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Dennis Hartigan-O'Connor, M.D., Ph.D.

Principal Investigator - Dennis Hartigan-O'Connor, M.D., Ph.D.

Title: Associate Professor
Email: dhartigan@ucdavis.edu
Phone: 530-752-7358

Interests: Relationship between variable development of such immune cells and variable control over chronic infectious diseases. Interactions between the normal gut microflora, pathogenic organisms, and immune cells within the intestine.

Ning Chin

Ning Chin

Ning is pursuing her PhD in Integrative Pathobiology, focusing on microbiome and transcriptomic changes during rhesus cytomegalovirus infection and vaccination. Previously, she got her B.S. in Microbiology from the University of Oklahoma, Norman, and then M.S. in Forensic Science from UC Davis. During the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, she is involved in Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) work to manufacture and purify an adenovirus-based SARS-CoV-2 vaccine developed in the lab, which further affirms her determination of improving human health by hijacking microbial machinery. She is a mahjong enthusiast who teaches all her friends how to read Chinese characters so they can play with her.

Gema Méndez-Lagares

Gema Méndez-Lagares

Gema Méndez-Lagares is a Project Scientist working under the supervision of Dr. Hartigan-O’Connor in the Department of Medical Microbiology and Immunology at UC Davis. Her research focuses on understanding the immunobiology of recombinant CMV vectors in the non-human primate model in order to generate vaccine vectors with the capacity to protect against progressive HIV/SIV.

Gema received her PhD in 2012 from the University of Seville (Spain), working on immune dysregulation in HIV-infected patients focusing on the role of microbial translocation and dysfunction of regulatory T cells in the restored CD4 T cell population. In 2013, she arrived at UC Davis to begin a post-doctoral fellowship with Dr. Hartigan-O’Connor.

Annica Stull-Lane

Annica Stull-Lane

Annica is an MD/PhD student who has been a COVID-19 research scholar during the pandemic. Her research interests span translational research, microbiology & immunology, vaccinology, and host-microbe interactions. She enjoys both team science and team sports.

Clancy Jungmin Lee

Clancy Jungmin Lee

Clancy is a PhD student in the Microbiology Graduate Group at UC Davis and is interested in virus-host interactions. She received her BS in molecular environmental biology with a concentration in animal health and behavior in 2018 at UC Berkeley. Before coming to Davis for graduate school, she worked at Sangamo Therapeutics as a research associate on the AAV Engineering team. She enjoys drinking coffee, likes cats and dogs, and is always looking for new places to eat.

Denise Andal

Denise Andal

Denise is one of the undergraduate lab assistants for the Hartigan-O’Connor Lab. She is a UC Davis third year majoring in Microbiology, with a minor in Global Disease Biology. She joined the team in Fall 2020 and has learned a lot of different laboratory techniques and immunology information from all the wonderful people apart of this lab. She has an interest in entering the medical field to become a physician focusing on identifying and combating disparities within healthcare. Outside of research, she enjoys cooking and watching movies with family and friends.

Wenze Lu

Wenze Lu

Wenze is a junior specialist working in the Hartigan-O'Connor Lab. He received his Bachelors from UC Davis. His research interests are Immunology and Infectious Diseases, and he is planning to pursue a MD degree in the future. In his personal life he enjoys reading and listening to podcasts.

Justin Fontaine

Justin Fontaine

Justin obtained his BS in Microbiology from The University of New Hampshire. He is an experienced Academic Research Associate for the past 21 years. Justin’s past education and work history includes four years at University of New Hampshire (2000-2004), two years at John Hopkins University School of Public Health (2004-2006), and the last 15 years (2006-present) at UC Davis. While at UC Davis, 2006-2013 was in the Laboratory of Dr. Lisa Miller, and 2013-present with Dr. Dennis Hartigan O'Connor.

Anushka Bharwani

Anushka Bharwani

Anushka is an undergraduate research assistant for the Hartigan-O’Connor Lab. She is majoring in pharmaceutical chemistry and minoring in math. She has also interned at Takeda Pharmaceuticals with the Manufacturing Sciences team. Post graduation, she hopes to pursue her PhD in organic synthesis and work in small molecule drug research and development. Outside of the lab and school, she is a part of a dance team and enjoys coffee and trying new restaurants.

Bryant Tran

Bryant Tran

Bryant is a lab assistant working in the Hartigan O'Connor Lab. He graduated from UC Davis last spring with a degree in Medical and Molecular Microbiology. He also currently works as a medical scribe for Northbay Healthcare. His research interests are Virology and Immunology. In the future, he intends on pursuing Medicine and obtaining an MD. His hobbies include skiing, exploring nature, and finding great food.

Joseph Dutra

Laboratory Research Supervisor

Jesse Deere

Assistant Project Scientist

William Chang

Senior Project Scientist

Hung Kieu

Research Assistant

Postdoctoral Fellow - Steven Laing, D.V.M, Ph.D.

Steven Laing Photo

Title: Veterinary Pathologist / Post-doc
Email: stlaing@ucdavis.edu
Phone: 530-752-8252

Interest: Pathogenesis of inflammatory bowel disease

Graduate Student - Nicole Narayan

Nicole Narayan Photo

Title: Graduate Student, Integrative Genetics and Genomics
Email: nrnarayan@ucdavis.edu
Phone: 530-754-6088

Interest: Gut microbiota interactions with the adaptive immune system

Graduate Student - David Merriam

David Merriam Photo

Title: Graduate Student
Email: dpmerriam@ucdavis.edu
Phone: 530-754-6088

Interest: Virus-host interactions in mucosal surfaces, Th17 cells and HIV

Undergraduate Student - Connie Chen

Connie Chen

Title: Undergraduate, Microbiology
Email: cochen@ucdavis.edu

Interest: Immunology and Infectious Diseases

Staff- Ding Lu, M.S.

Ding Lu Photo

Title: Lab Manager
Email: ddlu@ucdavis.edu
Phone: 530-754-6088

Interest: Pathogenesis of SIV, HIV and HCV infection and interactions between viruses and host immune systems

Former Staff - Jonathan LJ Liu

Jonathan LJ Liu Photo

Title: Junior Specialist
Email: jlrliu@ucdavis.edu
Personal Website: https://www.linkedin.com/pub/jonathan-liu/56/446/b31

Interest: Parasitology