The research projects vary yearly and the topics will be provided to the incoming interns before starting of the program. A Round Robin Project Matching Meeting will be held to match students’ research interests with the mentors’ projects. Then, each intern is assigned to a research project working in the mentor’s laboratory.

Past Edmondson research projects included:

  • Room Temperature Storage of Serum and Plasma for Clinical Assays
  • Intestinal Microbiota and the Presence of Clostridium difficile in Healthy and Symptomatic Patients 
  • Performance Assessment of Glucose Meters with Locally-Smoothed Median Absolute Difference (LS MAD) Curves 
  • The Effects of Multiple Freeze Thaw Cycles on Coagulation Testing in Plasma Samples 
  • Effects of ADC and Rapamycin on Autophagy in Mammary Tumor Cells 
  • Analyzing the Effects of ABO Mismatch on Stem Cell Transplant Engraftment 
  • Alanine Substitutions in the Second Acidic Domain of SIVmac239 
  • Detection of Oligodendrocyte Precursor Cells in Patients with Dementia 
  • Growth Factor - Integrin Cross-talk Affects Tumor Growth in Mice