Over two years ago, I hurt my hand lifting a heavy suitcase after performing at the Bear Valley Music Festival. As a violinist, suffering from hand pain is one of the worst things that can happen. I made an appointment at the Davis clinic with my primary care physician Heidi McNulty, who referred me to Dr. Andrew Li, a plastic surgeon who specializes in hands.

During my visit, Dr. Li offered his full attention, was a good listener, and sensitive to the fact that music is my life’s work. He administered an injection and within a few days I made it through a solo performance with flying colors as concertmaster – first chair after the conductor – leading the string groups.

I’ve been glad to have a doctor I can really trust, and Dr. Li and I are currently working together to decide on my future care.

Fun fact: I moved to Davis in 2008 after serving as assistant concertmaster of the Saar State Opera Orchestra in Germany for 20 years. I’m also concertmaster of Opera Modesto, as well as assistant concertmaster of the Sacramento Choral Society Orchestra and a Lecturer in Applied Violin in the UC Davis Music Department.