designs.

    Scleral Lenses
    These specialty large diameter gas permeable lenses fit on the sclera of the eye, rather than the cornea.  They are therapeutically indicated for eyes needing a custom medically necessary lens and those patients with severe dryness.  These lenses are good for patients who have not had success with other corneal lenses or those who need better overall comfort and stability with their therapeutic lenses.

    Optical Shop

    The Eye Center also offers five convenient optical shops that are stocked with the latest frame styles. Learn more about our optical shops at Ernest E. Tschannen Eye Institute, Folsom, Roseville and Davis locations.