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    Choose UC Davis Health

Open enrollment is here! At UC Davis Health we're proud to offer personalized primary care and renowned specialty care at 17 neighborhood clinics across the region − from Auburn to Davis to Elk Grove.

Many UC Davis Health primary care physicians are accepting new patients, including in internal medicine, family medicine and pediatrics. UC Davis Health specialty care experts are also available via referral when the need arises.

To learn more or to choose your own personal UC Davis Health doctor, explore this page or call us at: 800-2-UC-DAVIS (800-282-3284).

How to choose a UC Davis Health primary care physician

  1. First, choose a health insurance plan we accept. View the list of plans »
  2. Next, choose us as your medical group. (We may be listed as UC Davis Medical Group or as UC Davis Health).
  3. Then select your preferred UC Davis Health physician, and contact their office to confirm. Browse our physicians »

That's it! For questions or help from our staff, please call our Consumer Resource Center at: 800-2-UC-DAVIS (800-282-3284). Or see our Appointments and FAQs pages (including specialty care info).