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Caregiving educational programs

Training for both caregivers and health professionals.

Caregiving education

The Family Caregiving Institute at the Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing combines research and education to support caregivers through preparation for their roles and connection to resources. The focus of our education mission is to educate and broaden the perspective of health care providers on how to integrate caregivers into the care process throughout the experience between hospital and home or community settings. See the projects below to review our current work in education.

  • AARP collaboration continues with new video series focused on pain

    AARP’s Home Alone Alliance and the Family Caregiving Institute at the Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing produce new how-to video series focused on helping family caregivers understand pain as well as familiarize them with ways to assess and treat it.

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  • Institute leads effort to enhance nursing schools’ caregiving curriculum

    The Family Caregiving Institute partners with the University of Utah College of Nursing Family Caregiving Collaborative to create a consortium for caregiving in nursing education. The group seeks to ensure all future nurses have the knowledge and skills they need to work with family caregivers.

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  • Training health professionals to assess, prepare caregivers

    Through studying what caregivers need to know to prepare them for their roles, institute researchers developed the Family Caregiving Competencies and Domains of Preparedness. These competencies and domains outline the knowledge and ability necessary for health professionals to assess caregivers readiness for their roles as well as work effectively with caregivers.

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  • Caregiving education for health professionals

    The Family Caregiving Institute develops and offers programs to educate health professionals to prepare caregivers for the demands of their role. Nurses and other professionals learn to conduct assessments and then integrate the caregivers into the health care team.

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  • Home Alone Alliance caregiving video series

    The Family Caregiving Institute collaborates with AARP and other groups serving caregivers to develop an ongoing how-to video series for caregivers on specific nursing tasks such as preparing special diets, managing medications and understanding how to provide wound care.

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  • Adopting education initiatives to promote effective partnerships with caregivers

    The Family Caregiving Institute convened the Innovations in Workforce Education for Family Caregiving virtual summit in fall 2020. The event was developed in support of the institute’s goal to better prepare health professionals to effectively support the needs of caregivers. The summit resulted in a report of the educational initiatives shared.

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