Welcome to the specialty testing center here at the UC Davis Health System Eye Center. Our lab is equipped with the latest equipment used to perform several tests to measure visual function. Our trained technicians are COA certified by The Joint Commission and are skilled at performing many testing services, including:

- EOG (Electro-oculogram), which measures the difference in the electrical potential between the front and the back of the eye in response to periods of dark and light.

- ERG (Electroretinagram) is a test used to detect abnormal function of the retina. Specifically, in this test, the light sensitive cells of the eye, the rods and cones, and their connecting cells in the retina are examined.

- MfERG (Multifocal electroretinaogram) is much like the standard ERG in that it is testing the retina. The difference is that the multifocal ERG focuses on different areas of the retina, looking for localized areas of abnormality.

We accept referrals for these services and can provide test results in approximately 2 weeks.
Please call the Referral Center at (800) 4-UC DAVIS to initiate the referral process for specialized testing.

Specialized Testing Staff

Equipped to serve the growing needs of the region, the specialized testing center is staffed by two C.O.A. certified technicians skilled at performing the latest tests in measuring visual function.