I chose UC Davis Health for my personal care because I was unsatisfied with the dismissive care I was receiving at Kaiser hospital. I felt like I wasn’t listened to or cared for thoughtfully. I had pain in my foot years ago but instead of addressing it early, they gave me instructions with stretching techniques and sent me on my way. They didn’t take the time to educate me about my condition.

When I switched to UC Davis Health, I found a provider who listened to my needs and was straightforward in my care. She never dismissed my pain and connected me with the right specialist who helped me get back on my feet and back to work. My specialist is always patient and is always available for my repeated questions. I appreciate that I am taken seriously. My pain was very real, and my doctors and their staff went through it with me one step at a time.

I have now had UC Davis Health for a few years, and I am very happy with my care. I am completely comfortable here. The pharmacy is amazing and timely, everyone is knowledgeable, and it really seems like people want to help you because they care about patient care.