I chose UC Davis Health’s primary care because I was experiencing a need for more patient advocacy. I came here with an open mind, and was met with the same energy. Now as a patient, I cherish the relationship I have developed with my doctor. My needs are always met, I feel heard, and empowered to make decisions with my care team.

I currently have access to an LVN care navigator who connects me with different internal resources. They take things off my plate and address my health care needs across the continuum of care. I love that with UC Davis Health, I’ve been able to take charge of my own care and have openness to find solutions.

I felt that I was taking a chance on UC Davis Health, but really they took a chance on me. I am so grateful for the team who has done so much for me.

Fun fact: I really enjoy photography and travel when I can. I’m currently a student at Nightingale College where I’m studying to get my bachelor’s in nursing.