Resources to Communicate With Patients About COVID

Resources To Communicate With Patients About COVID-19

Vacunas para Hispanos "Fortalece tus defensas....
Vacúnate- Historias de nuestra comunidad"

Vaccines for Hispanics "Strengthen your defenses ....
Get vaccinated - Stories from our community”

As part of a mini-grant for innovative dissemination about the COVID-19 vaccine, UCLA partnered with Fiesta Educativa Inc. to produce six vaccine video stories from Latinx community members who have a family member with an intellectual and developmental disability (IDD) or work with specific populations within Latinx communities. Videos are in Spanish with English captions except for Video 3, which is in English with Spanish captions. Individuals (family members, health care workers, doctors) share their experience of having COVID-19 or how seeing others with COVID-19 affected them and advocate getting the COVID-19 vaccine. Each video is 90 seconds or less. These videos may be freely shared through media channels.

Vaccine Video Stories
  • Video 1

    A mother talks about how having COVID-19 affected her son with autism and why she got vaccinated.

  • Video 2

    A father talks about how having COVID-19 affected his son with Down syndrome and why he got vaccinated.

  • Video 3

    A boy who has autism talks about how he felt when his mom had COVID-19.

  • Video 4

    A doctor talks about the impact of COVID-19 on the youth.

  • Video 5

    Ramon Garcia shares his story and experience with COVID-19.

  • Video 6

    A dedicated convalescent hospital worker talks about how COVID-19 affected their patients and co-workers.